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Community Accounts are free and allow you to upload content, posts comments, participate in our forums and more! Link is after Ganon because he has plotted to use the power of the tri-force for his own evil doings. On top of that, his siter, and another girl were taken from him to a holding cell inside of a tower, which you later have to go to, to retrieve the girls. Afterward, Link is on a journey to find the pieces of the tri-force, and use it specifically to defeat Ganon, and nothing else. Outside of the 2 sides of the consensus about the graphics mentioned above, I won't bother talking about the visuals because that would be missing the point: regardless of whether you like the bold, fresh new artistic style or loathe the kiddie-oriented graphics, it still doesn't negate the fact that behind said visuals is one of the most expansive, immersive, and enjoyable action RPGs made by the big N. Incorporating new techniques, sound, items, adventures, gameplay, intelligence, art styles and various other achievements - the Wind Waker makes for some tough and fun adventures with the new characters and worlds - link still doesn't talk, but that's no negative to the story.

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Link has to use the wind to his advantage as he sales off in set of new islands in the new area to explore.
What makes it even more entertaining is the comedy and plain fun that comes with the new visuals, It's unlike any other game of the series and you'll love every minute of it!
Wind Waker features A EXTREMELY Large open sea, in which you can explore and discover many things.

In fact it inspired future games to add further intelligence to a variety of elements, as the Wind Waker not only featured amzing art and sound but also smart gameplay - such as items having more uses and temple puzzles to perplex and challenge. It has a Cartoonish graphics, which while are unrealistic, is colorful and fun, and good for most Children, it also features a very interesting story, and much more! Overall the Legend of Zelda is a Great game and a must have for all Zelda fans and Gamers in general.

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