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Motor Bikes are one of the most fascinating ride in the world and people all over the world have a huge love for Bikes having great sound, good looking and their extreme performance with their heavy engines they have gained a lot of popularity in the world. Ducati has been trying to compete BMW from years and this year seams to be a great hit by Ducati. As i mentioned earlier that Suzuki has been one of the largest creater and producer in superb auto engineering. The MTT Turbine Y2K super bike is one of the most powerful bike and a super class looking professional design and indeed perfect in all aspects.
If you enjoyed this post, please consider leaving a comment or subscribing to the RSS feed to have future articles delivered to your feed reader. If you've already sat on both of them, you know that the 600RR is more comfortable (at least it is for most people). I didnt mean for my last post to come off sarcastic, I completely understand what you are saying. Already available in the USA as the FZ6R, the good value middleweight will go head-to-head with Suzuki’s popular GSX650F. MCN has just returned from testing the new Yamaha XJ6 Diversion and naked XJ6 in Australia. Bauer Consumer Media Limited are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (Firm reference No. Motor Bikes come in many different forms however some of them excel others from their speed, their level of engineering and modification to make the bike good looking have made some bikes make a special place not only to be the Fastest Motor bikes in the world but also the best bikes in the era. The bike is not built on the very much professional design of the super bike but its built is still elegant looking and the speed of the bike has made it get in this list of fastest bikes.

With a perfect blending for personal use and also as a super bike Honda CBR 1000 is really beautiful and powerful yet one of the fastest motor bike in the World with max speed of 291 kph.The performance level of the bike in the severe conditions and on uneven tracks is outstanding and is really recommended.
The YZF-R1 was produced this year and has a top speed of 297 kph and can even hit 300 kph but it will not be safe to go more to 300+ kph. With the launch of the Panigale 1199 Super bike, Ducati has got a huge ranking for the first time in history.
The first class BMW stands out of the crowd still with 1000 CC inline and 4 engines at 14,200 rpm and a high top speed of 305 kph. The compact and short 675CC cylinder is one of the most streamlined model ever seen in the history of evolution of motor bikes.
This year seemed really bad to MV Agusta that the F4 lost the title of the best Looking bike but they still hold two top position to be the fastest ever bikes in the list.
It is really great to see that Suzuki has grabbed the two best position to have the fastest bikes. Being the fastest motor bike in the world it can reach to speeds more than 370 kph in a testing.
Actually the race for bikes started after the year 2000 when motorcycle companies started making bikes which were able to go more than 200-300 kph in seconds which was indeed a great step ahead in this ride. The motor bike is superior both in quality and design of the engine and has been used by fan lovers and they are very happy with the results of this high speed bike. The first class engineering used in the bike is a piece of inspiration for all the bike making companies. With a top speed of 299 kph and extremely wonderful torque and handling power of the bike it is still considered to be one of the best and super hit bike on the planet.

As claimed by the company the bike is powered by 195 horse power at 10,750 rpm with the fast speed of 300 kph added a new and impressive hit to the century. Having such a high specs and so much of a price, the BMW bike is also one of the most impressive bike now.  The best thing which adds to the beauty of the BMW series is the Anti lock braking system and electric evolution control system. With a superb engineering process , apart from the design they have done a good job making F4 reach to high speed of 314 kph.
It doesn't matter what anyone says, bike magazines included, you should get the bike that YOU like the best.
To help cheer the team on, Suzuki has released these photographs of all the SERT race Suzukis of the past 33 years. These Top 10 Super Bikes have done an excellent job and have made a place in the heart of bike rider lovers.Well lets have a look at The Top 10 Best and Fastest Motor Bikes in the World. Yamaha bikes not only excel others from fast speeds but with their bull like and ruggedness they are topping the charts. The highly powerful Y2K engine is 300 horsepower and one of the best legal road bike using turbine engine technology.

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