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A few of our patients have brought to our attention that a major insurance carrier Aetna has denied reimbursement for the SpineCor brace. How could Aetna make such a statement about a scoliosis therapy that has a 20 year track record of successfully treating scoliosis?
Aetna has a Clinical Policy Bulletin that they use to determine if a treatment is medically necessary and reimbursable.
Aetna’s position is far from the truth and its guidelines should be modified to include reimbursement for this research tested and proven effective type of dynamic scoliosis brace. The SpineCor brace is far from investigational and has been examined extensively in the peer review literature. While it is true that SpineCor’s “Corrective Movement Approach” to scoliosis treatment is a departure from traditional hard braces that immobilize the spine (which Aetna will pay for despite their lack of research results) the SpineCor brace has been extensively researched and found to be a valid scoliosis treatment tool. A study that Aetna references in support of their position is a Prospective Observational Study done by Dr.
It is interesting to note that the study they cite as their rational for excluding reimbursement for the SpineCor brace supports it’s effectiveness, rather than ineffectiveness.
Another study done more recently at the Italian Scientific Spine Institute in Milan Italy in 2009 researcher actually changed their treatment protocols in favor of the SpineCor dynamic scoliosis over static bracing. This study showed the a combination of bracing and exercise was found to be the most effective way to conservatively treat scoliosis and that when patients complied with the program the success rate was very high. The conclusion of this study showed that the results of stabilization or correction of the scoliosis for the SpineCor brace remained high for patients followed for up to 5 years post studies.
The above study also showed a comparison of the Rate of Success for different types of scoliosis braces. This and other studies that compare the rates of success for the SpineCor brace show similar results. Based on Aetna’s own written guidelines the Spine Cor brace should not be considered either experimental nor investigational.
Based on the overwhelming scoliosis research support for the efficacy of the SpineCor brace in evidence based research literature and endorsement by authoritative clinical research societies on scoliosis, Aetna’s position not to reimburse for the SpineCor brace is found to be arbitrary, discriminatory and without just cause.
Effectiveness of the SpineCor Brace Based on the New Standardized Criteria Proposed by the Scoliosis Research Society for Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis Published in Pediatric Orthopedics. Treatment of Early Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis Using the SpineCor System published in Study Health Technology Information in 2008. I deperately want to try the brace but currently cannot afford – I would like to know if the Spinecor Brace has been used successfully for individuals with scoliosis AND extensive thoracic spinal collapse (T3-T10)- this is my condition. I have been reading your emails, am in my early 60’s, and think Spinecor would be help.
I think it really would be helpful for you to share information on what insurance carriers you have had success with, especially for adults.
Often times medical professionals will offer a cash discount for those who either are not insured or choose not to run a claim through insurance. We do not accept insurance assignment of any kind, so the prices of our procedures are the same for everyone. A sarcoma is basically a cancer that is of the connective or supportive tissue, which are basically a bone, cartilage, fat, muscle, blood vessels and soft tissue.
There are many types of soft tissue sarcoma, and they tend to grow and develop differently. Fibrosarcoma is a malignant tumor that arises from fibroblasts (cells that produce connective tissue). Desmoid tumors arise from connective tissue - the cells involved with the formation of muscle, fibrous and nerve tissue. Synovial sarcomas usually start near to joints, such as the knee or elbow, but can occur in any part of the body. Embryonal rhabdomyosarcomas tend to occur more commonly in children, while alveolar rhabdomyosarcomas occur more in the limbs of teenagers and young adults.
These sarcomas arise in the cells that cover nerve cells and can occur anywhere in the body.
GISTs are sarcomas that develop from the connective tissues in the walls of the digestive system. Although Kaposi's sarcoma is a type of sarcoma, it differs from other sarcomas in the way it develops.
Kaposi's sarcoma can affect people with a weakened immune system, including people with HIV and Aids.
