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At first I tended to over-correct, leading to too many mild Hypos, then I started cutting down on insulin. Now that I am not wearing the sensor, I do not miss the physical sensation of having the sensor on my arm. The installed software is easy to use, but has noticeable shortcomings and even a major bug. Meter software had some bugs, and doesn’t allow data to be changed after it had been entered. It is very convenient to swipe a measurement anytime you have to make a diabetes decision, i.e. Significantly increased my engagement and attention to BG levels and trends, this sometimes led to over correction, but hopefully I would do this better with experience. In my opinion CGM is the future for insulin dependent diabetics, strips just leave too many blind spots. Just talked to an Abbott rep, and for some reason more sensors are not available in Germany right now. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Test Anytime, Anywhere with Less Pain and Less Time The small, discreet FreeStyle Lite system enables you to manage your diabetes simply by offering key features such as no coding, the world’s smallest blood sample size, a backlight and a test strip port light. It offers some of the standard inclusions that you would expect in any modern meter today, 5 second tests, compatibility with alternate site, and more. Here are a few words about my experience of the Freetyle Libre while Kitesurfing in December 2014.
Thank a lot Takoon : your Kites and Board are great ?? I look forward to using this equipement in better conditions. In what follows, I present the material I use, while kitesurfing, in order to control my blood sugar, and the type of sugar I take in case of an hypoglycemia. I already talked about the advantages of the FreeStyle while rock-climbing : Flexible and fast to use plus the possibility to anticipate thanks to the arrow trends. Advantages also very cool for an activity such as Kitesurf.The main problem I had to cope with is that the FreeStyle is not water resistant.
The mini waterproof phonecase has perfect dimensions for the FreeStyle Libre reader and is made for watersports. I used small dressing to protect the sensor and especially for it not to be torn free when I put on the wetsuit. Yet, Iam not a big fan of the water pouch I have found at Decathlon; The tube is too long and it is not possible to cut it. You can see that I put the Aquapac case, containing the FreeStyle LIbre, in one zipped pocket. I could easily control my blood sugar and its trends thanks to the FreeStyle Libre that was at hand. I will try to open the vest and cut the foams in order to have a more comfortable vest to wear.

There is also a risk to twist ones neck with the lanyard of the Aquapac or the water pouch tube when falling. Are the reading accurate or are they somewhat delayed in comparison to standard blood samples? I am planning to go kiting next week – I will let you know my experience with the freestyle libre. This product is FSA Approved which means that is typically eligible for purchase using a Flexible Spending Account.
Please refer to your employer or plan for the exact details of your flexible spending account before using it. FreeStyle diabetes test strips were designed to prevent sore fingers by requiring a tiny blood sample - the smallest in the world! You can also test from alternative sites, reducing the pain of repetitive testing of one site.
The FreeStyle Test Strips use capillary action that acts like a sponge to wick the exact amount of blood needed onto the test strip.
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FreeStyle Lite is the latest addition to the Abbott Diabetes Care range of blood glucose monitors. FreeStyle Lite eliminates the need to code your meter with every new pack of test strips making testing easy. All New Zealand orders over 3kg will be charged at cost - we will email you after you complete your order. It would not record my Lantus insulin shots, and if I recorded the Fast Acting insulin, and did not navigate back to the top menu after data entry, it would not record that entry either.
The Libre uses near field tech, which is to say meter must come within a few centimeters of the sensor to get a reading.
Not really looking forward to wearing the thing or inserting it, but maybe I am just a bit of a chicken. The Abbott Freestyle Libre is not a perfect system, but its relative affordability, and ease of use make it a good step in the right direction.
It is also quite stricking that they do not provide some strips to use on the i need to order freestyle precision for the libre while my current measurement is freestyle lite.
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. There must be another kind of pouch that enables it and that has a clip to maintain it on the vest.
They are recommended for low and medium viscosity fluids such as shampoos, liquid soaps, condiments….
I have read no post about this kind of experience but I guess that it is something that could happen because of a big wipe out for example.
I’m thinking about starting to windsurf and I am wondering how you manage to put your wetsuit on and off whilst wearing the sensor on the back of your arm?

I Wish you great windsurfing sessions ?? tell me if you use sensor and find another protection for it.
Express shipped parcels arrive within 1-3 business days (this may be slightly longer for remote country areas). Once you place your order one of our staff will email you with the cost of delivery, you have the option of agreeing and proceeding with the order or declining and receiving a full refund. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. The almost 24 hour monitoring gave me new insights into the patterns of the ups and downs, and I think I had a reduction in standard deviation. As always the question becomes: do I want to be a person with diabetes, or does diabetes define me? This brings up the big problem with having a closed platform, with only one software option.
This is a trade-off, which might push some people to other systems such as the Dexcom 4 which has this valuable feature. I tested with concentrated milk, it works fine.  I also use these tubes under water while scuba-diving. It’s very easy to get valuable information about the glycemia and its trends while kitesurfing.
Except during the first 6 hours using the sensor where the reader showed some big differences compared with blood tests. That is what is stopping me from windsurfing as the sensors are to expensive for them just to get ripped off my arm. Even with this small of a sample FreeStyle ensures accurate test results that are virtually pain free. The diabetes test strips work with the blood glucose meter, which will beep when there is enough of a blood sample for accurate test results.
In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). Seeing graphically how quickly you are rising or falling is very useful for calibrating your responses. Regulatory hurdles aside, would be great to have the sensor  read by a smartphone(reliably of course), and then let the community create our own software. Freestyle libre came up as a suggestion and I wanted to make sure it works through wetsuit and aquapack.
While kitsurfing, my experience with the Freestyle is very positiv but to confirm this feeling, I will invest in new sensors and spend more time kiting with the FreeStyle Libre in a feew weeks:) Look forward to reading your feedback if you try it.

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