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A torn meniscus is a tear to the semi circular cartilage in the knee joint causing pain on the inside of the knee.
It is commonly injured through direct impact in contact sports or twisting but can also occur in older athletes through gradual degeneration. Symptoms include pain on the inside of the knee which may be of sudden onset but can also occur gradually. There will be tenderness along the joint line on the inside of the knee and range of motion is likely to be restricted. The most common cause of cartilage meniscus injury is twisting the knee with the foot planted to the ground either with or without contact from another player.
Immediate first aid is to apply the PRICE principles of protection, rest, ice, compression and elevation.
Protect the joint from further injury by wearing a stabilized knee support which has flexible springs in the sides for additional support or for more severe injuries a hinged knee brace with solid metal supports linked by a hinge will help protect the joint from sideways or lateral movement. Once a cartilage meniscus injury has been diagnosed then the decision to treat it conservatively, meaning without surgery or whether to operate is made.
Conservative treatment involves continuing to applying the PRICE principles to reduce pain and swelling and wear a knee support to protect the knee.
After the initial acute stage mobility exercises and isometric quadriceps exercises will help accelerate rehabilitation and prevent re-injury. Lump in neckis abnormal massthat is usually found in the form of small embossed swelling or lump in the neck region. As soon as a mass is discovered in any part of the neck, an appointment with the doctor should be arranged as early as possible, since it can be an indication of infection or malignant diseases. Enlargement of lymph nodes is usually a sign of infection or malignancy (benign or malignant).
AYOthers: other diseases such as tonsillitis, tuberculosis and bacterial pharyngitis can also have symptomofneck lump.
AYOthers: other viral diseases resulting in neck lumps due to lymph node swelling include viral pharyngitis, rubella and herpes virus. Besides what have been listed above, lymph node swelling is also caused by allergic reactions (elicited by exposure to certain drugs, foods or antigens such as pollen grains).
Swellings are often reported in the neck region with ongoing inflammation processes involving the salivary glands.
AYSalivary gland tumors: malignant transformation of one or more salivary glands can also lead to neck lumps that may extend behind the ear and down the jaw and the neck. AYSalivary gland stones: these are reported due to excess mineral deposition or accumulation in the gland substance. AYGoiter: it is the swelling of the thyroid region due to either low thyroid production or toxiccontamination in high thyroid production.
Since lumps in neck are an indication of an underlying pathology, be it non-severe in nature such as mumps or something as severe as thyroid cancer, neck lumps cannot be takenlightly.
Iliotibial band syndrome (ITBS) is one of the most common causes of knee pain, particularly in individuals involved in endurance sports.
Iliotibial band syndrome (ITBS) occurs when excessive irritation causes pain at the outside (or lateral) part of the knee.
Irritation and inflammation arise from friction between the ITB and underlying structures when an individual moves through repetitive straightening (extension) and bending (flexion) of the knee.
ITBS involves many lower extremity structures, including muscles, bones, and other soft tissues. Pain is usually most intense when the knee is in a slightly bent position, either right before or right after the foot strikes the ground. Your physical therapist will ask you questions about your medical history and activity regimen. When dealing with ITBS, it is also common for a physical therapist to use special tests and complete a movement analysis, which will provide information on the way that you move and how it might contribute to your injury.
Often, abnormal motion of the hip and knee and foot joint can cause ITBS because of how the band attaches to hip muscles.
Many physical therapists are trained in manual therapy, which means they use their hands to move and manipulate muscles and joints to improve motion and strength. Even when an individual has normal motion and strength, it is important to teach the body how to perform controlled and coordinated movements so there is no longer excessive stress at the previously injured structures.
Your physical therapist will also work with you to develop an individualized treatment program specific to your personal goals. Maintaining core and lower extremity strength and flexibility and monitoring your activity best prevents ITBS.
Once you are involved in a rehabilitation program, your physical therapist will help you determine when you are ready to progress back to your previous activity level.
Sarah signs up for her first race and begins to increase her cycling and running in preparation. Sarah's physical therapist conducts a comprehensive evaluation of her hip and knee motion, strength, balance, and running mechanics.
Sarah's physical therapist helps her develop strategies for training, taking into consideration her lifestyle as a busy mother, to help her stay injury-free. In 6 weeks, Sarah has met all of her physical therapy goals and completes her rehabilitation in the clinic.
All physical therapists are prepared through education and clinical experience to treat a variety of conditions or injuries.
