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RIO DE JANEIRO - Just days ahead of the Olympic Games, the waterways of Rio De Janeiro are as filthy as ever.
Injuries at trampoline parks have soared in recent years, according to a study published Monday in the journal Pediatrics.
BATON ROUGE - Today's Pledge of Allegiance comes from Pre-K at Sacred Heart of Jesus School. The officer was shot and killed during the gunfight that unfolded at an Airline Highway business on the morning of Sunday, July 17th.
A massive turnout appeared at Healing Place church where the viewing and funeral for Officer Gerald were held.

Visitation and funeral services for East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Deputy Brad Garafola will follow on Saturday. Joining Trump in the interview his vice presidential running mate Mike Pence said this is the kind of leadership that is needed in the US. When pointed out that Pence also voted for war in Iraq as did his Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, Trump said the Indiana Governor is entitled to make mistake once in a while, but the former Secretary of State is not.
The funeral procession took the interstate to arrive at his final resting place at Louisiana National Cemetary. The other BRPD officer killed during the ambush shooting, Montrell Jackson, will be buried on Monday.

When the World Trade Center comes tumbling down, with thousands of people being killed," he said.

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