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Active One aims to improve client physical and mental health through group and individual exercise regimes and workshops that are safe, effective, motivating and fun. Our aim is to provide you with the knowledge and on-going support you need to improve your health, well-being and ultimately, your QUALITY OF LIFE! People with type 2 diabetes get their first 8 sessions FREE (after Medicare rebate) when referred by a GP.
An initial assessment will be conducted to establish program suitability (Medicare rebates apply). We specialise in adapting all of our exercises to accommodate individual needs, including knee, hip, shoulder and neck pain.

A group of health professionals consulting in many different areas across suburbs to the south and east of Melbourne. The muscle fibers served by a single motor neuron make up a structure known as a motor unit. Motor units allow for selective contraction of muscle fibers so that we may control the strength and extent of muscle contraction.
Without motor units a nerve impulse to the muscle would result in the entire muscle contracting to its full extent.
This type of movement would make life nearly impossible.Note that this diagram shows a neuromuscular junction of one motor neuron with one muscle fiber.

In a motor unit the motor neuron branches to form neuromuscular junctions with several muscle fibers.

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