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There is no real point to the game, other than to explore and enjoy the Pokemon-themed atmosphere.
Now you can upload screenshots or other images (cover scans, disc scans, etc.) for Pokemon Channel to Emuparadise. You will need to login to your EP account (it's free) to submit tags and other game information. If you haven't noticed yet, we have a retro game of the day feature (top-right of the screen) wherein we feature a new retro title every single day!

Pokemon XD says:Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness is the newest Pokemon game to be released for the Gamecube! If you know the best emulator for this game, please suggest an emulator above to help out other users. Lot's of fun, with many different shadow pokemon to catch, and a great story line.I have to say, The best game pokemon game ever made. Set 5 years after the events in Pokemon Colosseum's Story Mode, Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness continues the plot with Shadow Pokemon even further.

Graphics on the game have improved quite a bit from Colosseum, being sharper and the attacks have been totally redone. Team Cipher is back to trying to use Pokemon for their dark purposes, and with the power of a certain Legendary Pokemon on their side, will they be successful in their plot?

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