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The biggest hurdle for losing weight with diabetes is that not only do diabetics have to eat at regular intervals throughout the day, but they also have to ensure that they are getting the right balance of sugars. Though many studies vary slightly, most agree that 40% to 65% of a diabetic’s calories in a day should come from carbohydrates.
Other than carbohydrate intake, there are no commonly accepted principles to follow for a diabetic diet, other than timing. If you are looking for a rubric to follow for a diabetic diet, one option is the 1200 calorie diet for diabetics. Although some people may think 1200 calories a day is too much when trying to lose weight, the calorie count itself is not really all that important. Following the 1200 calorie diet would require doing some research on the foods you eat and some planning. Why are the guidelines still recommending for diabetics to consumes carbohydrates when they are intolerant to them? FREE eBook - 15 Low Carb Healthy Treats Subscribe now to receive your FREE copy of Low Carb Healthy Treats eBook. I love eating low carb – I definitely feel so much better eating real food and cutting out the sugar.
I was at 365 lbs and taking five shots of insulin a day and 2 different oral meds, I lost a friend to kidney failure when I finally woke up to the seriousness of diabetes and what might happen to me. I fully endorse low carb not NO carb, but healthy, low carb, high fat, not all fat, but good, natural healthy fats and moderate proteins. Many of the meals on these plans are lower in carbs – which means they don’t raise your blood sugar as much.
When you’re a diabetic, your insulin levels are high – so it can be very difficult to lose weight (insulin is a fat-storing hormone). Magic Kitchen:  A general meal delivery service, Magic Kitchen has a special section for diabetic meal delivery. Nutrisystem D:  While these aren’t necessarily fresh, gourmet meals, the Nutrisystem D program offers a diabetic-specialized weight loss program with prepackaged meals and online support. For many people, diabetes can become a stumbling block when trying to lose weight, but it doesn’t have to be. Meal timing is incredibly important for diabetics, as their body cannot maintain proper blood sugar levels.
This diet claims that 55% of your daily calories should come from carbohydrates, about 660 calories.
For those without diabetes, as long as you are exercising regularly and eating healthy foods, you will lose weight eating 1200 calories a day.
But for diabetics, planning out meals will be a part of everyday life for the rest of their lives. So how do we lower our insulin, whether it is made in the body or injected as a Type 1 diabetic? Google it, look on Pinterest, even a Facebook page, and a few different apps for your phone or tablet.

Hallberg’s talk was the first thing I watched when I was desperate for a solution to my out of control diabetes. The science is there, the results are there and the success stories just keep on flooding in yet people are still told to be on a high carb diet. And thank you to Dr’s Hallberg and Fung for what they do and the education they give. Speakers and presentations like this help strengthen my resolve and stay the course, so thanks very much for sharing! I have been fighting this since I was first diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and insulin resistance. So I gave up all sugars in July 14 (except for fresh fruit), had lost 3 kg but still had insulin resistance by Nov 14, so then gave up starchy carbs as well (except for 1 cheat meal a week). When you decide to give up carbs, sugar and wheat, Ditch The Carbs shows you just how easy and nutritious it is.
However, they tend to be lower in a lot of fundamental vitamins and minerals (for a number of reasons like stress and high blood sugars). But every doctor will tell you (if you’re type 2 diabetic) that if you want to be healthy and even reduce your medications – the number one thing you must do is lose weight.
Many of these services, like Diet To Go for example, are also designed to help diabetics lose weight. I especially like their low carb meal plan as it keeps carbs to under 30 a day – so it’s very easy to keep your blood sugars in check. Some doctors recommend diabetics to have food with them at all times that can raise their sucrose levels quickly if their blood sugar levels get too low, then to eat a long-acting carbohydrate like Rye bread, to keep the levels steady.
Unfortunately, the timing is different for each person depending on both their own body and severity of diabetes, as well as the insulin they are currently using. It also recommends eating about 180 calories worth of protein and 360 calories worth of fats. For those with diabetes, you cannot go without food, extreme dieting is just not possible without serious risk. This constant high level of circulating glucose (which all carbs are converted to) requires more and more insulin to push that glucose into your cells as glycogen. And I agree, why do people see us as some type of weirdo because we want to eat unprocessed food, good quality protein, and some healthy fats? I think more people are beginning to understand the relationship between nutrition and well being. By April 15 I could drink champagne or eat a Snickers bar (cheat meal!) without a huge blood sugar reaction (palpitations, dizziness etc), and have lost 16kg so far without any effort. Insuiln is what causes the cravings, and without carbs in your diet, you don’t need the insuiln. Having meals prepared for you can help lighten the load and even help you extend your life. The meals also tend to be lower on the glycemic index which will help your insulin better handle the rise in blood sugar and again, keep blood sugars stable.

But many diabetic meal delivery services focus on fresh ingredients, lots of veggies and even free-range, hormone-free meat (like Bistro MD).
So if you really want to lose weight and start seeing the benefits of a slimmer body on your health this may be an option for you. Some medications allow users to go longer periods without food and some can required eating small meals throughout the day. Low carb is the best way of eating for everyone to prevent insulin resistance and reduce inflammatory markers, but especially for those with diabetes (T1 and T2). I do 3 sessions a week of High Intensity Interval Training which is supposed to help with insulin sensitivity as well. It has been proven that better blood sugar control means a lower chance of diabetic complications like kidney disease, eye problems, dementia and nerve damage.
So it’s a great way to continually flood your body with fresh food that’s high in natural vitamins and minerals. You can’t lose weight because of the diabetes – but you need to lose weight to improve the diabetes. Well watch this fabulous Tedx talk by Dr Sarah Hallberg and see how insulin resistance can be playing a part in all the above conditions. We can have the beginnings of insulin resistance for years, even decades, before we are classed as pre diabetic or T2 diabetic. I am off all cholesterol medication and blood pressure medication and I am down to 220 lbs. Anyone intolerant to carbohydrates (such as those with diabetes) should restrict their fruit intake.
The fat intake at 7% is absurdly and unnaturally low; the carb intake at 30% is way higher than any genuine low carb diet. Luckily I saw the Low Carb High Fat group on Facebook and started learning the correct way to do low carb. Not only will it reduce your risk of T2 diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular risk factors and more importantly, your inflammatory markers are reduced which has huge implications for cancer prevention. So whilst our blood sugars may remain in the healthy range, our body is becoming accustomed to the high levels of insulin and so requires more insulin to be produced over time to lower our blood glucose.
We have been told for too long that fruit=vegetables when it comes to nutrition but the fruit is natures candy and should be restricted. I love that my food tastes good but the almost lack of weight loss this time round (38, at least 80lbs to lose) is disconcerting.
This post is going on my Keto Sweeties page, (lchf support for T2’s) as a must read post. Thanks for putting together one of the most comprehensive, yet concise posts I’ve found to date.

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