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I don’t care much for sportsbikes, but this one wins a place in my heart for the fun factor.
The 1800 engine in the Goldwing has about 60 horsepower less (120 vs 180) than the original engine in this bike. As noted above in the update to the original article, this isn’t a CBR that gained weight, it’s a Gold Wing that lost several hundred pounds! Although I might have used a half fairing that is intended to be a half fairing, instead of cutting a CBR fairing.
Honda certainly isn’t building anything this interesting from the factory anymore, anyway. Too bad that the most interesting bikes (practical or not) are no longer being built by the manufacturers but by individuals.

The stock Gold Wing 1800 evidently doesn’t do too badly in the twisties, much better than I would have thought actually.
I have no idea if this bike began like that, but Cedric Smith, a service tech at Everett Powersports in Everett, Washington, is the brains behind this one, an 1800cc flat six from a Gold Wing mated to a Honda CBR, a Honda Gold Wing with CBR bodywork. The bike started out as a totaled Gold Wing, bodywork pretty much destroyed, but the frame and engine were fine. It might be a bit too heavy, and that long wheelbase might not handle as sharply as a stock CBX and it won’t lean so well, but who cares? I would bet my next bike he would have more people coming around to chat at bike night than any sport bike…or Harley. Hot-rod it or pump it up with a turbo, and it will stand up and howl, and maybe make up the difference plus enough to overcome the extra weight with bags of torque.
Here’s a video of two Gold Wings riding the Tail of the Dragon at Deals Gap, NC at a remarkably brisk clip. Hundreds of magazines your local store never has along with all the rest, including all of your favorites.

It looks really well done, especially compared to many of the botched engine swaps you often see.
I recall that Honda paid close attention to exhaust note when designing the Wing’s 6.
Travel back to a simpler time when riding was fun and a bit more relaxed, just like your jeans. One configuration sounded something like a jet fighter, and Honda nixed that one as not matching the Wing’s image.
I hope Cedric found that kind of sound — sixes of all kinds have a fabulous exhaust note when properly done.
Or maybe bringing the swingarm angle up closer to horizontal would help, although that may cause ground clearance issues.

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