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This Spring, on the 4th World Rare Diseases Day, a Eurobarometer survey was published showing wide support for action on rare diseases at EU level.
Registration has been opened for the Open Information Day and Partnering Event which the European Commission is organising on the 2012 Work Programme for the Health Theme in FP7.
The European Commission has opened a public consultation on the eHealth Action Plan 2012-2020.
The proposed eHealth Action Plan is due to run in parallel to the Digital Agenda for Europe and the Innovation Union flagship initiatives under the Europe 2020 strategy. He is recognized nationally as well as internationally as an expert in the field of nephrology and kidney transplantation. The department of Gastrointestinal (GI) Sciences looks at the study and treatment of problems of the intestine. Enteral Stent Placement is putting in a stent which is a piece of equipment that holds open narrowed areas.
Staging Esophageal Tumors – staging means finding out how far a tumor or cancer has spread.
Affording patients the very best regenerative treatments that biology and science have to offer… committed to bringing the benefits of bioscience to our patients, by providing umbilical stem cells of the highest quality possible. The Healthcare Brand of ChoiceBeing a leader in a field that is pioneering the way forward in medicine, comes with immeasurable responsibility. Regenecell was founded with the mission of becoming a leader in the field - affording patients the very best regenerative treatments that biology and science have to offer. Stem Cell therapy is an important new area of medicine with the potential of offering viable therapeutic options for debilitation degenerative diseases and injury.
We are committed to bringing the benefits of bioscience to our patients, by providing umbilical stem cells of the highest quality possible. Treatment is delivered by medical practitioners who are guided by strict protocols, ensuring an uncompromising level of quality care for an optimal outcome. Our FocusWe are an organization promoting the safe, ethical use of bioscience in the treatment of disease. Empowering patients, their families as well as their caregiver and general practitioner with full knowledge of the treatment. Using biologicals only from reputable sources, which have shown no adverse events and are not ethically controversial (we do not use embryonic stem cells).
Never compromising on the facilities and expertise of all physicians involved in the process. Quality TreatmentRegenecell provides stem cell treatment, using umbilical cord stem cells under strictly prescribed conditions. We are committed to the wellbeing of all our patients and pride ourselves on being compassionate and understanding.
Our MissionTo be the healthcare brand of choice, affording patients the very best regenerative treatments that bioscience has to offer. Our VisionWe will partner with suppliers, facilities and practitioners of uncompromising standing, to provide cost-effective treatment of advanced biologicals in geographic regions where the prescribed therapy does not conflict with local health regulations. A Positive Way ForwardStaying ahead means constant innovation with an unrelenting focus on what is best. Stem CellsThe cells we use come from the blood left behind in the placenta after a baby is born.
Cell QualityEach vial of our stem cells is accompanied by a Certificate of Analysis, approved by a qualified microbiologist. Safe ProcessUmbilical cord stem cells allow us to treat patients without the harmful cytotoxic agents which would result in immune suppression. Our product is pure and does not contain any cells or particles that could cause an allergic reaction. The product is as safe as any blood product from a blood bank and is tested twice before and after processing - to make sure it is free from disease and contamination before being cryopreserved.
With Regenecell, the process is an accountable one with the same stringent protocols applying to stem cell treatment as to any specialised medical procedure adhering to global best practice standards.
This means that, if we inject our specific stem cell into a patient who has a nerve disorder, that cell should migrate to the site of injury attracted by specific chemicals released by the damaged tissue.

