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I am going to post an image of a sample curve - part of the curve is a miscellaneous choice of readings but the first ones are Sissy's readings posted yesterday for the morning. In this curve, the insulin has good duration, which is defined as the blood sugar returning to a level no higher than it started out.
So if there's an off day and blood sugar starts at 600, you can't expect the same dose of insulin to bring that blood sugar to the usual 300 by dinner time. That may change as the dose goes up, and it may very well be that Sissy's response varies from day to day. I didn't post this earlier because it's an atypical curve that shows what was likely either a rebound or an intervention with glucose by the vet in response to a low. This is from the NAVC's Clinician's Brief article by Thomas Schimmerhorn at Kansas State University. So please note that in this curve a low blood sugar event occurred and glucose was likely added to the bloodstream, either as a rebound by the dog's body or by veterinary intervention.

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So if the blood sugar starts at 381 as Sissy's did yesterday, the NPH has a good 12 hours of duration as long as the blood sugar is basically the same or less at dinner time. More than accurate enough to be useful, but not so accurate that there is any meaningful difference in readings of 394, 402, and 380. But it demonstrates what is considered to be the duration and nadir of blood sugar, backing up the definition I have been using.
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The test is used to screen and test for diabetes (both types) and to estimate blood sugar control over an approximately 3 month period.

Some pts eat healthy prior their blood sugar control, and it can turn out to be normal, but when you see the HbA1c, you know they’ve been naughty! In this case, hers was 306, so she might actually have had some insulin action from her breakfast injection still working at dinner time. Please consult with your veterinarian for specific advice concerning the medical condition or treatment of your pet and before administering any medication or pursuing any course of treatment that you may read about on this site.
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