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From Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge to views of coastal California, explore the City By the Bay!
Bring a Friend: Save 50% off your second seat with promo code when booking your reservation! New Tours for 2016!: take 50% off your 2nd seat (double occ) with promo code when booking your reservation! Back on the river, the green waters of Black Canyon flow through a narrow channel, where Emerald Cave is hidden.
Beyond Emerald Cave and the catwalk sits a sandy beach, where you’ll enjoy a picnic lunch with million dollar views.
Your day will begin early in the morning as you meet your guide and prepare for the thrilling ride down the Lower Portal Road – the only road to the base of Hoover Dam. After a short safety briefing and basic paddling instruction, you will get acquainted with your kayak. Paddle into Emerald Cave and check out the historic catwalk.Your day ends at Willow Beach, where an air-conditioned shuttle will transport you back to your hotel on the Las Vegas Strip. Notes: you will need your printed proof of purchase and a photo ID for EACH PERSON over 18 to redeem your voucher and join the cruise. My wife and I have seen Wayne Brady, Phantom of the Opera and three different Cirque du Soleil productions. My wife and I went on the 1 day Black Canyon kayak trip, and it was the best kayaking we have ever done!

Visit the West Rim of the Grand Canyon by airplane, and explore the canyon in a luxury helicopter! The lower Colorado River is moving flatwater with no rapids – just beautiful green waters. With daily kayak launches from the base of Hoover Dam, you can experience the wonder of the Black Canyon and it’s many hot springs all year round. Your destination is Willow Beach, where you will load your kayaks, and gear up for your journey on the Colorado river.
Take a refreshing swim in the green waters of the Colorado River before kayaking back to Willow Beach. Your day will also include a picnic lunch on a secluded beach or rock that will provide you with million dollar views. While we guarantee that we’ll do our best to provide you with all of the highlights within this itinerary (conditions permitting), we do not guarantee them in this specific order. Please plan on being present at least 15 minutes prior to tour departure to guarantee your space on the cruise.
Winter paddling is relaxing, with smooth and glassy waters.The hot summer temperatures make the cool waters of the Colorado river very inviting. Your guide will show you unique and hidden places such as Gold Strike Canyon, Lone Palm Canyon, Arizona Hot Springs, Emerald Cave and many other treats. Adjustments may be made depending on availability, so please advise of any dietary restrictions at the time of booking.

Easy paddling with time to explore Sauna Cave, Mack's Grotto, the falls and bask in the 100 degree comfortable heat soaking in the beauty of the Colorado and its ancient canyon banks.
While we enjoyed everything, we both agree the highlight of our trip was kayaking down Black Canyon with Desert Adventures.
Come experience the view from the bottom of the Hoover Dam and make some incredible memories while paddling your own high performance kayak down the calm waters of the Colorado River.This is a truly unforgettable experience! You may see big horn sheep, bald eagles, coyotes, red-tail hawks, turkey vultures, striped bass, and more. Our Colorado River Kayaking tours include high performance boats (with rudder), paddle, life vest, and all other safety equipment plus a dry bag for your camera and gear.
One came down to the river for a drink within 10 feet of the kayak; three others within 20 feet put on a butting heads act for us. A great guide with a delightful sense of humor enriched the trip with history, geography, geology, and cultural lessons.
Shuttle service to and from hotel, sturdy kayaks, attention to safety and even a souvenir water bottle all added up to top satisfaction!

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