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IT IS a "natural remedy" that is supposedly able to cure cancer, diabetes, dengue and a host of other conditions. It is also recommended for surgical patients to help recover from surgical wounds and fevers. This "miracle cure" that has been circulating the Internet and through the word-of-mouth is none other than porcupine bezoar stones. Porcupine bezoars fetch a high price due to the mistaken belief it has "magical" healing properties. A bezoar is a mass of food trapped in an animal's digestive system, usually from consuming grass and herbs.
There's high demand for porcupine bezoars in Malaysia, and it is said that medicinal shops can charge as much as RM700 for under half a gram.
Senior communications officer of Traffic Southeast Asia Elizabeth John said one species of porcupine is a totally protected making the sale of their bezoars totally illegal.
She says that it is also an unregistered traditional medicine, where the bezoars' healing properties are based solely on testimony and not research.
However, many people don't think twice about where the medicine is coming from and are willing to spend thousands for this "magic" cure. One of my colleagues said that she bought porcupine bezoars from traditional medicine shops in Malaysia for her mother who had cancer. Another colleague said that her friend spent hundreds to get hold of "a really tiny amount" of porcupine bezoars when he was suffering from dengue fever.

I don't believe that porcupine bezoar is the miracle cure we are looking for – it is merely a quick-fix gimmick from illegal traders trying to make easy cash.
Knowing how porcupines are suffering at farms so that their meat and bezoars can be harvested for our consumption is a terrible thought.
Even if I was sick, I personally would not want to contribute to the illegal trade of porcupine bezoars. If I were to use porcupine bezoars to heal, I would not feel good about my recovery knowing that a porcupine had suffered a terrible death for my benefit. As the world mourns the senseless death of toddler Lane Graves, the question to ask is should Disney have built its resort so close to an alligator infested lagoon. We should treat animals with the same respect and humility as we do to humans, as I believe animals are sentient beings and feel pain as much as we do. MANY Malaysians were shocked to see photos of Kuantan shrouded in red dust that went viral at the end of last year.
Victoria Brown thinks it is all too easy to acknowledge animal rights and environmental issues but do nothing concrete to support the struggle.
Iraqi PM bans travel for MPs accused of defence corruptionChina court warns against illegal fishing in riposte to South China Sea rulingMilitias wary of Islamic State Libya redoubt despite U.S. To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. The cost of treating diabetes has increased to A?2.2m per day in England as unhealthy lifestyles and obesity put extra strain on health budgets, it has emerged.

DRINKING milk can protect against the damaging effects of diabetes and even obesity, a new study has found.
Traditional medicine practitioners claim that porcupine bezoar has many healing properties. The other two species of porcupine are protected, and sale of unlicensed porcupine bezoars are also illegal. Elizabeth says that harvesters would make the porcupine sick to encourage them to produce one. The porcupines are later butchered for its meat and to harvest bezoar stones from its stomach. I was standing in the middle of an azure blue lake, surrounded by waterfalls, flowering plants and chirping birds; I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. Barely two months into the new year, we have already lost six tigers in the wild, including two cubs.
Diabetes has a significant personal cost to those afflicted and a huge financial cost to the NHS, the adult social care system and the economy.

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