Soft tissue sarcoma can be diagnosed at any age, but is more likely to develop in people over 30. Radiotherapy given as a treatment for other cancers can sometimes cause a sarcoma to develop years after the original treatment. It is very unlikely that any of these conditions run in your family and you do not know about it. Neurofibromatosis : - is a genetic disease that causes non cancerous (benign) tumours to form in the nerves under the skin and in other parts of the body. Li Fraumeni syndrome : - is a genetic syndrome that causes many cancers to occur in the affected families.
Bone pain is the most common problem causing the patient to see a doctor - although specific complaints vary.
Symptoms similar to those of injuries, bursitis, arthritis or benign bony tumors, so diagnosis is difficult. The only reliable way to determine if a soft tissue tumor is benign or cancerous is through a surgical biopsy.
Treatment options for soft tissue sarcomas include surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy. Surgery for Sarcoma Cancer in India : - Surgery is the most common treatment for soft tissue sarcomas.
Radiation Therapy for Sarcoma Cancer in India : - Radiation therapy is treatment with high-dose X-rays, given before surgery to shrink tumors or after surgery to kill any cancer cells that may have been left behind. Chemotherapy for Sarcoma Cancer in India : - Chemotherapy is treatment with anti-cancer drugs.

Successful heart surgery at We Care India partner hospital allows Robert Clarke to live a normal life despite a rare genetic disorder We Care india helped Robert find best super specialised surgeon for his rare conditions. New York NYC Crime Bronx Brooklyn Manhattan Queens Education Weather Obituaries Sports Yankees Mets Giants Jets Knicks Nets Rangers Islanders Football Basketball Baseball Hockey Soccer College High School The Score More Sports News Crime U.S. Follow Us Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest YouTube Subscribe Follow UsNewsletter App Subscriptions Subscribe Get Our Newsletter A daily blend of the most need-to-know Daily News stories, delivered right to your inbox. Select Sport Football Basketball Baseball Hockey Soccer College High School More Sports Health Homes Food Share This facebook Tweet email 2-year-old girl receives windpipe made from stem cells, can breathe and eat for first timeA  2-year-old girl receives windpipe made from stem cells THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Tuesday, April 30, 2013, 3:39 PM facebook Tweet email Hannah Warren, 2, poses with her parents Lee Young-mi and Darryl Warren. A 2-year-old girl born without a windpipe now has a new one grown from her own stem cells, the youngest patient in the world to benefit from the experimental treatment.
Hannah Warren has been unable to breathe, eat, drink or swallow on her own since she was born in South Korea in 2010.
The stem cells came from Hannah's bone marrow, extracted with a special needle inserted into her hip bone. About the size of a 3-inch tube of penne pasta, it was implanted April 9 in a nine-hour procedure. Early signs indicate the windpipe is working, Hannah's doctors announced Tuesday, although she is still on a ventilator. Warren choked up and his wife, Lee Young-mi, was teary-eyed at a hospital news conference Tuesday.
The operation brought together an Italian surgeon based in Sweden who pioneered the technique, a pediatric surgeon at Children's Hospital of Illinois in Peoria who met Hannah's family while on a business trip to South Korea, and Hannah a€” born to a Newfoundland man and Korean woman who married after he moved to that country to teach English. Part of OSF Saint Francis Medical Center, the Roman Catholic hospital considers the operation part of their mission to provide charity care, but also views it as a way to champion a type of stem-cell therapy that doesn't involve human embryos, the surgeons said.
Macchiarini has been involved in 14 previous windpipe operations using patients' own stem cells a€” five using man-made scaffolds like Hannah's but in adults; and nine using scaffolds made from cadaver windpipes, including one in a 10-year-old British boy.
He said only one patient died, a 30-year-old man from Abingdon, Md., who had the operation in November 2011 to treat late-stage cancer of the windpipe.
