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In Diabetes Type 1 the body is not producing insulin, while in Diabetes Type 2 the cells are not responding properly to the insulin, and there is not enough insulin being produced. When ever food enter in our body ,Food get converted into the Glucose and because of insulin it enter and adsorb by the our body so the insulin is the main part and factor by which our body can absorb the glucose. Insulin, a hormone, is produced by Beta cells in the Islets of Langerhans, which are in the pancreas.
So if you have diabetes then your body or bloodstream will not absorb Glucose properly or not at all absorb so this activity resulted high amount of Glucose and one the amount of glucose got high level than this situation called hyperglycemia.
When the cell of body does not respond to insulin than this situation is called Diabetes Type 2.
So when body is not able to get proper energy and continuously increasing the level of Glucose than it a time people to get worry and rush to your doctor. So basically so cannot reduce Diabetes Type 1 through exercise because the beta cell has already destroyed.

The major quantity of diabetes patient has Diabetes Type 2 (Approx 85 %) and patient usually seems  over weight and unfit.This kind of diabetes comes late in the life and it is very uncommon to find Diabetes Type 2 in 20s age people. Guys here we have written what we can but if you and your dear one is suffering from diabetes type 1 or diabetes type 2 than you must rush towards doctors and for you later on we will also publish the home remedies to cure diabetes.
If you accept the definition of bolus as requiring pill or IV (IntraVenous) administration, then SL (Sub Lingual) administation would not be a bolus. Though roasting the squash and baking the crust is more time-intensive than picking up the phone and ordering delivery, spaghetti squash is lower in calories and carbs than regular pizza dough. I've changed the cooking method a bit so that only one skillet is needed and also to keep the chicken from overcooking. Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Atkins Diet and the Atkins principles.
Consumer Reports evaluated ten blood glucose meters using FDA standards which say meters must be accurate to within 15% of lab readings.

Diabetes mellitus - wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Diabetes mellitus (dm), commonly referred to as diabetes, is a group of metabolic diseases in which there are high blood sugar levels over a prolonged period.
The Diabetes Forum - find support, ask questions and share your experiences with 164,329 people. To succeed in weight loss by adapting the low-carb, high fat "ketogenic" Atkins diet for a plant-based lifestyle, you'll need to be willing to focus on accentuating protein, said Colette. The George Institute researchers have discovered that high consumption of coffee and tea is associated with a substantially reduced risk of type 2 diabetes.
I had tried many times before to get lean but, in spite of intense diet and exercise… I never achieved those washboard abs.

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