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In Diabetes Type 1 the body is not producing insulin, while in Diabetes Type 2 the cells are not responding properly to the insulin, and there is not enough insulin being produced.
When ever food enter in our body ,Food get converted into the Glucose and because of insulin it enter and adsorb by the our body so the insulin is the main part and factor by which our body can absorb the glucose.
Insulin, a hormone, is produced by Beta cells in the Islets of Langerhans, which are in the pancreas. So if you have diabetes then your body or bloodstream will not absorb Glucose properly or not at all absorb so this activity resulted high amount of Glucose and one the amount of glucose got high level than this situation called hyperglycemia. When the cell of body does not respond to insulin than this situation is called Diabetes Type 2. So when body is not able to get proper energy and continuously increasing the level of Glucose than it a time people to get worry and rush to your doctor.
So basically so cannot reduce Diabetes Type 1 through exercise because the beta cell has already destroyed.
The major quantity of diabetes patient has Diabetes Type 2 (Approx 85 %) and patient usually seems  over weight and unfit.This kind of diabetes comes late in the life and it is very uncommon to find Diabetes Type 2 in 20s age people.
Guys here we have written what we can but if you and your dear one is suffering from diabetes type 1 or diabetes type 2 than you must rush towards doctors and for you later on we will also publish the home remedies to cure diabetes. As I walked through the halls of Tandem Diabetes Care, one of the newest pump companies on the scene, a vaguely familiar sight caught my eye. In people without diabetes, the pancreas releases however much insulin is needed to maintain healthy blood glucose levels—insulin pumps attempt to do the same. The first insulin pump was designed in the early 1960s and looked like something the Ghostbusters would wear on their backs to blast wicked spirits.
The most important component of your insulin pump, nestled inside the hard shell, is the part that moves the insulin, according to Michael Hill, MBA, senior director of Medtronic’s Insulin Delivery and Closed Loop Section.
Most pumps on the market today contain a cylindrical insulin reservoir that looks very much like a syringe. Tandem can currently make 1 million insulin cartridges per year in a single shift at its San Diego headquarters in an assembly line that includes humans wearing clean gowns and boxy robots.
In Medtronic pumps, insulin is kept in check by the combination of a force sensor and an encoder.
The atmosphere at Tandem is what you would expect of a California tech company—open work areas, games, and joviality.
Very soon, Tandem expects to come out with a pump that is integrated with a Dexcom continuous glucose monitor (CGM) so that glucose readings show up on the pump interface. Medtronic is also moving toward an artificial pancreas with its pump, and is currently the closest to that goal with the MiniMed 530G With Enlite. The Tandem t:slim (image courtesy of Tandem Diabetes Care) pumping mechanism is designed to work with its bag-style insulin reservoir. The V-Go (image courtesy of Valeritas) is an insulin pump for people with type 2 diabetes that’s replaced every 24 hours.
Register for free recipes, news you can use, and simple health tips – delivered right to your inbox. While she’s still spinning music, DJ Spinderella (aka Deidra Roper) is no longer spinning her wheels when it comes to getting the right information to help her family members who have diabetes.
At Sanofi Diabetes, our priorities are focussed on the needs of people with diabetes around the world. We want people to live 'beyond' diabetes, to achieve aspirations and to make the most of everyday! What's New: Learn all you need to know about Type 1 Diabetes in our brand new Type 1 Section. Common adverse events (excluding hypoglycemia) reported for Toujeo included Nasopharyngitis and Upper respiratory tract infection. Despite the proven efficacy of different basal insulin products, ensuring effective titration and maintenance can be challenging. Toujeo, at three times the concentration and with a design to release the insulin more gradually, can provide good glycemic control with lower rates of hypoglycemia. With proper education, I believe that Toujeo will bring another option to patients with diabetes that will improve medication compliance and improve glycemic control. According to Diabetes UK, 1 in 20 of us have diabetes, there are over 100,000 people newly diagnosed each year and up to half a million of us have the condition but don’t yet know it.
Figures suggest that the risk of developing the condition increases progressively the heavier you become. Pre-diabetes is characterised by the presence of a higher than normal blood glucose level but which is below the diabetic levels. The good news is that research trials have shown the onset of type 2 diabetes could be prevented, or significantly delayed, by losing weight and increasing physical activity.

