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GL Sciences has been providing many kinds HPLC columns with combinations of different Silica gels and functional groups.
MonoTrap is a newly-developed, state-of-the-art sorptive media, based on the high surface area of silica monolith technology. Cold PTV splitless injection has the advantage of lower sample discrimination and decomposition compared to hot splitless injections. The separation pattern is almost same as that of InertCap AQUATIC, though there are some differences between their selectivity for certain compounds.
It has been designed for the simple and fast enrichment of flavors, aromas, and fragrances; but can easily be used for the analysis of volatile and semi-volatile compounds for quality control, environmental, and forensic applications.
With MonoTrap, it is even possible to make injections on different GC systems utilizing different column phases!
The available products are based on our in house technologies like monolithic technology, deactivation and chemical bonding.
This prevents syringe discrimination, and the sample volume can be more reproducibly introduced than in classical hot split injection.

Highest level of inertness means longer column life and the best resolution injection after injection. This also allows for the addition of ionic salts to improve sample adsorption with MonoTrap. Solvent extraction can even be accomplished within a GC autosampler vial using the rod shaped MonoTrap. After the syringe is withdrawn, the inlet is heated and the sample will go to the column, the split flow is open all the time during the injection and the sample transfer. The inlet is then heated and the sample is transferred to the column, which is maintained at a low temperature to re-condense the solvent for solvent focusing. Our HPLC columns are manufactured under the strict control, assuring the quality of the product.
The sample is not vaporized instantaneously; evaporation of solvent and solutes occurs in the order of their boiling points. After a preselected time (30 to 180 s), the split line is opened to vent residual vapours from the liner as is done with hot splitless inlets.

Therefore, sample components reach the column sequentially and the amount of sample at the head of the column directly after injection is smaller than the amount found with flash vaporization inlets. Because of the cold sample introduction the vapour cloud can be controlled and no explosion of the solvent will take place, as a result a flashback is minimised. This permits the injection of larger sample volumes before loss in column efficiency is experienced. It also provides more accurate and reproducible sample splitting since there is minimum pressure and flow perturbation within the inlet during sample transfer.

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