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Fungal rash is a skin problem that occurs when there is excess of growth of bacteria causing infection. Very often fungal rash appears on the buttocks and gradually it spreads to the thigh region and groin. Tinea Curtis and tinea versicolor are some categories of fungal rash affecting the oily parts of the body like back and chest region. Women who frequently change their cosmetics and skin-care products can get fungal rash easily. However you should consult your skin doctor before taking medicines because the same symptoms may be present for eczema and other skin disorders. Bumps are small pimple like structure found on the tongue either on the top or on the backside of the tongue. Cancer sore (also called Aphthous stomatitis) also belongs to bumps variety causing ulcers.
Normally bumps on tongue are white or colorless and it may vary in size ranging from small to moderate size. Sometimes, using hard toothbrush or rough brushing techniques of the mouth can also cause bumps and bleeding on the tongue. You can use over the counter drugs like Zilactin and orabase for curing bumps since they cover them acting as a shield. Alternatively you can rinse your mouth well with warm saline water or antifungal mouthwash. Sweat rash oris is a painful skin disease which is common in summer when weather is hot and humid.
Amla (Indian Gooseberry) is high in antioxidants that can protect your body from free radicals.
Miliaria (prickly heat) is a common skin disease experienced by kids, adults and many people during summers and in humid and moist weather. Trigger finger is a condition in which your fingers or thumb get locked when they are bent or flexed.
If you have a trigger finger, the best way to find relief from this condition is to soak your affected hand in a bowl of warm water for five minutes four to five times a day. Massage the affected finger using mustard, olive or coconut oil, in order to find relief from the pain. Aloe vera gel is very soothing and can help provide relief from pain due to a trigger finger. If you have severe pain due to a trigger finger, it may be necessary to use a splint to support the affected finger. Vitamin B6 is recommended for people with trigger finger as it is helpful in the treatment of repetitive motion injuries. Toenail fungus has become a common problem often leading to inflammation, swelling or crumbling of nails.
Bearing antifungal and antiseptic properties, lemon juice is something to help you controlling the toenail fungus from spreading. Swimmer’s ear, medical name otitis externa, is an infection of the ears caused by either the bacteria or fungi present in water.
The infection generally starts in the external part of the ear and then spreads to the ear canal if it goes undetected and untreated. When the skin of the ears remains exposed to water for longer duration of time it becomes wrinkled due to the entry of water into the water-resistant layer of the skin. Like with most infections, swimmer’s ears too can be treated using antibiotics, however, there are many home remedies that one can try before calling in on the doctor.
Before treating swimmer’s ears with any of the below given home remedies it is important to first drain out the excessive water from the canals of the ears. Some people may be taken aback at this home remedy for swimmer’s ears but the truth is that alcohol is a potent treatment for getting rid of ear infections. You can use the treated cotton wool in two ways; either let the alcohol drip from the cotton into your infected ear or rub the alcohol into your ear. Remember, do not use diluted or very cold alcohol for rubbing on your ears as it may not have the same effect as neat and warm alcohol. To treat swimmer’s ears with hair dryer tilt the infected ear to one side and place a working hair dryer underneath your ear but at least 10-12 inches away from the skin.
White vinegar is a common cooking ingredient and is found in almost all kitchens and is therefore an easy home remedy for treating swimmer’s ears. People suffering from swimmer’s ears should follow the treatment 3-4 times during the day for a period of four days. Hydrogen peroxide is a chemical that has been proven to be safe for human use and has also been found to have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal effect.
It should be noted however that one has to be very sure of the condition of the ears before using hydrogen peroxide. Generally this disease is not severe and not contagious but sometimes it may develop into deep infection causing serious problem. Some of the common symptoms are itchy skin, formation of scaly patches on the skin, hair loss (if the skin rash is on the scalp), reddish scaly patches and painful itch.

