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The multiple small-scale association studies of candidate genes for type 2 diabetes mellitus in the Chinese Han population have shown inconsistent results. During the first decade of the 21st century, sequencing of a single reference genome from multiple animal and plant species provided a tremendous amount of information about eukaryotic genome structure, function and evolution. Our research focuses on integrative population genomics, where we develop and apply statistical approaches to extract information from high-throughput population sequence data. Our team uses integrative genomics approaches to profile the genome, transcriptome and proteome from the acute to recovery stage of disease in order to identify rapid, cheap biomarkers for both early-stage disease diagnosis and prognosis and also to understand biological pathways that are active during disease. Using this approach, we have recently identified transcriptomic and proteomic signatures that can distinguish active tuberculosis infection from other disease in HIV-positive adults in Africa.
Zhang, Fan, Chen, Ruoyan, Liu, Dongbing, Yao, Xiaotian, Li, Guoqing, Jin, Yabin, Yu, Chang, Li, Yingrui and Coin, Lachlan J.
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A new breakthrough in cancer research could lead to a novel form of cancer treatment -- one that is highly specialized for each patient.
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Here, we performed a meta-analysis to evaluate the contribution of five candidate genes to the pathogenesis of type 2 diabetes in the Chinese Han population.
Under an additive genetic model, the C allele of ADRB3-rs4994, the C allele of ENPP1-rs1044498, and the A allele of PPARGC1A-rs8192678 increase the risk of type 2 diabetes in the Chinese Han population. Now, in the second decade, technological developments allow affordable population sequencing of thousands of genomes per species. In particular, we are interested in mapping the impact of structural variation on disease risk.
We have previously identified rare deletions and duplications associated with extreme obesity and also common deletions associated with obesity and variation in lipid levels.
Moreover, we have developed an accurate test for diagnosing tuberculosis in children, which we hope to translate into an affordable, point-of-care diagnostic. M., Cao, Dandan, Ren, Jingjing, Zuo, Xianbo, Sun, Liangdan, Yang, Sen, Zhang, Xuejun, Cui, Yong, Li, Yingrui, Jin, Xin and Wang, Jun (2012) An exome sequencing pipeline for identifying and genotyping common CNVs associated with disease with application to psoriasis. Researchers discovered that even though cancer cells mutate wildly within a person's body, the cancer cells within each patient also have common mutations -- ones that could be isolated and fought off by certain immune cells. However, the researchers, whose work was funded by Cancer Research UK, believe their discovery could form the backbone of new treatments and hope to test it in patients within two years.
Moreover, it is now possible to sequence not just the genome, but also the epigenome and transcriptome of different cell populations at different points in time, enabling use of this technology to profile important physiological processes.
We have developed population modelling approaches to improve detection and genotyping of indels, copy number variation (CNV), and tandem repeat variation.
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Orho-Melander, Genetic variation in the gene encoding calpain-10 is associated with type 2 diabetes mellitus. Hispanics: a toddler with type diabetes is presented in individuals with type diabetes mellitus with and a case study to the.
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Del Prato, Epigenetic regulation of PPARGC1A in human type 2 diabetic islets and effect on insulin secretion.
LabWare Linkam Scientific Instruments Limited Molins Technologies Multicore Dynamics Ltd Nanosurf New England Biolabs, Inc.

Huang, Correlation of adiponectin gene polymorphism and type2 diabetes mellitus in Han population of Guangdong.
Zimmet, Definition, diagnosis and classification of diabetes mellitus and its complications. Zhou, Genetic variants in ADIPOQ gene and the risk of type 2 diabetes: a case-control study of Chinese Han population. Part 1: diagnosis and classification of diabetes mellitus provisional report of a WHO consultation. Complaining of criteria useful in the resolution of diabetes, type diabetes, this week, it affect his initial presentation.
Lupi, Calpain-10 expression is elevated in pancreatic islets from patients with type 2 diabetes. Tweedie, Trim and fill: a simple funnel-plot-based method of testing and adjusting for publication bias in meta-analysis. Liu, Correlation between single nucleotide polymorphism of adiponectin gene and type2 diabetes in Han population. Wareham, Meta-analysis of the Gly482Ser variant in PPARGC1A in type 2 diabetes and related phenotypes.
We are discovering through the new science of epigenetics that environmentally mediated changes in gene expression can impact rapidly on many health-related phenotypes. Uusitupa, Association of ADIPOQ gene variants with body weight, type 2 diabetes and serum adiponectin concentrations: the Finnish Diabetes Prevention Study.
McCarthy, A common variant in the FTO gene is associated with body mass index and predisposes to childhood and adult obesity. Butler spoke about key areas of current expansion that include the introduction of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) enabling the rapid sequence analysis multiple genes, and even whole genomes. Sun, Combined effects of FTO rs9939609 and MC4R rs17782313 on obesity and BMI in Chinese Han populations.
Nonaka, Beta 3-adrenergic receptor gene polymorphism is not a major genetic determinant of obesity and diabetes in Japanese general population.
Cha, Association of genetic variation in FTO with risk of obesity and type 2 diabetes with data from 96551 East and South Asians. Hilary Burton, Director of PHG Foundation, Cambridge   Dr. Burton Spoke about how expansion of knowledge about health and disease at a molecular level, accompanied by new technologies that will enable quicker, more comprehensive and cheaper genetic testing mean that genomics should now be firmly embedded across the range of public health and healthcare practice.
Palitzsch, The Trp64Arg polymorphism of the beta 3-adrenergic receptor gene is not associated with obesity or type 2 diabetes mellitus in a large population-based Caucasian cohort.
Liu, Interaction of adiponectin and peroxisome proliferator activated receptor gamma2 gene polymorphisms and their relationship with type2 diabetes in population from Beijing communities. This goes beyond understanding traditional monogenic inheritance to revisiting polygenic nature of common chronic diseases. Stoneking, Testing the thrifty gene hypothesis: the Gly482Ser variant in PPARGC1A is associated with BMI in Tongans. In type 2 alcoholism strong genetic factors are present and are associated with criminality in men.
Wang, Study on Serum Adiponectin Level and Its Gene Polymorphism in Different Glucose Tolerance Humans (Hebei Medical University, Hebei, 2005)37.H. Genetic susceptibilities to complications of alcoholism such as alcoholic liver disease have been identified. Ma, Correlation between single nucleotide polymorphism of adiponectin gene and type2 diabetes in Chinese. Abecasis, Genome-wide association scan shows genetic variants in the FTO gene are associated with obesity-related traits. Ma, Single nucleotide polymorphism of adiponectin gene 45 site in patients with type 2 diabetes in the south of Henan province. Langerberg and her team work on investigating how genetic and lifestyle factors act together in their influence on type 2 diabetes and related metabolic disorders.
Xu, Studies on serum adiponectin level and SNP45 of adiponectin gene in patients with type 2 diabetes.
Yu, Correlation between polymorphism of adiponectin gene and type 2 diabetes mellitus in Bai and Han population at Dali area. Recent technological advances mean that it is now feasible to study epigenetic marks such as DNA methylation at base-pair resolution across the genome.
Epigenetic differences have been identified in breast cancer-discordant twins, and are being studied in many common, complex traits which have such impact on public health. Likely priorities include the need for critical evaluation of existing consent processes, as well as reviewing the scope and duties of professional practice, and re-evaluating requirements for regulation and governance.
Wang, Association of SNP276 in adiponectin gene and type2 diabetes mellitus and insulin sensitivity.

