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Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged c++ or ask your own question. Is there a practical way to change the phone number in Uber app when arriving at a country? The rotation angles directly affects the first 3 columns of OpenGL GL_MODELVIEW matrix, precisely left, up and forward axis elements.
It means the first column (m0, m1, m2) of the rotation matrix represents the coordinates of the left axis after rotated. We can combine these separate axis rotations into one matrix by multiplying above 3 matrices together.
The left column of the combined rotation matrix is the left axis after rotated, the middle column is the up axis, and the right column is the forward axis. I use 2D sprite texture applied to a square with transparent or semi-transparent area but I can't see anything through them (except the background) if there are other textures behind. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged android opengl-es transparency or ask your own question. And moving the view, the line strip is broken in different points, or drawn correctly, or not drawn at all. Have you tried disabling depth test before rendering your line strip so that it cannot interfere with your background? I tried disabling the depth test, but it did not helped as the light blue background is empty space. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged opengl or ask your own question.

Displaying only the state variables values that were changed by the game application helps the developer track the cause of the problem. In the previous section, we asked the developer to "Break the game application run when the character is being rendered".
The Draw Step command allows a developer to advance the debugged application process to the next OpenGL function call that has "visible impact" on the rendered image. The Interactive Mode Toolbar enables viewing the graphic scene as it is being rendered, in full speed or in slow motion mode. I'd like to have my Cube as big as it could possibly be on my screen, but without that stretching. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged java android opengl-es perspective or ask your own question. Why were Civil War battle techniques so bloody, if the US had learned guerrilla fighting in the Revolutionary War?
How can a shift manager discipline an employee when that employee is the owner's daughter? We project three axes onto a plane in 3 different ways, so the axis that we want to rotate is facing toward you. Note that multiplication of matrices is not commutative, so a different order of matrix multiplication results in a different outcome.
The memory layout of C struct-s is not specified and the compiler may add gaps as it desires (unless you force it into a packed layout). These state variables, located inside the graphic system, are treated as "global variables" that are repeatedly queried and changed by numerous OpenGL API functions and mechanisms.

This is done by forcing OpenGL to draw into the front color buffer, flushing the graphic pipeline after each OpenGL API function call and adding a given slow motion delay. Bounded textures and the active texture (the texture whose bind target is enabled) are marked.
The editor views displays shaders' source code and parameters, programs' parameters, programs attached shaders and active uniform values.
In combination with an unhappy geometrical arrangement in the vertex data this might lead to strange effects. When a developer works on top of OpenGL, he sees the graphic system as a "black box"; the program issues thousands of API calls into it and "magically" an image comes out of the system. However, when using a general purpose debugger, a developer cannot view state variables values, cannot put data breakpoints on state variables and, at least in Microsoft Visual Studio™, cannot put a breakpoint on OpenGL API functions that serve as their high level access functions. The editor also allows editing shaders source code, recompiling shaders and linking and validating programs "on the fly".
I got most of this code from a tutorial and I don't understand every little detail of it. These powerful features save developer's time required for developing and debugging OpenGL programs and shaders-related problems.

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