Similar methods have been used to grow bladders, urethras and last year a girl in Sweden got a lab-made vein using her own stem cells and a cadaver vein. Scientists hope to eventually use the method to create solid organs, including kidneys and livers, said Dr. Hannah had breathing difficulties at birth and Korean doctors soon discovered the missing windpipe. Korean doctors said she couldn't live long with the tube and told her parents there was nothing more they could do. Hannah outlived their expectations and has thrived despite the grim prognosis and other abnormalities including an undeveloped voice box that prevented her from speaking. She breathes with help from a ventilator but no longer has a tube in her mouth that she'd lived with since shortly after birth, Holterman said. They based their denial on their opinion that the SpineCor scoliosis brace is “experimental or investigational”. Aetna’s Position on SpineCor being “Experimental and Investigational” because of a lack of scientific evidence in the peer-reviewed published medical literature to support the effectiveness of the SpineCor Scoliosis System in treating idiopathic scoliosis.
The treatment was found to be successful in nearly 60% of the cases in the study and the conclusions by the authors were that the Spinecor brace was an effective treatment for scoliosis. In fact, of those scoliosis patients using the SpineCor brace that were followed for the full 5 years, 96.2% of them showed continued stabilization or correction of their scoliosis curvatures. Aetna’s position statement on SpineCor being Experimental or Investigational because that there is “insufficient data on its long-term effectiveness and a lack of studies directly comparing the dynamic corrective brace with rigid bracing systems.”. It compared the dynamic SpineCor brace as compared to the rigid Boston Brace, Charleston and TLSO Braces and found that the SpineCor brace had the highest Rates of Success of any of the braces tested. Aetna’s own Clinical Coverage Criteria and Clinical Policy Development are listed each of these charts. We are requesting that Aetna’s Medical Policy and Operations Department review and overturn of their Clinical Policy Guidelines regarding the treatment of Ideopathic Scoliosis with the SpineCor dynamic scoliosis brace.
I spoke to a few months ago -you indicated that Medicare does not cover the Spinecor Brace..does this still hold true?
Unfortunately, most medicare currently do not cover our SpineCor brace but I would check with your particular provider and see if it may be a covered benefit under your plan. If we were in network the insurance carrier would be taking that money out of our pocket instead of yours, when in reality it should be coming out of theirs.
What I would suggest is to give us a call tomorrow at (800) 943-1254 for a Free Phone Consult so that we can discuss your case to see if the SpineCor brace is right for you, if so we can give you the insurance codes to check with your carrier to see if they cover it. This is a type of sarcoma that is predominantly found in the area around bones or in soft tissue.
Smooth muscle is also called involuntary muscle and forms the walls of the womb, stomach, intestine and the blood vessels. A very small number of women with lymphoedema of the arm have gone on to develop a form of sarcoma called lymphangiosarcoma. During this procedure, your doctor makes an incision or uses a special needle to remove a sample of tumor tissue. The specific treatment plan for your child will depend on the stage of the cancer, which is based on size and grade of the tumor and whether it has spread to other parts of the body.
Chemotherapy may be used to shrink tumors and make the tumor more accessible for removal by surgery or radiation treatment, or sometimes both.
Hannah received a new windpipe made from her own stem cells in a landmark operation on April 9, 2013, at Children's Hospital of Illinois in Peoria, Ill.
Until the operation at a central Illinois hospital, she had spent her entire life in a hospital in Seoul. They were seeded in a lab onto a plastic scaffold, where it took less than a week for them to multiply and create a new windpipe. The stem-cell technique has been used to make other body parts besides windpipes and holds promise for treating other birth defects and childhood diseases, her doctors said.
Paolo Macchiarini's success using stem-cell based tracheas but couldn't afford to pay for the operation at his center, the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm.
The Catholic church opposes using stem cells derived from human embryos in research or treatment.

They reconfigured her esophagus so that a breathing tube could go down it from her mouth to her lungs. Now that she has a windpipe and can breathe more normally, doctors expect the larynx to grow and function normally.
She's not yet able to eat normally, but doctors let her have her first taste ever of food a€” a few licks on a lollipop.
Why is it that people that have bad disabilities and are on Medicare do not ever seem to get the same coverage?
Sarcomas are also referred to Bone tumours but they belong to an entirely different category, due to their different experimental and infinitesimal distinctiveness and they are also treated another way.