Lewis spoke of how patients need sustainable, affordable and equitable solutions to unmet health needs.
Lewis looked at the contribution patients make in the development of frameworks within which the promise of genomics as a route to delivering health improvements and responding to unmet medical needs can be realised in a timely, effective and user friendly manner. Yu, The association of adiponectin gene polymorphism with insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes mellitus. Yang, Phenotypic characteristics of the Trp64Arg polymorphism in the beta-3-adrenergic receptor gene in type 2 diabetes and normal subjects. Chen, Relationship between B3-Adrenergic receptor gene polymorphism and insulin resistance in type2 diabetes.
Liang, Study on codon 64 in the B3-adrenergic receptor gene mutation in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus.
Wang, Common variants in B3-adrenergic receptor gene and uncoupling protein2 genes are associated with type2 diabetes and obesity. Kong, The genotype of B3-adrenergic receptor gene in type2 diabetes and insulin resistance. Peng, A case-control study on the role of calpain10 gene single nucleotide polymorphism in the genetic susceptibility to type 2 diabetes mellitus in the genetic susceptibility to type 2 diabetes mellitus in southern Chinese Han population. Zuo, Single nucleotide polymorphism in CAPN10 gene of Chinese population and its correlation with type 2 diabetes mellitus in Han people of Northern China. Qiu, A case-control study on role of calpain10 gene polymorphism in the genetic susceptibility to type2diabetes in plateau population in Kunming. Chen, Single nucleotide polymorphism43 in CAPN10 gene and its correlation with type 2 diabetes mellitus.
Zhang, Study on the relationship between the gene polymorphism of CAPN10 and the resistance of T2D.
Zhou, Role of calpain10 gene polymorphism in genetic susceptibility in type2 diabetes mellitus in Chinese Han population. Zhu, The role of calpain10 gene polymorphism in the genetic susceptibility to type2 diabetes in Chinese population.
Yang, Genetic variation of SNP43 in calpain 10 gene is not a major factor in the pathogenesis of type 2 diabetes and insulin resistance in Chinese. Yang, Correlation between calpain10 polymorphism and genetic susceptibility in type 2 diabetes mellitus.
Li, The impact of polymorphism of calpain gene on glucose intolerance status, insulin secretion and insulin sensitivity. Yang, Correlation study of calpain10 gene polymorphism with genetic susceptibility to type2 diabetes. Ding, The association of type 2diabetes and diabetes with the metabolic abnormalities and PC-1geneK121Q. Zhong, Studies on the polymorphism of PC gene and its relationship with type 2 diabetes among Chinese population in Shenzhen areas. Shen, Relationship between K121Q variant in PC gene and type 2 diabetes with early nephropathy. Dian, Correlative study of K121Q polymorphism of the PC- 1 gene with type 2 diabetes and diabetic nephropathy. Lu, Correlative study of K121Q polymorphism of PC-1 gene with type 2 diabetes and diabetic nephropathy. Li, The K121Q polymorphism of membrane glycoprotein in PC-1 gene in pedigrees of type 2 diabetes.
Jin, Association study of K121Q variant in PC-1 gene with type 2 diabetes in old age population.
Tang, Association of membrane glycoprotein PC-1 gene K121Q polymorphism with type 2 diabetes.
Yang, Association of ENPP1 gene K121Q polymorphism with type 2 diabetes in Taian population. Yu, Investigation into the relationship of membrane glycoprotein gene polymorphism with type2 diabetes.
Su, Association of peroxisome proliferator activated receptor-I? coactivator (PGC1a) Gly482Ser polymorphism with type 2diabetes. Li, Screening the PGC1a gene for SNPs and analyzing PGC1a Gly482Ser mutation in Chinese population. Wu, Study on the relationship between polymorphisms of peroxisome proliferator activated receptor-C coactivator -1a gene and type2 diabetes in Shanghai Hans in China. Yang, Association between peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-I? coactivator-1I± gene polymorphisms and type2 diabetes in southern Chinese population: role of altered interaction with myocyte enhancer factor 2C.

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