Fungal rashes are seen in many people but they are not identified with right symptoms and go unnoticed. Lowered immunity level, undergoing treatment for cancer (chemotherapy) can trigger rash formation.
When a person becomes immobile for attending the needs of toilet, he may get infected with fungal rash. It can occur on the gums and bottom of the oral cavity and also on the inner portion of the cheeks. You may bit your tongue or your tongue may get infected whiel eating any sharp food stuffs causing swelling and pain on the tongue.
They look like tiny balls white or red in color and it will cause tenderness in the tongue for many days. Several home remedies are available in the form of Aloe Vera juice and honey and yoghurt for curing bumps. Make it a point to brush your teeth after eating food and practice regular flossing techniques. The major cause of prickly heat is due to the over secretion of sweat which in turn blocks the sweat glands. In order to get rid of prickly heat, an irritating skin disease, regular use of herbal and natural home remedies will be very helpful.
Sandalwood also has an anti-microbial action and is also an antiseptic agent used to treat prickly heat rash inflammation. The flavor of lavender rejuvenate your mood and cures your skin damaged due to inflammation.
You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. The locked finger cannot be straightened easily and you may experience pain along with a mild swelling at the base of the locked finger. Regular massaging will also help improve blood flow in the affected finger and the inflamed tendons will heal faster. Also, due to its natural anti-inflammatory properties, aloe vera is useful in reducing the inflammation in the affected finger, thus providing relief from swelling and curing the condition quickly.
This home remedy will help relax the affected finger and provide faster healing as the movements get restricted. In fact, people who suffer often from this condition such as musicians, industrial workers, etc.
Just applying fresh lemon juice on infected toenail and leaving it for about half an hour to rinse with warm water will offer quick relief.
The infection is a direct result of over-exposure to water and commonly occurs in professional swimmers hence, the name. As a result, the bacteria and fungi present in the water find it easier to enter the skin thus leading to ear infection. Most of the home remedies for swimmer’s ears are effective in eliminating the cause of infection and are without any side effects unlike the antibiotics. Either way you will benefit in two ways, the alcohol will help evaporate water from the ears and also kill the infection causing bacteria. Every household has a hair dryer these days and the heat generated from the dryer is enough to evaporate the water molecules from the ear and kill the bacteria causing the infection.
White vinegar will not only help remove water from the ears but the chemicals present in vinegar will eliminate the infectious bacteria as well.
People with ruptured ear drums may lose their hearing ability if hydrogen peroxide is used. Many people are exposed to fungal infection, but do not get any rash due to increased immunity. The color of the rash may remain focused on the centre leaving no intense color on the borders. Athletea€™s Foot is also another type of fungal rash affecting the feet making it itchy and swelling. Since moisture always stays on his body there is more chance for fungal growth on the skin. Some of the drugs prescribed for fungal rash are Lamisil, Lotrimin, Mycelex, Nizoral and Econazole.
Bumps are formed due to the infection caused by the fungus and it may affect your taste buds. It takes minimum 7-10 days for the bumps to heal completely but there is every chance for you to get it back. It would cause pain and irritation and you often feel like running your tongue across the teeth. You may have difficulty in eating and swallowing and even while talking, if you have large sized bumps on your tongue.
Blood can’t be purified as sweat can’t be evaporated anymore and this results in prickly heat.

Natural home based remedies will not have any side-effects and can also cure Miliaria (prickly heat) effectively. To get rid of this irritating skin disease, apply a paste made of sandalwood powder and rose-water over the affected area. It is generally used to prepare moisturizer and creams and people who are sensitive to chemical based creams use creams and products made of chickweed. If you add a bunch of pepper mint leaves to the water you bath, it not only cures inflammation but also reduces the swellings on your skin.
Cold and hot fomentation are also helpful wherein you soak the affected finger in cold water and hot water alternately for a few seconds. It will be especially useful at night, when you can use a finger splint to prevent the affected finger from getting affected.
The infection is not life threatening but should be treated at the earliest to arrest its spread and growth.
Simply tilt your head to one side and shake the ear vigorously with your index finger to drain water. However, do not use coconut oil for treating swimmer’s ears if you live under cold climatic conditions. There are some professional as well as regular swimmers who make use of alcohol every day to ward off ear infections. However, do not let the hair dryer very near to your skin or you may burn or injure your skin. Pour 3-4 drops of white vinegar (preferably organic) in the infected ear and stay in this position for five minutes. Hydrogen peroxide is popularly used in the treatment of swimmer’s ears because it removes the bacteria responsible for the infection and also restores the ph balance of the ear canal that had been disturbed by the presence of bacteria. Therefore, be very sure of the medical health of your ear before using the product for treating any infection. Fungal rash is one of the most common type of infections affecting millions of people around the world. Very often many types of fungal infection get treated by applying ointment containing Lamisil. For people who are in the habit of smoking and drinking, white patches of leukoplakia are quite common. Trigger finger results from the inflammation of the tendons of your finger that may occur due to repetitive movements, or if you forcefully try to do something and strain your finger.
Trigger finger will mostly go away after a few days, but while it lasts there can be a lot of discomfort.
People who live in cold environs should use mustard oil in the same way as coconut oil is to be used for the treatment. If you perform the treatment using the same oil in winter then there are chances that the coconut oil may solidify in a matter of few seconds and in your ear. If you are a regular swimmer then carry a hair dryer with you and dry your ears the first thing after coming out of the swimming pool.  If suffering from swimmer’s ears then use the hair dryer treatment 3-4 times a day till the infection is eliminated completely.
Now tilt the head in the other direction and in few seconds you will feel the water draining from the ear along with white vinegar. To treat swimmer’s ears a few drops of hydrogen peroxide in the infected ear are enough; perform the treatment only twice a day for three days.
The antiseptic and anti bacterial properties of neem can reduce irritation and rashes to a great extent. Home remedies help to provide relief from pain and reduce the inflammation in the affected area, thus providing an effective cure for this condition.
It can also be caused due to disturbance in gastrointestinal tract and due to heightened stress and emotions.
It helps in removing heat from your body, reduces inflammation and works as a good tonic for digestion. Thus there is every chance that underlying medical condition can cause bumps on your tongue. This is caused when the blockage of the sweat ducts occurs at a deeper part of the epidermis (the outer layer of skin). However, often the rash does not appear until weeks or months have passed in the hot climate. The rash tends to go within a few days if you get out of the hot environment and stop sweating.
Apply some to your skin before activities that make you sweat or on arrival to a hot climate.

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