A physical therapist who is experienced in treating people with orthopedic, or musculoskeletal, injuries. A physical therapist who is a board-certified specialist or who has completed a residency in orthopedic or sports physical therapy, as he or she will have advanced knowledge, experience, and skills that apply to an athletic population. You can find physical therapists that have these and other credentials by using Find a PT, the online tool built by the American Physical Therapy Association to help you search for physical therapists with specific clinical expertise in your geographic area. When you contact a physical therapy clinic for an appointment, ask about the physical therapists' experience in helping people with ITBS. The American Physical Therapy Association believes that consumers should have access to information that could help them make health care decisions and also prepare them for their visit with their health care provider. The following articles provide some of the best scientific evidence related to physical therapy treatment of ITBS. A recent study published in The Journal of Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy suggests that pregnancy causes biomechanical changes to a runner's stride that can linger after childbirth. Some statistics about type 2 diabetes state that 215000 people under 20 will be diagnosed with type one or two diabetes.
Pre-diabetes is also increasing because many of the younger generation have high blood sugar but not enough to really matter or effect the body. The amount of money spent in the United States on diabetic supplies and medications annually is 174 billion dollars, and will only increase as more people are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.
Understanding the three dimensional nature of scoliosis is critical to helping reduce curves.
Unfortunately the rotational element in the physical therapy for scoliosis curve remains unseen to the therapist and as a consequence remains untreated. Other types of physio-therapeutic modalities such as interferential current, electrical stimulation, diathermy, moist heat packs, ultrasound, etc. Because Physical therapy has been incomplete in treating scoliosis, many orthopedic surgeons believe that exercise therapy is ineffective. Scoliosis exercises are specific to counteract the progression of specific scoliosis curvature and abnormal muscle patterns found in your scoliosis. While doing one exercise may reduce your scoliosis curvature, doing that same exercise in the opposite direction can actually worsen the scoliosis. While most scoliosis curves when viewed on x-ray look like a side to side curve the reality is that there is far more to this lateral curve than meets the eye.

Because x-rays are a 2-dimensional representation of a 3-dimensional body, what looks like a flattened out “S” Curve on an x-ray is in reality more like helix of a spring in the body (see illustration). This corkscrew shaped curve is caused by a unilateral rotation dysfunction of the deep postural muscle around the spine that is at the heart of scoliosis.
It is a common practice in physical therapy for scoliosis to apply corrective exercises to both sides of the spine. Far too often physical therapy exercise for scoliosis takes a simplistic approach that focuses only on straightening the concave side of the curve. Here is an analogy to illustrate the inadequacy of this approach is to think of trying to straighten out a metal spring.
Scoliosis physical therapy for scoliosis exercise programs that are specifically designed to correct the unilateral rotation dysfunction in the spine are critical to the success of managing the abnormal curves. These properly trained therapists can help affect a positive change in the curvature through postural reeducation, muscle memory and activation of reflex systems through correctly applied scoliosis exercise programs.
In addition, depending on the severity of the curves, a flexible dynamic brace like the SpineCor Brace is often used in conjunction with these exercises to provide a constant, gentle reinforcement of the corrective motor patterns needed to de-rotate the spine keep the curve from progressively falling into the abnormal patterns that worsen the curvatures. In my personal case, when I started developing Scoliosis, my body adjusted in a way that it did not look my body as irregular except for the shape of my spine, however my shoulders and hips were symmetric, until I went through a bad surgery to correct the 60 degrees of my scoliosis and then things got worse.
I would recommend that you consider a consult for the Schroth Method exercises for your back, even after surgery, as they may help improve some of your pain and spinal dysfunction.
Ever since i was little i had one foot longer than the other so i was supposed to wear this heel thing inside my shoe, when i turned 12 nd hit puberty my scoliosis progresses and it got really bad within a year. Thank you for your interest and sorry for the delay in getting back to you about your daughter.
Before we consider scheduling a consultation, please give us a call at (800) 943-1254 for a Free Phone Consult to discuss your daughters case to see if she may be a candidate for our treatment programs. Good Evening, I’m from the Philippines, I would like to ask if scoliosis can be cured without surgery if you already have 60 degrees curved. A doctor or sports injury professional can confirm the diagnosis with the aid of specific assessment tests including McMurrays test and Apley's test and may refer for an MRI scan.
A cartilage injury often occurs in conjunction with injury to other structures in the knee such as an anterior cruciate ligament injury or a medial collateral ligament sprain. These lie on the inside and outside of the upper surface of the tibia or shin bone and act as shock absorbers for the knee. A Doctor may prescribe NSAID's or anti inflammatory drugs such as Ibuprofen in the early stages to help with pain and swelling.
