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Clear, colourless, odourless liquid with the consistency of thick syrup, extracted from vegetable oils through hydrolosis, soluble in water and alcohol making it very useful where a solubiliser is needed and alcohol is not desired, classed as a moisturiser, glycerine helps the epidermis to retain moisture and has a smoothing, emollient effect on the skin.
The Pitsea factory produced dynamite, gelignite and other explosives based on nitro-glycerine for blasting rocks and mining. It also made nitro-glycerine as an ingredient to be mixed with guncotton for producing cordite - a smokeless propellant used in ammunition. Nobel desperately wanted to sell to the huge markets of the British Empire but regulations kept him out of manufacturing in Britain.

Nobel was a secret partner to begin with but eventually was able to trade under his own name.
The factory thrived during the First World War but struggled after the Peace and closed in 1929. The Nobel business then went into chemicals becoming a household name as Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI).
Its manufacture was highly dangerous, as proven in the fatal 1913 guncotton explosion at Pitsea.Guncotton needed to be thoroughly 'picked' by hand to remove any impurities.

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