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Wagner isolated the specific T-cells that attack the pancreas and cause most cases of Type 1 Diabetes. Wagner also said he’s developed a blood test that could predict who will develop Type 1 Diabetes. That could mean a life without finger pricks and insulin injections for generations of children.
If all goes according to plan, the drug could reach the market in the next five to 10 years. CBS4 is proud to sponsor the Diabetes EXPO at the Colorado Convention Center on Saturday, March 10. Continuing with this new section I’ve added to this website dedicated to scientific advances to cure diabetes, I will write today about an amazing news from February 2013.
The research is being carried out by researchers from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), the Center for Animal Biotechnology and Gene Therapy (CBATEG) in Bellaterra, Ciber network for metabolic diseases, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute in Philadelphia, to try to find a cure for type 1 diabetes. Apparently these researchers were able to completely cure type 1 diabetes in dogs by a single gene therapy session.
Four years ago a viral vector with curing genes was administered to diabetic dogs whose pancreas were not working.
According to UAB’s professor the therapy is minimally invasive, consisting of a single session of repeated injections into the muscle of the hind legs of the dog. The goals of this therapy are twofold: on one hand to express the insulin gene, and secondly the glucokinase. The dogs treated with this single administration of the gene therapy showed at all times good glucose control, both fasting and after meals, with no hypoglycemias, even after exercise. Congratulations to this team of Spanish-American scientists for being the first to get a long-term cure of type 1 diabetes on large animals with only one gene session. But I prefer to be cautious, because I know of other cases that had already achieved something similar but in humans in 2008 and I haven’t heard anything else from that study. DisclaimerThe contents on this blog are personal opinions, experiences and research and should not be accepted and implemented without further research or consulting your physician. No more painful, daily blood tests; no more costly spending for the rest of your life on expensive drugs, diets or other life-long medical therapies which allow only 50% of patients to reach target hemoglobin A1c, lipid and blood pressure levels.

This CBS 60 Minutes video (above) about the effects of weight loss surgery on diabetes is an eye-opener. It is also much more cost-effective to treat diabetes with bariatric surgery than with conventional medical therapy. If you suffer from diabetes symptoms, you may be a candidate for one of these safe surgical interventions performed by Dr.
Combine a cure for diabetes with a restful and heath-giving post-op stay in a friendly, easily-accessible tropical paradise. Doctors know that bariatric surgery works at reversing Type 2 diabetes; but they are still not absolutely certain yet of exactly HOW it works, although studies are being made and conclusions drawn. Some theories do exist, including the idea that shunting food directly to the lower intestine stimulates a substance called glucagon-like peptide 1, which can increase insulin production. Other questions remain regarding the role that bariatric surgery can play in treating, and potentially curing, Type 2 diabetes. Don’t miss your opportunity: cure your Type 2 diabetes — something unprecedented in the history of the disease — via bariatric surgery!
The drug is not only preventing mice from developing diabetes, it’s also reversing the effects of diabetes in mice that already have the disease. Wagner said he’s not sure if the treatment offers hope for adults with Type 2 Diabetes. It’s something they had already achieved with mice a few years ago, but now they wanted to apply it to larger animals, and the result has been positively pleasant. After four years the dogs are perfectly healthy and have not needed more insulin injections, nor do they have any side effects, even in weight.
Two genes are inserted into the muscle of the animals using a new generation of highly safe vectors called AAV. Bariatric (weight loss) surgery using the techniques called the gastric sleeve for obese people and the gastric bypass for non-obese people is a revolutionary new cure for Type 2 diabetes. Non-surgical therapies that only manage Type 2 diabetes can cost up to $33,000 per year for the entire life of the patient. National Institutes of Health recommends bariatric surgery for obese people with a BMI of at least 40, and for people with BMI>35 and serious coexisting medical conditions such as diabetes.

Jacobo Zafrani, specialist in Laparoscopic, General & Bariatric Surgery at the internationally acclaimed and accredited Hospital Clinica Biblica in San Jose, Costa Rica. Contact Americana WellcareCR now to find out whether gastric sleeve surgery or one of the variants of gastric bypass surgery to cure diabetes performed by Dr. As the cause of diabetes is not yet known, from a purely clinical point of view, the surgical remission of Type 2 diabetes — which occurs without taking medication again — is the closest thing to a cure.
Another theory suggests that hormones that prompt hunger may be dulled by rearranging the anatomy, so if they crave less sugar, people may be able to manage their blood sugar levels better.
Medical research indicates that in most cases bariatric surgery can completely eliminate all manifestations of Type 2 diabetes. Randomized clinical trials comparing surgery and medical therapies for Type 2 diabetes are urgently needed. These vectors are derived from non-pathogenic viruses which are widely used in gene therapy, and have already proven successful in treating various diseases. In comparison, the cost of bariatric surgery — gastric sleeve or gastric bypass — is usually less than the cost of one year’s worth of diabetes treatment.
What we do know is that when people with Type 2 diabetes have bariatric — gastric sleeve or gastric bypass — surgery, their diabetes symptoms often disappear within days.
Most formerly obese women will definitely find that their sexual desire, sexual response and sexual satisfaction will all have increased following bariatric surgery. Either surgical intervention will do more than just put diabetes into remission — both have been proven to cure Type 2 diabetes forever with an 89% success rate!
All of the studies have looked at different types of bariatric surgeries, and all surgeries seem to work. Researchers followed 97 morbidly obese men who had bariatric surgery and found that their sexual performance — which had been marked by lack of desire, erectile dysfunction and ejaculatory problems — significantly improved after they shed an average of 66 percent of their weight.
What’s more, the amount of weight loss correlated with the extent of sexual improvement.

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