The rest of the injected cells, which have not migrated or engrafted, will travel to the bone marrow where they will be stored with the body’s blood cells until needed. Immediately after the cells are injected, the body secretes numerous chemicals called cytokines. With Regencell you are assured of the very best care in a leading facility with dedicated, Professional Staff. Treatment Centres are chosen that reflect the uncompromising quality of care that we adhere to.
India has been a leading venue for regenerative medicine, and is ideal for patients from Europe and Asia.
Our latest affiliation is with the International Bio Care Hospital located in Zona Rio, Mexico. A dedicated patient counselor to assist with your schedule and any additional healthcare needs you may have.
Treatment by a physician with premier academic credentials and in good standing with their local medical association. Procedures that minimize any additional stress on the patient.Stem cells that have been subject to strict protocols in terms of transport. Your patient counselor will be glad to propose a treatment centre that best suits your needs.
TreatmentsFor over 30 years stem cells have been used to treat patients with conditions such as leukemia and lymphoma. Whether the treatment is appropriate for you, will be determined in consultation with our resident medical practitioner.
Repeat treatments may also be necessary in certain cases – and this will be discussed with you before initiating treatment. Since most diseases treated by us are part of a continuous degenerative process, boosters might be necessary.
The processAfter completing the evaluation form, you will be contacted by the Regenecell Patient Counsellor, who will arrange a mutually convenient time for you to consult with the physician. The Regenecell physician will go through your medical history at length to determine your eligibility for treatment. Once you are approved for therapy, and payment is received, we will inform your doctor that you will be scheduling a consultation. CostsYour Regenecell counsellor will inform you of the costs once your initial evaluation has been processed.
Costs are dependant on the concentration of cells needed as well as the number of treatments required, subject to the protocol of the accredited supplier. Payment must be made at least three weeks to treatment to secure your treatment booking and acquisition of necessary cells. Important: Should you require subsequent booster treatments, these are offered at a discount on condition that you have completed all follow-up consultations to date.
Cancun Dental Specialists is a dental practice you want to visit when you are reaching for a Dentist in Cancun.
Estetik International Health Group, has a team of well qualified and experienced cosmetic surgeons, doctors and professionals.
Neolife Neolife Oncology Center is one of leading clinics in Turkey in the field of oncology. One of the largest and prestigious dental clinics in Los Algodones, Baja California, Sani Dental Group is an excellence clinic when it comes to top dental care. The Information Day will take place on 9 June and is aimed at researchers interested in applying to the 2012 Work Programme. It will also support the objectives of the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing. Gastroscopy looks from the top into the stomach; colonoscopy looks from the bottom into the colon. This covers the entire process – from manufacture to transport and final administration to the patient.
Substantial patient improvement from stem cell therapy has been documented, with minimal risk.

They are the cells from which we are made, and when we re-introduce them to a diseased body, we have seen positive change occur - without the need for medication - that is often powerful, but toxic.
This blood has been formed by the cells contained in the embryo, and has not been in contact with the mother’s blood. You will be issued a copy of this certificate, which will include measures of viability and purity. Stem cells are 'immature', lacking the ability to be recognized by the immune system, making the risk of an allergic reaction very unlikely.
The cell, by homing to the damaged area will fuse with the damaged tissue by the process of engraftment and become the same tissue by displaying the property of plasticity. They can still respond, from the bone marrow, to signals from damaged tissue elsewhere in the body and migrate to that site. They can cause the remarkable effects sometimes seen immediately after treatment, but are usually transitory, although these effects have persisted on occasion.
Stem cells are used in the treatment of a wide range of conditions today with positive and encouraging results. We have various plans available that allow you to face the process with confidence, knowing that repeat treatments have been provided for, should they be needed. We respect that it can be a difficult financial commitment for some, and should therefore never be rushed into with unrealistic expectations. A modern, state of the art facility designed, and made to provide you with top quality dental treatments performed by dental specialists with years of experience and impeccable reputation. We offer all types of cosmetic surgery procedures, aesthetic surgery applications, anti-cellulite treatments and hair treatments and procedures among others. It provides the state of the art treatment Novalis Guided Radiosurgery with Truebeam STX, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, nuclear medicine, radiology and laboratory services at affordable prices. Specialized in Laser dentistry, Oral surgery, Dental Implantology, Cosmetic Dentistry, Orthodontics, Endodontics, Periodontics and more, our teams of doctors are providing top dental treatments!
It will consist of plenary sessions and several parallel sessions on participation issues, such as a targeted session on international co-operation and one on clinical trials. With Regenecell you are guaranteed the highest possible level of quality treatment by medical practitioners with experience and credentials that would be impressive in mainstream medicine anywhere in the world. With Regenecell Stem Cell Treatment, no immune system ablation (destruction) will occur, and there is no use made of chemotherapy, steroids or antibiotics. The cells contained in this blood are left over from this process of creation and would normally be discarded.
This includes tests done on the mother as well as the cord blood before and after culture, covering amongst others: HIV, Hepatitis B, and bacteria.
Stem cells repair and regenerate, and may have limited effect on the progress of the disease itself, although your immune response might be enhanced, slowing down the disease process. Your doctor will be paid by Regenecell for that consultation and all subsequent consultations scheduled by Regenecell. Starting from 2012, he is the Founder and Managing Director of Asian Medical Device Company and Founder and Managing Director of ASIA Clinic.
This means that we have the building blocks of human beings available to repair and regenerate diseased human tissue via a natural state.
The treatment is not a cure – it is a process of repair that occurs at varying levels in different patients and disease states. The unit has emerged has also emerged as a referral centre in critical care nephrology and performs the maximum number of continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT) in the state.
He has several publications in national as well as international journals and his publications in optimizing immunosuppression, post-transplant infections, lupus nephritis (SLE) and electrolyte disorders have been widely cited. He has been awarded fellowships of Royal College of Physicians Glasgow (RCPG) and Indian Society of Nephrology (ISN). He is also member of International Society of Nephrology (ISN), American Society of Nephrology (ASN) and European Renal Association - Dialysis and Transplant Association (ERA-EDTA).

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