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I was just thinking that maybe we could have a post where anyone can post pictures of their engines inside especialy the head area in incremints of 100,000 miles.
This was about 125,800 miles.It has a new Air intake hose, nice and shiny, and the valve cover is all cleaned off now.
It's had Amsoil ACD since it's 3rd oil change and just went to Redline for the last change. List the oil mostly used and how the vechile is used and maybe 1-2 snap shots of the valve train area!I still have 30,000 miles to go but I would be more then happy to do that.

My Camry is just under 70K miles and the inside when you look through the oil fill hole looks like it just left the assembly line. I used conventional oil in it the first 1500 miles but other then that nothing but synthetic.
It sort of helps my argument of going synthetic right away or using the oil of your choice before the warranty is up even if it doesn't carry the correct approvals, or even possibly the benefits of a VII-free oil.
Just over 100k miles (165k kms) M1 10w30HM and GC its entire life almost, aside from the first couple dino OC's from the dealer.

I put it in this thread because it LOOKS like a 100,000 mile engine at only 40 hours of use.

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