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List of Paleo Diet Meal PlansYou can find a bunch of different types of paleo diet meal plans at the links below. Having recently lost my telepathic connection to my guide and contact within the Ashtar Command, I have concluded that a buildup of toxins within my body, due mostly to a diet consisting of toxic food additives, preservatives, and Doritos, is the root cause. Just as important to what you put in your body is what you don’t put in, so I will continue faithfully my avoidance of fluoride which I began many years ago. Wishing greatly to reestablish a connection with my guide, I begin today what is known as the Raw Food Diet.
Recently, I have been unwittingly drinking soda laced with aspartame, which is an artificial sweetener referred to by some as the anti-ascension poison.

Prepared extensions for individuals on a 2,000mg sodium diet and for those on a mechanical soft diet.
The Raw Food Diet allows the body to cleanse years of toxic buildup while feeding the body what is referred to as Life Force, which is found in foods that are natural and have not been subject to heating. Today, June 2nd 2011, I am 185 pounds, which is overweight for my thin frame, and I have lost all connection to my guide who was relaying information through me to the public so I feel it is very important to reestablish this connection. Basically, the Raw Food Diet is a vegetarian diet consisting of fruits, vegetables and nuts with a main staple, at least for many on the diet, of veggie or fruit smoothie. I will give updates on my physical energy, weight loss, and my connection to my guide in future posts.

My diet will be simple; 100% natural oatmeal for breakfast (I am cheating a little here by heating the oatmeal so I realize I will be stripping my breakfast of Life Force, but I will make up for it in vitamin yumminess. The protein supplement, which also contains important amino acids, is essential for vegetarians and also is the secret ingredient in making amazingly rich smoothies.
It’s obvious I will have to ship organic salad dressing in from a land very far away.

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