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Due to the nature of their condition, many people are unable to travel by conventional public transport, or drive themselves to routine appointments. A high level of patient care, comfort and safety together with respect, dignity and confidentiality are our primary consideration. An integral part of County Durham EMS services is the ability to offer a variety of patient transport options to both the National Health Service and private customers. EMS NEPTS Division has been designed to meet the needs of the stable patient who requires very little clinical intervention. We strongly believe that providing patient transport requires more than just collecting and delivering the patient from one location to another. Registered as a Private Limited Company with Companies House, registration number 06990033. Depending on the severity of your ankle sprain, you may have trouble walking or standing on your foot. If required, you may be referred for a X-ray, CT scan or MRI to confirm or exclude specific ligament or bone injuries. On the outside of the ankle lie the lateral ligaments, which are the most frequently injured in an ankle sprain. These are more disabling ankle injuries and are often misdiagnosed as the more simple sprained ankle.
As with most soft tissue injuries the initial treatment is RICE - Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. Compression: A compression bandage, tubigrip compression stocking or kinesiology supportive taping will help to both support the injured soft tissue and reduce excessive swelling. Anti-inflammatory medication and natural creams such as arnica may help reduce your pain and swelling.

If you protect your injured ankle ligaments appropriately the torn ligaments will successfully reattach and heal a normal functional length. Just as importantly, you should not overstretch ligaments and soft tissue, or you may develop a passively unstable ankle.
Most sprained ankle injuries occur during high speed activities, which place enormous forces on your ankle and adjacent structures. Your physiotherapist will discuss your goals, time frames and training schedules with you to optimise you for a complete and safe return to sport. Grade 2 injuries occur when you have a significant ligament injury that allows the ligament to excessively stretch. The rehabilitation of a Grade 3 ankle sprain normally takes 6 to 12 weeks, but is quite variable depending on your specific injury. With so many out-patients hospital or clinic appointments being made for patients many of these patients are unable to travel on conventional public transport, or drive themselves to appointments. Whether a routine outpatient appointment, transfer home after treatment, or a last minute appointment our staff will do everything they can to ensure that the patient receives the highest standard of care and attention possible from start to finish.
EMS constantly maintain the provision of excellent quality standards in their delivery of cover, coupled with clear and concise administration and accurate report records.
Registered with the Care Quality Commission as an Ambulance Service, registration number 1-153024435. There were also about 20 EMS, FBI and other law enforcement checkpoint staff responsible for planning, logistics, a training module and evaluating the EMS teams rotating through with the SWAT units. When the patients were packaged, EMS teams removed them to an external staging area, again under close-quarters protection.
Once safe ingress and egress for EMS was in place, crews were brought in to begin treatment.

By training jointly in simulated conditions, SWAT and EMS have the opportunity to "iron out details then, not during a real event." Since tactical medics are present mainly to treat SWAT team members, EMS crews are better suited this way to treat other victims. Instead, he suggests that crews think of tactical teams "like another layer of personal protective equipment" when responding to MCI situations where the threat is unlikely to be present while people are dying. He sees that law enforcement is beginning to accept this new role in providing cover for EMS teams and hopes that EMS will embrace its possibilities as well. In some instances you may require a foot orthotic (shoe insert) or you may be a candidate for the Active Foot Posture Stabilisation Program. With increasing injury severity, the rehabilitation process becomes more complex and extensive. For these people NEPTS may be the only means they have to attend hospital and clinic appointments to receive the follow up or regular care they require.
An integral part of of our NEPTS services is the ability to offer a variety of Patient Transport Options to Private and NHS individuals. EMS personnel were included in an MCI force-protection scenario in the office as integral members of the response team. The warm zone crews ultimately extricated those patients, with law enforcement security, to the cold zone for transport. While not an active shooter situation, this event demonstrated the ability of law enforcement to provide force protection to nontactical EMS personnel to accelerate patient treatment on semi-secure scenes.

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