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The history of the doughnut goes back centuries, long before the discovery of the New World. Eventually holes were added to the center of the fritter to create the shape of doughnut we’re familiar with today.
The hole invention is generally attributed to Captain Hanson Gregory, a Dutch sailor whose mother made him some doughnuts for a voyage. Of course, those of us who celebrate Hanukkah know that the doughnut also has a rich history in Jewish cuisine. Among Mizrachi and Sephardic Jews, deep-fried dough balls known as sufganiyot or bimuelos are prepared today much as there were more than a thousand years ago. American doughnut culture was heavily influenced by the Jews, in some rather unexpected ways! Leave it to Gil Marks and his Encyclopedia of Jewish Food to enlighten me with the most interesting doughnut story of the day. Im doing a project on doughnuts(and I work at Krispy kreme) and this blog post was totally helpful and interesting!
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The Home Secretary was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes two months ago and must now inject herself with insulin at least twice a day for the rest of her life, the Mail on Sunday revealed.
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If you are Private Browsing in Firefox, "Tracking Protection" may cause the adblock notice to show. Then click the big power button to whitelist the current web site, and its state will be remembered next time you visit the web site. In ancient Rome and Greece, cooks would fry strips of pastry dough and coat them with honey or fish sauce (eww!).
In his book Glazed America, author Paul Mullins says that the first printed recipe for doughnuts can be found in an English cookbook dating back to 1803, included as part of an appendix of American recipes. They’re most often served on holidays and festive occasions like Hanukkah, where deep-fried foods are symbolically prepared to remind us of the miracle of the Hanukkah oil. A Jewish refugee from czarist Russian named Adolph Levitt is responsible for inventing the first automated doughnut machine in 1920. It helps to build our international editorial team, from war correspondents to investigative reporters, commentators to critics.
I was particularly interested in how doughnuts became so popular in America, so I dug out my trusty Oxford Companion to American Food and Drink. In Medieval times, Arab cooks started frying up small portions of unsweetened yeast dough, drenching the plain fried blobs in sugary syrup to sweeten them. At a certain point, egg yolks were added to the dough– it was discovered that this produced a richer and firmer end-product.
The fritters spread into northern Europe in the 1400’s and became popular throughout England, Germany and the Netherlands.

The problem was, the fritters would often end up raw in the center after frying– the exterior would cook before the inner part of the doughnut did. Congratulations on The History Kitchen, I’m now sharing this link with a doughnut obessed friend! In 15th century Germany, where sugar was hard to come by, they were often cooked savory with fillings like meat or mushroom.
Captain Gregory liked the doughnuts better that way, minus the raw center– and voila! And of course, we all know how much our favorite American Homer Simpson loves his doughnuts.
I'm a little more careful about what I eat and there's obviously the injections, but this is something millions of people have .
I'm OK with needles, fortunately."There's a great quote from Steve Redgrave who was diagnosed with diabetes before he won his last Olympic gold medal.

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