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Forecasting Chinaa€™s car market through to 2020 by analyzing regional motorization, income increase and population movement. Estimating market growth potential by looking at car possession and demand characteristics of main regions and cities. Providing information on the latest automotive policies such as car inspection, scrapping, distribution, fuel consumption, safety regulation and taxation.
Chinaa€™s path to motorization differs completely from those experienced in the 20th century by developed countries beginning with the US. This research publication specifically offers a concise insight into growth potential and peculiarities of the Chinese automotive market based on major trends from urbanization in the worlda€™s most populous nation, tastes of consumers by regional and income segmentation, and moreover, the influence of government policy and future direction.
2013 hits highest annual registration total since 2007 as December achieves 22nd consecutive monthly rise. On average, an additional 600 extra cars registered per day in 2013 than in the previous year. UK firmly secured as Europe’s second largest car market and only one to grow consistently throughout 2013.
Since 2008, the UK market has seen a shift away from the Upper Medium segment towards smaller cars in the Mini and Supermini segments, as well as the MPV and Dual Purpose segments.
Change in buying patterns has been driven by the demand for smaller, more fuel efficient models, as well as the greater versatility provided by Dual Purpose and MPV segments. Dual Purpose sales overtook Upper Medium volumes in 2013 to become the third largest segment. All sales types recorded growth in 2013, although it was the private sector that saw the largest volume gain.
Improving consumer and business confidence, after an extended hold-off period and a competitive market place helped sales to grow.
Within the past two years the number of plug-in models on sale has increased from six to 17. The Spanish market, supported by its own scrappage scheme, saw volumes rise 2.1% in 2013, while the German market was down almost 5% and France and Italy by over 7%.

Click through to download the full December 2013 new car registrations news release and data table. As with other crossover SUVs, it's expected that at least some Model X owners will use their vehicles to tow things like boats, jet skis, and other recreational toys.
During the Model X launch event last September, in fact, Tesla had one Model X entering pulling a 5,000-pound trailer.
Bowlus makes a trailer called the Road Chief, which it hooked up to a Model X for a range test. The Road Chief, which looks a bit like an old Airstream, is 24 feet long, weighs 2,300 pounds, and was designed with aerodynamics in mind.
With that load hitched to it, the Model X was capable of a reported 70 percent of its EPA-rated range, when driven at a consistent 50 to 55 mph. Besides the extra weight and higher drag of the vehicle-trailer combination, towing presents another issue for electric cars. That's because towing requires high levels of power output from the electric motors to be sustained for long periods of time.
This puts high thermal loads on them, making adequate cooling more important than in electric cars not designed with towing in mind. That requirement is one of several that may have contributed to the Model X's lengthy production delay. Even roughly six months after the official start of production, Tesla has had trouble getting the Model X up to speed.
It delivered just 208 crossovers in the fourth quarter of 2015, and 2,400 in the first quarter of 2016.
The latter figure was lower than expected, Tesla Motors recently admitted in its quarterly sales report. The company blamed supply issues, and its own "hubris" in making the Model X more complex than it needed to be. It said, however, that weekly production rates for the Model X had reached 750 cars, and it hoped to get to 1,000 Model Xes per week sometime between April and June.

Accordingly, many phenomena are occurring which cannot be explained based on precedence and common belief of markets in developed countries. Based on research of such fundamentals, this publication clarifies business strategy and vision through to the year 2020 of approximately 30 passenger car brands, while also giving a breakdown of product planning and future changes in competitiveness by brand. In 2013, the UK consolidated its position as the second largest market in Europe (after Germany). Bentley sold 10,120 cars, Rolls-Royce recorded a growth of around 2%, Caterham broke all its previous export records and Audi has been smiling as well. Just like trying to predict accurately an unsettled weather pattern, so too is the extreme difficulty in precisely judging the short-term direction of Chinaa€™s passenger car market. Now Audi-owned Lamborghini has revved its way to the bank as 2013 sales posted a new high on the raging bull’s 50th anniversary. Factors which affect growth of the Chinese passenger car market are widely revealed through meticulous information gathering and data analysis.
An increase of nearly 40 units may not seem like anything substantial, but in the super-car segment it is quite a boost in numbers. The Asia-Pacific market makes up the remaining 30 per cent of which a fair number heads mainly to China.The 2014 Lamborghini Veneno Roadster is one the most radical designs in recent memoryThe Egoista ConceptWhile last year marked the final year of production for the iconic Lamborghini Gallardo, it still managed to have 1,120 units deliveries, a drop from the 1,161 units delivered in 2012. Replaced By The Huracan LP610-4“In the year of our 50th anniversary, Lamborghini has delivered a very satisfying performance, confirming the strength of our product and commercial strategy.
Even in its last year of production the Lamborghini Gallardo has shown strong sales, whereas the Aventador has beaten all records of V12 model sales in our history.

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