These lumps may develop in individuals of all age groups and are usually painless, andmay get tender if inflamed or infected. Not all neck lumps are caused by serious diseases, some may be caused by swollen lymph nodes or genetic reasons. This leads to the formation of a small papule around infected areasor lymphadenopathy (or swelling of lymph nodes) that may present as neck lumps. Hypersensitivity reaction may lead to generalized swelling or regional swelling, for instance people with peanut allergy may develop swollen lips, eyes, lungs, and neck and throat lumps after exposure to peanuts. Mumps are characterized by fever, muscle pain, swelling of the salivary glands and skin below the ears etc.
These tumors are reported in the setting ofliver cirrhosis, salivary gland infections or Sjogrens syndrome, etc. These stones may obstruct the salivary flow by blocking the ducts and can lead to swelling of the entire neck region.
Low thyroid production can be accounted to low iodine levels, and high levels thyroid are produced because of cigarette smoking, alcoholism and infections. The symptoms include anxiety, hyperthyroidism associated symptoms likethyroid swelling, which usually spreads to the neck region. Pressure in ear may be caused by various factors and is often accompanied by other symptoms. The iliotibial band (ITB), often referred to as the "IT band" is a type of soft tissue that runs along the side of the thigh from the pelvis to the knee.
A physical examination will be performed so that your physical therapist can collect movement (range of motion), strength, and flexibility measurements at the hip, knee, and ankle. Your therapist will assess the motion of your injury leg compared with expected normal motion and the motion of the hip on your uninvolved leg.
Your physical therapist will develop a functional training program specific to your desired activity. It is important to modify your activity and contact your physical therapist soon after first feeling pain. He or she will make sure that your body is ready to handle the demands of your activities so that your injury does not return.
With a young child at home, she has to squeeze in her training sessions early in the morning. One day during the middle of a long run, she feels a sharp pain at the outside of her knee.
She uses special tests and measures to determine if Sarah’s pain is related to her iliotibial band or if there are other problems occurring simultaneously.
After building her training gradually over the next month, she is able to train and successfully crosses the finish line just as planned!
The articles report recent research and give an overview of the standards of practice both in the United States and internationally.
Statistic show that diabetes and diabetes type 2 affect 25.8 million people in the United States only, making it one of the worlds (besides AIDs) biggest health concerns. Type 2 diabetes causes (and is the leading cause) kidney failure, blindness, and lower limb numbness. Gestational Diabetes occurs when a woman is pregnant and can be dangerous to both child and mother. As a bonus, site members have access to a banner-ad-free version of the site, with print-friendly pages.Click here to learn more. When only part of the problem is treated, the benefits can be expected to be limited as well. Although movement IS an essential element in scoliosis treatment it is the specificity of the movement that really counts in reducing your curvatures.
To keep the curves from progressing or reducing the curves depends on doing the RIGHT KIND of movement exercises that also address the unseen element of scoliosis. To obtain any type of lasting correction or stabilization this muscular imbalance must be addressed. For instance, exercises to help stretch the deep rotation muscles of the spine might be employed on both sides. Most scoliosis curvatures are a severe manifestation of a rotational dysfunction of the spine and this element must be addressed if you are looking to succeed in halting the progression of the abnormal curves. Much like a spring, the spine in scoliosis is in a coil formation that not only curves side to side but also twists forward and back. Those seeking therapy should search out a therapist who is specially trained in re-establishing proper movement patterns that are a significant problem in scoliosis is the one you want to seek out. Exercise for scoliosis that specifically target the unilateral rotation dysfunction are most effective.
If exercises work, I recommend to follow a long physical therapy to undergo for surgical correction. Her case is quite interesting from a clinical perspective but we would need more information first to see if it may be worth your while to make the trip to see us from Pakistan. There may be swelling present but not always and the patient may also complain of the knee locking or giving way.
They can also come on gradually over time through degeneration, especially in the older patient.

Apply ice wrapped in a wet tea towel to avoide ice burns on the skin or better still a specialist cold compression wrap will apply both cold and compression to the knee joint. A minor tear or small degenerative condition with no restriction of motion or locking will be treated conservatively or without surgery.
Electrotherapy including ultrasound, laser therapy and TENS may also be beneficial in reducing swelling. If you are a smoker or alcoholic, or have a positive family history of cancer, seek immediate consultation to reduce the risk of serious problems.
In certain cases, lumps are formed under the skin because of cysts such as sebaceous cysts. As a result, the entire region undergoes swelling andinflammation that leads to neck lumps.
