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Note: If you want to remove the name tag from the mobs or change many other features in this mod you can do so by editing the config file for this mod. Described as a sand box game, it allowed players to create a world full of possibilities only limited by their imagination.
Minecraft allows players to mine for resources including ores and coal and craft weapons, tools and build other useful facilities.
To survive, and develop your Minecraft world, players are supposed to knock down or cut down trees from the forest blocks.

However, once you have gotten used to the game you might become bored of having to spend time cutting down trees from time to time, this is where the TreeCapitator Mod comes in handy.The TreeCapitator Mod is designed to help players significantly reduce the time it takes to cut down a forest of trees to be used in crafting various resources in the Minecraft world. Additionally, the players also have the ability to develop different worlds in different ways. The mod allows players to cut down trees from blocks at one instance saving them time and effort. It just works when you break the first wood block, making the entire rest of the tree wood falling at your feet.

Since it makes game play easier, departing from it will make you spend more time on menial tree cutting tasks.Ardent Minecraft fans looking to increase their progress in the game should look to the TreeCapitator Mod to gain the above benefits.

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