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If you're looking for the perfect Honda Goldwing GL1000 – 1976 for sale then take a look at the hundreds of restored classic motorcycles listed on our extensive Motorcycles For Sale pages.
If you're looking for the perfect Honda Goldwing GL1000 – 1975 for sale then take a look at the hundreds of restored classic motorcycles listed on our extensive Motorcycles For Sale pages. Early on, I figured I would just swap out the bars and maybe paint it…eventually… down the road. It is a structural issue, so that’s why many customer place a hoop at the end to get it back. I had bought a moped for my girlfriend the week prior, so I was rushing to get a bike to cruise around on with her over the long weekend. I put a pair of drag bars on and drove it around the east side of Milwaukee a few times, but instead of riding the CX I spent most of the summer bombing around on my girlfriend’s moped (The Vino had some balls!). There is a great vintage motorcycle show in Milwaukee called Rockerbox, and I really wanted to have a bike to bring…even if it was a homely CX500.
I haven’t changed much on her but may upgrade the brakes and shocks in the near future. Honda GL 1000’s are a favorite with customizers and a head-turning memory machine when original and clean.

1975 HONDA GL 1000 very nice condition everything bin gone throw its a very nice ride 2623089304 phone 15,550.
She had never ridden a motorcycle or moped, but I had several bikes in the past so I wanted to pick something cheap up off of craigslist. Over the rest of the summer I mostly just removed and chopped unneeded things off while I decided what direction to go with the build. I painted the stock wheels with satin black Duplicolor wheel paint, painted to OEM exhaust and mufflers, and chopped the stock front fender.
Its a great bike — I drive it around my home of San Francisco quite a bit and always get compliments. I have always loved the older CB’s, but I knew that for the same amount of money I could find something a little newer and in better condition (cheap, solid CB’s are getting harder and harder to come by).
After I chopped the frame rails down, I spent a lot of time staring at the bike trying to think of a way to mount a flat universal seat to the oddly shaped frame.
I really wanted to keep the bike simple, clean, and stealthy, so I went with a black and gray color scheme with white pinstripes and a white caliper. Turning your hard work and time into a moving piece of art for another person to enjoy is addictive and awesome.

We don’t know, but every builder has his (her) own story and today we bring you the story of Dallas Ziebell and his CX500 Cafe Racer, based on a Honda CX500 Deluxe, to be specific. I ended up ordering a beaver tail looking seat, but it just didn’t look RIGHT, so I returned it. With its opposed cylinder configuration, tall riding height, shaft drive, and liquid cooling, the CX definitely took some imagination to envision what the bike COULD be. Before winter set in I upgraded a few small things like the master cylinder, but for the most part the bike sat until the following Spring.
The maroon paint with gold decals were very hard to see past, but after seeing Dave Mucci’s amazing work, and what the guys over at Wrench Monkey have done, I knew that there could be a really cool, very stealthy build in my bike’s future.
With the help of my sister’s husband, we welded a plate between the frame rails to mount the seat, rear fender, and inner fender to.
It turned out much cleaner than simply chopping the frame off square, and because the frame is pressed steel a rear hoop was out of the question.

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