You can access ACE diets one-to-one clinic or you may like to join one of ACE diets Lifestyle groups. If you are at an increased risk and would like to get an advice on how to minimize your chances of developing type 2 diabetes then please contact us to find out how we can help.
When you were diagnosed, your GP probably referred you to an education programme for people newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, who then explained the most important aspects of managing your condition. You may not have to take any medications yet or you may have been prescribed diabetes medication or insulin to keep your blood glucose level stable.
Most of the patients who have followed the GLP4Health programme (please visit our Research page) have been managing their diabetes for many years without any medications and living a completely healthy, happy and symptom free life. When taking multiple medications, it is particularly important to ensure that your diet is well-balanced and is adequate in essential vitamins and minerals and helps you to maintain a healthy weight.
When insulin is prescribed for the first time it is usually once- daily long acting insulin Levemir (detemir) or Lantus (glargine).
If the once daily injection didn’t achieve the target HbA1c and glucose levels, you might been prescribed  multiple dose insulin (MDI, basal bolus regime, flexible insulin regime). Scrawled on a white board was an equation that transported me back to high school physics: P1V1 = P2V2.
Smaller versions started cropping up in the 1970s, but it wasn’t until the mid-1980s that they were designed to deliver precise doses and became user-friendly, according to Nancy B. Depending on how much insulin the user selects for delivery, tiny watch-like gears inside the pump rotate a precise amount.
The t:slim pump holds its insulin in a clear bag that sits inside a hard-shelled cartridge, and looks nothing like a syringe. The human-robot teams insert the empty insulin bags into their plastic cases and seal the bag with lasers, leaving only a one-way plug that the user pierces with a needle to fill the bag with insulin.
There, people insert the preassembled pump mechanism, battery, and, finally, the electronics into one half of the pump case.
A force sensor uses conductivity to detect how much force the plunger applies to the insulin. Also in the pipeline is a large-reservoir cartridge that, via a clever design, would work in the company’s existing pump for people who require large amounts of insulin. The pump, with an integrated CGM, shuts off insulin for up to two hours should glucose levels fall below a certain level.
Because it doesn’t use electric power from a battery, some, including its maker Valeritas, call it a disposable insulin delivery device instead of a pump. We'll check in with you twice each month to share timely tips and friendly health reminders. This formulation of glargine insulin is said to have an onset of action of 6 hours and it’s full glucose lowering effect may not be apparent for at least 5 days.
As a clinician, I often stumble upon patients that may require significantly high doses of once daily basal insulin or even twice daily long-acting basal insulin products to improve glycemic control. Genetics play a role in the development of type 2 diabetes, however, such an increase cannot be attributed to genetics alone. Obese people are up to 80 times more likely to develop Type 2 diabetes than those who maintain a healthy weight.
Impaired Blood Glucose Tolerance), and you would like to get tailor-made dietary advice and more detailed information about how to reduce the risks of developing type 2 diabetes, please contact us. You can access ACE diets’ one-to-one clinic or you may like to join one of ACE diets Lifestyle groups. From our clinical experience we can reassure you that diabetes doesn’t have to stop you from leading the life you want. You might still feel that there is too much information and it is all still too confusing and that it would be very helpful if somebody just gave you more tailored advice. At ACE Diets will can give you a more detailed understanding of the action of different diabetes medications you are taking and explain how they affect your weight and diabetes management. It can be used in addition to metformin, glitazone, or sulphonylurea, lowering the HbA1c by 0.5%. You will notice that you are satisfied with a lot smaller portions and you are less hungry between the meals. Boyle’s law, the gas law that describes how a decrease in pressure corresponds to an increase in volume. Each pump has its own personality and we won’t cover all their quirks here, but there are some generalities regarding how pumps work. This slowly turns a mechanical screw that pushes the plunger ever so slightly to deliver a measured amount of insulin. Eric Shearin, senior manager of marketing and corporate communications at Tandem, says this change allowed them to shrink down the size of their pump, as the syringe mechanism takes up a fair amount of real estate.

Beyond the uncountable number of safety tests manufacturers perform during production, insulin pumps have built-in safety. The pump’s electronics can interpret this force in terms of how far the plunger will move under that force. This helps them get a feel for the parts’ size and shape in the real world, and to see how they might fit together in the cozy confines of a next-generation pump case. Another project is related to efforts to develop an artificial pancreas—an experimental device that automatically doses insulin based on CGM glucose readings. Medtronic’s next step is to include software that can predict when a low is likely to occur, says Hill. Like a patch pump, the device sticks to the body and delivers a continuous stream of rapid-acting insulin at a rate of 20, 30, or 40 units of insulin per 24 hours, depending on model. Here is some information for both people just beginning an insulin regimen and for those who are experienced insulin users. To avoid medication errors between toujeo and other insulin products, instruct patients to always check the insulin label before each injection. The experts believe that the rise is most likely attributed in the most to diet, obesity and sedentary lifestyle. At ACE Diets we can work with you to develop a tailor-made dietary management and lifestyle programme and answer all the questions you may still have about your type 2 diabetes. We can help you to stay motivated and positive and support you on each step of your journey.
We can help you to optimise your diet and lifestyle, which in turn will enhance the action of your medications or even help to reduce the amount of medications you need.
Side effects may include nausea (feeling sick), diarrhoea, loss of appetite, and the presence of a metallic taste in your mouth. As it makes the pancreas to release more insulin, low blood sugar is the most common side effect. We will help you to keep motivated and together with you we will tailor the diet and lifestyle that suits you. The company came up with a different pumping mechanism to go along with the insulin bag approach.
If the software thinks the force is too much, the pump will stop delivering insulin and run an error message. This pump includes space for two cartridges, one for insulin and one for glucagon, a rescue hormone used to treat too-low blood glucose levels.
At mealtime, a user can press a button to deliver an additional 2 units per push, for a max bolus of 36 units. With careful management you can control the condition and ensure it doesn’t control you. We can help you to get motivated to make the changes and support you at each step of your journey. GLP-1 stimulates insulin release, reduces glucagon release (this stops the liver making glucose), delays stomach emptying, and stops hunger feelings. Some pumps have disposable batteries, while others have rechargeable batteries that are powered by plugging them in like a cell phone. By the time I arrived, that day’s shift had gone home, and all that remained were a few dozen assembled pumps, lined up in rows, pumping away and chirping occasionally. The encoder looks at insulin delivery from a different angle, by checking on the location of the piston.
It may not be long before insulin pumps are running themselves, and pumpers can think about something else. Many of our patients continue to stay healthy, active and live a full life many years after the a type 2 diabetes diagnosis.
As your body weight and fat mass increases, the more insulin you need.  On the other hand, the more body fat you lose, the less insulin resistance there is, and the less insulin you need (whether natural or injected), and the better the control of the diabetes. Shearin says that each pump is tested, churning through as much fluid in less than a day as it typically would in a month of use to make sure the pump is working properly before sending it out into the world.
Some pumps double as meters or interact with continuous glucose monitors (CGMs), and so provide a readout of glucose levels as well.

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