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Since my hair was already braided from the week prior I moisturized with water and Knot Today and sealed with an oil mixture of EVOO, Castor, Coconut oil as carriers for the Lavender and Rosemary essentails I’ve come to luv. Depending on the style and the type of hair being used its always best to begin with the nape of your head and move towards the front. At this point I contintued to glue the tracks on in a circular pattern until I reached the center and place the closer.
So, I’ve never done a wig or a weave (other than braid extensions) but whatever Solange is rocking is gorgeous! I like to wear a satin bonnet underneath my wig cap, because the wig caps can dry the hair out.
Thank you so much since I’ve been natural I have not put in glue in my hair in fear of my stylist putting glue in my hair while doing. An accounting software system can create a profit and loss statement, a trial balance and a balance sheet, but many of these can’t be created without the use of an initial general ledger (GL). For those new to general ledgers, learn how to use one by reading the Bright Hub articles Preparing a General Ledger and Learn the Basics of a General Ledger.

For several months we’ve gotten inquiries about how to properly apply and care for protective wigs and weaves. I plan on having fun with them to try out styles I wouldn’t normally wear with my real hair.
Now I was able to glue the weave tracks onto the wig cap with confidence in knowing my natural hair will be protected underneath. Lol I just did a quick weave and I didn’t think to use the shower cap UNDER the wig cap!! What is posted within a general ledger finds its way to other important financial accounting reports. Unlike other financial accounting statements, the general ledger is where all account activity is posted with debits and credits. For small businesses, home office workers and freelancers, often all that’s required is a general ledger template to get started and here, we offer up some Microsoft Excel templates you can begin using right away. I plan on adding color and wearing short precision cuts since wearing my real hair this way isn’t an option.

If you are properly caring for your hair underneath you will have guaranteed growth and zero breakage.
If Microsoft Excel is your game, are there any general ledger templates that are free and easy to use? The general ledger, depending on the type can also keep a running balance for various accounts. I love the fact I can take it off and clean, condition, and oil my scalp and hair with zero manipulation, which for me is a key factor in retaining length.

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