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Click Picture to EnlargeDid you know… Nearly 6% of the population has diabetes and the numbers continue to grow. We also specialize in diabetic and wound care Our goal is to relieve pain, correct deformity and prevent the devastating consequences of loss of limb. Diabetes is an ever-increasing condition and a massive 439 million may have the condition by 20301. There is limited evidence from randomised controlled trials about the value of education in preventing diabetic foot ulcers.
Diabetes incidence, complications, foot ulcersRecent estimates have suggest that approximately 285 million people worldwide have Diabetes and this figure will increase to a massive 439 million by 20301.People with diabetes are prone to a number of complications related to their condition.
Molnlycke Health Care is a world-leading provider of single-use surgical and wound care products for customers, healthcare professionals and patients. Partial Foot Amputation From A Diabetic Foot Ulcer, That Couldn’t Happen To Me Right? When I was young and first went to the dentist he would say ” If you don’t take care of your teeth they will go away.” I guess the same could be true for a diabetic patient and their feet. As a diabetic, you are at a higher risk for conditions such as Peripheral Neuropathy, and Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD.)  Each of these conditions can also cause you to have a diabetic foot ulcer. Acknowledgements: This chapter was developed by Dr Brian Malcolm (a GP principal, trainer and Associate Specialist in Dermatology, in Barnstaple, North Devon), and further enhanced by Geraldine Bellerby (dermatology nurse specialist at the Middlesbrough Primary Care Skin Service).
Leg ulcers are of huge socio-economic importance costing the NHS over one billion pounds per year. The history must include medications, as drugs such as beta-blocker, steroids, non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (NSAID) and immunosuppressive agents can all adversely influence ulcer healing.
Venous oedema - tends to be pitting and to go down when the patient elevates their legs at night, may be unilateral.
Sclerosing panniculitis - this is the acute form characterised by painful inflammation of the lower legs, above the ankles, resembling cellulitis.
There may also be signs of arterial compromise such as pallor, loss of hair, nail dystrophy, coldness and diminished capillary refill.
Alginates eg Kaltostat ® - derived from seaweed, very absorbent, hydrating and haemostatic. The Doppler ultrasound detects the flow of blood in the blood vessels This must ONLY be performed by a skilled clinician that has received training and been deemed as competent. Diabetic patients - all patients with foot ulcers must be referred to a diabetes foot clinic.
If the ankle circumference is less than 18 cm extra padding should be used, as compression must never be applied to an ankle with a circumference less than 18 cm. Such patients are systemically well and often have a symmetrical bilateral distribution of well-demarcated stable erythema on their legs.

Eczema can be improved with the use of an appropriate topical steroid eg Betnovate-C ® cream until symptoms improve. Most patients needing referral should be directed to community leg ulcer (tissue viability) clinics or dermatology departments. Remember that leg ulcers can result from diverse pathology, the images below are just a few examples.
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NOTICE: This health information was not created by the University of Michigan Health System (UMHS) and may not necessarily reflect specific UMHS practices.
This individual used a 3x5 ePad hotpad on top of the foot for the amount of time indicated in the image.
Any redness, swelling, sores, blisters or any change in appearance call the office immediately.
People with diabetes are prone to frequent and often severe foot problems, such as ulcers and a relatively high risk of infection, gangrene and amputation. These include an increase incidence of cardiovascular diseases such as heart attacks or strokes and microvascular complications such as retinopathy which can lead to blindness and nephropathy which can lead to kidney failure. Most diabetics don’t realize how quickly a diabetic foot ulcer can lead to a partial amputation of their foot. Some people don’t realize that they have a wound at first, and only notice it once it is infected. Schlam for a basic diabetic foot exam.  He can determine your risk level, and teach you ways to keep your feet healthy and wound free. Pressure from shoes, and bandages, or injury to the foot, may subsequently go unnoticed and eventually leads to the development of a neuropathic ulcer.
All dressings, however, have the common goal of achieving an optimal environment for wound healing, which is moist but not macerated, with an optimal ph and temperature, permeable to air, and free of infection, toxins, allergens and irritants. Dopplers may give false readings, there is often additional small vessel disease, and the long-term medications used for treating rheumatoid arthritis can delay ulcer healing. Excessive pressure applied to bony prominences could lead to pressure necrosis, which may extend to the tendons and bone (Moffatt, 1992). An ankle circumference of greater than 25 cm may require an extra bandage when using short stretch, or a different size when using 4-layer systems.
Therefore in the absence of rest pain it is suitable for mixed aetiology ulcers (Marston, Vowden. However, patients in groups 2 or 7 should be referred to vascular surgeons, and diabetic ulcers to the diabetic clinic. Healthwise, Incorporated, disclaims any warranty or liability for your use of this information.

Healthwise, Healthwise for every health decision, and the Healthwise logo are trademarks of Healthwise, Incorporated. The Molnlycke Health Care therapy approach to this is to provide both solutions and support. One of the most devastating complications of diabetes is an amputation and it has been estimated that every thirty seconds somewhere in the world someone has a lower extremity amputation as a result of diabetes and that eighty five percent of these amputations are preceded by a foot ulcer (International Diabetes Federation (IDF) 2005).
For market specific product information, see the appropriate location section to this website. Other causes include diabetes, thromboangiitis, vasculitis, pyoderma gangrenosum, thalassaemia, and sickle cell disease, some of which may predispose to the formation of atheroma.
It is important that doctors should have a basic understanding of the different categories of dressings in order to have an informed conversation with their nursing colleagues. Protection of these areas can be gained by applying a protective layer eg pad, foam or orthopaedic wool. There were nearly 90,000 major amputations in the United States last year as the result of diabetes. Call Hollowbrook Foot Specialists at (845) 298 – 9074 or click here to schedule an appointment. Further damage to the arterial system occurs with concurrent hypertension through damage of the intimal layer of the artery. Lipodermatosclerosis tends to be painful and can prevent patients from tolerating compression therapy. Note the decrease in inflammation and improvments in skin tone, as well as healthy tissue emerging at the base of the big toenail.
However, it has been estimated that nearly 85% of limb loss can be prevented through educations and patient care plans.
Non invasive tests using a 10g monofilament or a 128 mhz tuning fork will reveal sensory loss.
Ulceration is commonly found to the sole of the foot underneath neglected callus and high planter pressures. Ulcers are commonly seen on the edge of the foot, the tips of the toes or the areas around the back of the heel.

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