Rhabdomyosarcomas occur mostly in the head, neck and pelvis, but can occur in the arms or legs. Leiomyosarcoma is one of the more common types of sarcoma and can occur anywhere in the body.
Coloured patches or lumps can develop in the skin, in the mouth, and in the lymph nodes or internal organs such as the lung, liver or spleen. Depending on the size and location of the sarcoma, it may be necessary to remove all or part of an arm or leg but amputation is rare. She developed an infection after the operation but now is acting like a healthy 2-year-old, her doctors said.
Her father said she already has discriminating taste and prefers chocolate Korean lollipops to the American kind. One of the most common childhoods bone cancers are known as Osteogenic sarcoma or osteosarcoma. Each type of sarcoma is named after the type of cell from which it has grown, rather than the part of the body in which it started. They do not, however, have the capacity to spread distantly (metastasize) throughout the body.
They most commonly occur in people who have a rare genetic disorder called neurofibromatosis (von Recklinghausen's disease). Angiosarcomas sometimes arise in a part of the body that has been treated with radiotherapy many years before. If cancer is present, the pathologist can usually determine the type of cancer and its grade. In most cases, radiation or chemotherapy is given before surgery to shrink the tumor or after surgery to kill remaining cancer cells.
In some situations, intense therapy with drugs, radiation and surgery followed by bone marrow or peripheral stem cell transplant may be used. Mark Holterman helped the family arrange to have the procedure at his Peoria hospital, bringing in Macchiarini to lead the operation.
I can switch providers, but for now, its getting by and doing exercises, for what they are worth. In adults Soft tissue sarcomas are seen as being more common than would be usually found in children. The grade of the tumor is determined by how abnormal the cells appear when examined under a microscope.
Some children may be eligible to participate in research projects, or clinical trials, to test new anti-cancer drugs.
Children's Hospital waived the cost, likely hundreds of thousands of dollars, Holterman said.
Entire study was extended over a period of 12 weeks for each patient and treatment plan was divided into 8 phases.
Patients with soft tissue sarcomas usually receive chemotherapy intravenously, meaning it's injected into a blood vessel.Read More. Healing response was monitored and application, durability, biocompatibility of splint material was assessed. I am sorry that doesn’t help you get your grandson treated but with the amount of time we spend bracing a patient, component costs, travel expense, etc. There was no significant difference in plaque index and Ribbond Ribbon reinforced with composite resin was an excellent material for application, patient comfort, resistance to fracture, biocompatable and esthetic acceptability.
Increased tooth mobility may be caused by a variety of factors, which may be intrinsic or extrinsic.1 Mobility is a sign of disease, not a disease entity that requires treatment.
It is a sign of morphologic change.2 As ?Devan? has said, Our objective should be the perpetual preservation of what remains of the patient?s masticatory apparatus rather than a meticulous restoration of what is missing. It is defined as a rigid or flexible device that maintains in position a displaced or movable part; also used to keep in place and protect an injured part. The high molecular weight fiber produced by this gas-plasma treatment is a lenowoven material that intimately reacts with composite resin, rather than being merely embedded in the resin. A written, informed consent was obtained from every patient after explaining the experimental nature and purpose of the study. 4) The lingual, mesial and distal enamel surfaces of the teeth (between the incisal and middle third) were acid Fig.
3: Tooth mobility evaluation etched with the etchant gel.
The gel was applied overall the enamel surfaces to be bonded for 1 minute by means of an applicator. Care was taken to avoid saliva contamination and contact of the acid-conditioner with the root surface and the soft tissues.
Once the length of the wire was measured, the clear bonding agent was applied as a thin layer on the etched dry enamel with an applicator and ?blown of slightly.In cases where the teeth to be splinted were too mobile, they were first stabilized interproximally with the bonding agent. The duration of exposure to the light was determined according to the manufacturer?s instructions. The patients were given instructions for meticulous oral hygiene and splint maintenance The use of a Proxa Brush and antiseptic mouthwash were advised and recommended.9-15 Construction of Ribbond Ribbon + Composite Splint (Direct Technique) (Fig.

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