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GC University Faisalabad has came forth as a major center of studying and investigation in a short period of time. Prospectus will be accessible in the National Bank of Pakistan Jinnah Colony Branch (Institute Booth) and the Bank of Punjab, Katcheri Bazar Branch (Institute Booth) Faisalabad, on payment of Rs.
The information will also be accessible at Details Centre (Ph: +92-41-9200886) and website. Applicants can also download Admission Form from Institute website and affix a bank draft of Rs.
The Admission Forms finished in all aspects should attain in the Directorate of Advanced Studies by Jan. Merit Scholarship by the Government, Kayla Gift Fund Trust, Punjab Zakat Department (MORA), District Council Internal Merit Scholarship, Chief Minister, Pakistan Bait-ul-Maal, Punjab Benevolent Fund Board, Fauji Foundation, Minority students Scholarship, Institute Position Holders and Other Non-public agencies are accessible in the Institute  Faisalabad . GC University Lahore Executive MBA Admissions 2014-2015 are now announced so candidates if you also wants to take admission in that university then here is your chance.
Compete Package for Executive MBA Students Including Admissions Form, Admission Schedule, Merit Lists Dates, Boss Day, Entry Test Samples, Entry Test Details is available in just one Click. Since 1864 GC University always think about the students career as also clearly expressed through this degree. After getting answer you can share with us through below given comment section only about GC University Lahore Executive MBA Admissions 2014-2015. GC University Faisalabad is one of the Pakistan’s renowned institutions situated in an agricultural city named Faisalabad. The history of GC University Faisalabad can be traced back to 1897 from where it took start as a primary school in the building that is currently known as Govt. University has a security office to maintain the law and order at university and to ensure the safety of university property.
Government College University Lahore is one of the most prestigious educational institutes of Pakistan. These extracurricular activities need a fine amount of money which many students cannot afford easily due to their limited pocket money.
Now groupin.pk is planning the real needs of the youth to bring on board on huge discount, students just need to suggest the item which they want on discount by clicking the ‘suggest a deal’ button below. GC University Faisalabad admission  with its energetic faculty and progressive syllabi has come to be a prompt of the cerebral, social and industrial transform.
Note: After clicking in below given Red Sentence Link you will get all Executive MBA Package in thee form of ZIP File.
If you got 14 years of Education and having 4 years of Experience after that degree than you are eligible for this GC University Lahore Executive MBA Admissions and if you are having 16 years of Education and after that filled with 2 years of experience than this is best opportunity to study in GC University if you fulfill all requirements University wants to in this case of admissions.

This is actually Four Semesters and two summer terms spread over two years filled with Innovative Learning Tools. It has been more than a century that this institution is progressing towards excellence in the field of education.
University has number of buses to provide the transport facility to the female students and teachers so that they can commute to the university without any problem.
It is the medium which provides students teaching skills that make them prepared physically, mentally and socially for the world of work in their future life. Situated in the heart of the city, the site is surrounded by main business and administrative areas, schools, colleges and Punjab University old Campus.
Few days ago groupin.pk has organized an awareness workshop in all top universities where students got concept about group buying. It caters to the varied requirements of society by imparting education in pretty much all the major fields of studying. Department always wants to facilitate students by the new Market Tactics by introducing Flexible Program.
MSD of Government College University Lahore is one of the top providers of management education in the country.
This Program actually Flexible 3-day, 9 hour-study week with significant off-contact learning component. Until 1905 it served as primary school but in 1905 it was promoted as High School and then in 1924 as an Intermediate College.
Subjects like Economics, Applied Psychology, Fine Arts, Political Science, Education, etc are being offered under the faculty of Arts and Social Science. A medical health care center is also working that provides the first aid to the students, staff and employees. Generally we can consider education as the foundation of society which brings economic durability, social affluence and political adherence. Presently raised to the status of university, Government College University (GCU) site is located at the junction of the Mall and the Lower Mall and occupies a focal point.
Majority of the students admired this new concept in Pakistan and showed great interest in the working of groupin.pk. Actually Students always strives for getting Theoretical Knowledge as much as they can but before theoretical Knowledge we cannot ignore the importance of Practical Knowledge along with it.
This is essential degree for those who always stress upon the quantity of Education even after getting involve in Practical Career. Due to the excellent performance GC University once again got the honor of promotion as a degree college in 1933 and it was introduced as a postgraduate college in 1963.

Faculty of Management and Administrative Science if offering the courses as Banking and Finance, Business Administration, Commerce, Industrial Management, and Public Management. In the case of emergency, the victim is referred to the Hospital on the University ambulance. Professional studies helps in sustaining a strong society which maintains health care professionals, educated health care consumers and upholding healthy population. Besides Government College, Lahore there is the University of the Punjab, King Edward Medical College, University of Engineering and Technology, FC College, Kinnaird College and lot of other educational institutions spreading the light of knowledge throughout the country. During this survey groupin.pk comes to know about the exact needs of the youth like discounts on admission fees, university bus charges, discount on course books etc. We all know that products in the shape of students already enriched with lots of education with much experience is always in demand. University tries to cater the different areas of education that are now need of the modern and scientific society. After the long struggle and journey in October 2002, the Government of Punjab finally granted the status of University to this institute.
Faculty of Science and Technology is providing the training and research facilities to the student so that they can meet the demands of new world. University has a rich system of library as it has seventeen libraries in departments and faculties and one main library that has the stock of 85,000 books in it. Education is major aspect of growth of any modern society since if there is a deficit of educated people then society will stops its further progress.
The institute develops courage among the students to identify their potential for exploring new fields of learning and fresh areas of research and scholarship. This Year GC University always introduce Executive MBA Degree for those students who recently complete their 14 years or 16 years of Education and wants to improve their designation with in the same Company.
Areas that come under this faculty of Science and Technology are Chemistry, Physics, Environmental Science, Electrical Engineering, Information Technology, etc.
Sports Department is working well in the university to provide the national and international players. At the same time the educational institutes are equally plays a vital role in upbringing and grooming of any individual, well established and high standard educational institutes are of major significance in maintaining the right path of career and building a strong personality which can cater all the requirements of any modern society. There are so many diverse games like cricket, hockey, tennis, football, boxing, kabadi, chess etc in which students get training from the trained and experienced coaches.

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