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However, in more oppressive heat, the body senses danger and kick-off procedures to cool the body down.
Research has also indicated that for every one-degree Celsius rise in core temperature, a typical person’s heartbeat goes up 30 beats per minute. Workers outdoors or in the field, should generally drink water even if they do not feel thirsty.
Let’s prevent heat illnesses NOW! More than the economic importance of these workers to the country, it is hoped that with these proactive approaches, we will never experience the tragedy of workers dying due to heat as this can be easily prevented. Please download the latest version of the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Windows Internet Explorer browser. She had a history of multiple non-melanoma skin cancers, most likely related to extensive sun exposure throughout life. We may also experience “milaria rubria”, a dysfunction of the body’s sweat glands, locally known as “bungang-araw” which are easy enough to treat by cooling down the body with the use of soap and water. The heart beats faster to increase the flow of blood to the skin, trying to keep critical internal organs from overheating. It can develop in those exposed to high temperatures over several days who haven’t adequately replaced the water and salt they lose when they sweat. This occurs when the body can’t regulate its internal temperature — when the sweating mechanism fails and the body is unable to cool down. Toolbox meetings, of 15 minute duration, can be an ideal vehicle to conduct an awareness campaign for the workers.
Drinking small amounts more frequently rather than large amounts less often is also recommended. In the Middle East, a former OFW said that work automatically stops when the temperature hits 40C.

We owe this to our workers to be prepared, especially in these times, when the weather do influence human activities.
PAG ASA said that we will stop experiencing the “hanging amihan” which brought in cool air since the start of the year.
Or in the case of children, dabbing the body with corn starch (“gawgaw”) so sweat stays and not drip off the body. Another at risk group are those who suffer from diabetes, in part because their nerve fibers don’t signal the blood vessels to dilate. When the body’s temperature rises past 103 degrees, cell damage can occur and organs begin to shut down.
On the concern that drinking water can lead to more toilet breaks, drinking small amounts frequently will normally eliminate such concern as water intake will mostly be sweated off.
And in the US, field workers in some companies have requested that they be provided with sun block as a way to ward off possible skin cancers.
Temperatures are expected to soar, more even so that the “El Nino” rages on, bringing drought and damaging much of the crops at some of our provinces.
This could decrease the amount of blood brought to the skin’s surface to dissipate heat. Enzymes in our cells work at certain temperatures, and if it’s too hot, the cells will actually degrade when they reach a critical temperature.
Use of pictures or other illustrations can strengthen message of prevention to many workers. Avoid coffee, and alcoholic beverages since these can dehydrate, thus putting further stress to the heart.
A biopsy of the lesion showed invasive squamous cell carcinoma without obvious perineural involvement.

As a tropical country, we say we are “used” to the heat, but with climate change as the buzzword these days, maybe it is high time to amend this attitude, especially for our workers who mostly work outdoors or on the field.
But if humidity leaves the sweat with no place to go and it simply drips off the skin, the internal temperature will skyrocket, leading eventually to organ damage (more often than not, the heart) and death. As an example, the intestines may become more permeable, allowing harmful bacteria to get into the bloodstream.
Remember that the industries or sectors involved, such as construction, ship-building, power generation and the service sectors of transportation, and telecommunication are our country’s current engines for economic growth.
When at home or after work hours, drink more water to help the body recover from the heat exposure during the day. It must also be remembered that people react differently and may not have the same set of symptoms. For hygiene and comfort purposes, it is also advisable to take a bath or a shower when completely rested to further allow the body to cool down and to slough off bacteria that feed on body sweat. Immediate help should be sought if a worker suspects that he or she is now suffering from the extreme effects of heat. In higher than expected temperatures, employers are enjoined to increase the number of rest breaks and provide more shades and shelters to workers. She remains under close observation for possible recurrence and for skin cancer in general. Newly-hired workers should also be allowed to gradually be acclimatized to the heat by gently easing them to field work rather than thrusting them immediately to highly warm work conditions.

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