Symptoms of thyroid cancer include pain, difficulty in swallowing and swelling around the neck and thyroid areas. Although there are some simple home remedies to relieve ear pressure, complications may arise if it is not treated properly. ITBS is typically managed conservatively through physical therapy and temporary activity modification. As it approaches the knee, its shape thickens as it crosses a prominent area of the thigh (femur) bone, called the lateral femoral condyle. Your therapist may have you repeat the activity that causes your pain to see firsthand how your body moves when you feel pain. Core strength is important, as a strong midsection will allow greater stability through the body as the arms and legs go through various motions. This means creating exercises that will replicate your activities and challenge your body to learn the correct way to move. Research indicates that when soft tissues are irritated and the offending activity is continued, the body does not have time to repair the injured area. You will also receive a program to perform at home that will help you maintain the improvements that you gained during rehabilitation. She rarely has time to cool down or stretch after riding her bike or running because she has to get home before her child wakes up.
It starts hurting with every step, and doesn't go away, even after she stops and stretches. She talks with Sarah about her training routine, including equipment (shoes, position on the bike, etc), the routes she runs and their surfaces, and her stretching program. Sarah will come to the clinic 1-2 times each week, where her therapist will assess her progress, perform manual therapy techniques, and advance her exercise program as appropriate.
The article titles are linked either to a PubMed* abstract of the article or to free full text, so that you can read it or print out a copy to bring with you to your health care provider.
The vast amounts of diabetes is due to the high sugar amounts in today’s food and medical advances that keep the defective diabetes gene in the population. People over 65 are 25% of the United States diabetic patients, meaning that more people develop diabetes at a later state.
Type 2 diabetes statistics show that two out of ten mothers will develop this during their pregnancy. See if you’re at risk for developing type 2 diabetes by looking up type 2 diabetes statistics and talking to your doctor. Whether or not physical therapy will be able to help you depends on if they are trained in scoliosis specific corrective exercises. This is because a x-ray is only 2-dimensional image they can only show a portion of the scoliosis, not the rotational component. Although the application of these therapies may feel good and provide temporarily relief of pain when they are applied, they do nothing to correct the curves. Unfortunately this 3-dimensional twist is far too often overlooked during physical therapy for scoliosis.
If all you do is try and bend the spring from side to side you are never going to be able to effectively straighten it unless you also address the spiral bend in the coil.
For a comprehensive list of the most current scoliosis treatment alternatives get your Free Copy of the Review of Current Alternatives in Scoliosis Treatment by entering in the box at the top right of this page. Many of the patients we help have 40 degree curvatures or greater so chances are we can help you too.
While we do have an office in New York, we are currently opening an office in Saudi Arabia, which is closer to you.
Would there be any chances that my curve will decrease if i will do braces and physical therapy exercises only?! I would look at the ones around your age with advanced curves, like yours and see what they have to say. There are different ways in which the cartilage can tear including longitudinal, bucket handle tears, radial tear and degenerative.
Near the pelvis, it attaches to 2 important hip muscles, the tensor fascia latae (TFL) and the gluteus maximus.
If you are an athlete, your therapist might also ask you about your chosen sport, shoes, training routes, and exercise routine. For athletes performing endurance sports, it is important to have a strong core to stabilize the hip and knee joints during repetitive leg motions. Sarah will also have a daily exercise routine to perform independently at home, including stretching and strengthening activities. The Schroth Method is an example of a three dimensional type of physical therapy exercise for scoliosis.
While x-rays do a good job of showing the bend of the spine from side to side, as measured by the Cobb Angle. None of these therapies have any documented therapeutic benefit for correcting scoliosis curvatures. There is a potential for dire consequences when the type of exercise for scoliosis is prescribed by therapists do not take this into consideration. While rotation in opposite direction of the torque will serve to help correct unilateral rotation dysfunction, doing the exercises in the wrong direction will actually re-enforce the abnormal movement patterns thereby worsening the condition.
I would suggest that you give us a call at (800) 943-1254 for a Free Telephone Consultation with one of our doctors to discuss the particulars of your case so that we can determine if you might be a candidate for our type of scoliosis treatments.
We would of course need to review your case in more detail to see if we could likely help you but if you can come to the US for treatment then we should have a conversation about your scoliosis.
Your physical therapist will be able to determine which muscles are weak and provide specific exercises to target these areas. When she gets home, she puts ice on it, but for the rest of the day she has trouble going up and down stairs, or squatting to pick up her son, and feels pain when standing up after driving the car.
She guides Sarah through specific exercises in the clinic, including manual stretching of the hip joint by the therapist, sidelying leg raises for hip strengthening, and single leg squats to promote integrated core, hip, knee, and ankle function. These women also have an increased chance of getting diabetes in the next ten years after the pregnancy. Feel free to call me at (800) 943-1254 and we can review your case to find out if our treatments are right for you.
The next day, she tries to ride her bike, but the knee pain is still there and feels worse.
Sarah will also perform these exercises at home as a part of her daily exercise routine to maximize improvement and help ensure her sustainable success.

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