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Well, before I get into two good remedies, it goes without saying, but it’s up to you to take action and take control of your own health. The first natural remedy for type 2 diabetes I want to mention involves, you guessed it, exercise. Alfalfa has been linked to reducing, preventing or improving conditions such as cholesterol, heart disease, ulcers, arthritis, cancer and risk to stroke in addition to being rich in vitamins and minerals. What was taken from the clinical research on alfalfa was that the high the high amount of manganese found in alfalfa was responsible for the blood sugar lowering effect. So while some may find good results and others may not, it is important that you try for yourself and test to see if it works well for you.
I was in a doctor’s office the other day and overheard a conversation a doctor was having with his patient. Studies have shown that 50%-80% of diabetics will develop nerve damage with about 40% having PAINFUL neuropathy, unless preventive measures are taken to control it.
Neurologists have found that when you keep your blood sugar higher than 140 for 2 hours or more, damage to small nerves starts to happen. But when you have blood sugars of over 200 for 2 hours or more, you start to damage the larger nerve fibers. The glycemic index of the foods you eat play an important role in the fluctuations in your blood sugar.
If you’re looking to lose weight or for the purpose of this article, control diabetes you may want to get your hands on a good resource in this area and make it the cornerstone of your diet. To summarize and quickly explain what the glycemic index is really all about, here it goes. For a type 2 diabetic, the foods that are converted to glucose more slowly provide more benefit.
When glucose is converted slowly it causes slower glucose spikes, which leaves you feeling full for longer. When glucose is converted more rapidly this causes more rapid glucose spikes after a meal, which is what we don’t want with type 2 diabetes. For diabetics, the idea is to swap out foods with a high glycemic index rating with foods that have low ratings.
I’ve received questions about a 1,500 calorie diabetic diet and I figured I’d put something together. The main take-home here is that everyone is different and depending on your goals, you may require more or less of one thing than another. If you would like a customized plan for you that will help to control your blood sugar you really need to grab my master your diabetes program. For Type 2 Diabetes And Hypertension, diet can play a huge part in helping to lower your blood pressure.

About 60%-65% of people with type 2 diabetes suffer from hypertension or high blood pressure. High blood pressure is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease so it is very important that you get it handled. Most of the doctors that I’ve spoken to will recommend that their patients limit salt, increase fruit and vegetables, and dairy products which is the DASH diet, including lose weight and exercise. Most doctors prescribe drugs called angiotensin receptor blockers (ARBs) or ACE inhibitors, as they have been found to also have a beneficial effect on type 2 diabetes. DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) was a study that showed that eating more fruits and vegetables can lower blood pressure. Of the 3 diets, diet number 3, the combination diet did much better than the other two at the end of 8 weeks.
A second DASH trial showed that even more benefit can be shown by adding a low-salt diet to the trial to further lower blood pressure. Other benefits of this type of diet are lower cholesterol, and reduced risk of heart disease and stroke. I have also seen people reduce their required daily insulin units as a result of Bikram Yoga. You can drink alfalfa in the tea form daily to benefit from its blood sugar lowering effects. Other studies have shown that it was more effective when there was less insulin being produced by your body.
This also makes you feel hungry quicker since these foods are so quickly converted to glucose. Over time, this is how you effectively use the glycemic index to naturally control your blood sugar. But if you have jaw clenching, teeth gritted dieting will power and can make it work long-term, then more power to you. I could put together a team of nutritionists to try to create the perfect diet and still I’d come up short.
And above all else, this is not to substitute for the advice of your physician or dietician. In master your diabetes, I teach you how to create your own customized plan, step-by-step and get off the diabetes diet rollercoaster for good.
Other blood pressure medications such as beta blockers or diuretics may be detrimental to the control of type 2 diabetes.
A follow-up to the DASH study showed the secret weapon of fruits and vegetables that make them so effective in lowering blood pressure is their high potassium content. So how can we use this knowledge when it comes to type 2 diabetes for reversing or controlling it?

And I’ve seen people lose weight and find better blood sugar control came almost effortlessly. And ultimately, if you want to control your blood sugar, this is something you should think of as a new way of life. You have glycemic index diets, charts, plans, tools, counters, shopping guides, and handbooks.
Also, to make things worse a type 2 diabetic is usually insulin resistant so high blood sugar may continue to rise after each sugary meal. I have had physicians ask me for “so called” diabetes diets, or 1500 calorie diabetes meal plans, or diabetes-friendly diets. Because type 2 diabetes affects everyone differently and the same is true for the foods we eat. And both diet number 2 and number 3 lowered blood pressure in people without hypertension, which showed that this diet is a great preventative diet for high blood pressure.
But all of the same things apply to you that I wrote here: reducing your salt (sodium), increasing fruits, veggetables, dairy products in your diet, exercise, weight loss, and medication if needed. Alfalfa can also be found in other formulations such as the sprouts, seeds, or in tablet form. And the  good news is, if you keep your blood sugar under control, you can improve this and allow nerves to heal. If she instead had eaten a food with a low glycemic index her blood sugar would more than likely have been different. For foods that are converted into sugar more quickly, they will have a higher glycemic index rating or number. Both diuretics and beta blockers have also been shown to slightly increase your blood sugar and screw up your cholesterol. Bottom line, once the root problem, which is causing this fluid retention in your legs is treated and improved, your long-term health will improve. But if you are having trouble being consistent with an exercise, you might want to give Bikram Yoga a try.
And foods that have a lower score or rating, are those that are converted to glucose more slowly.
Because a food like sugar is quickly converted to glucose and spikes your blood sugar very quickly. So speak with your doctor and focus on improving your blood sugar control, your cholesterol, and lowering your blood pressure, which almost always starts with diet.

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