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Healthy food pyramid presents healthy choice of food for your everyday menu.The pyramid contains variety of food in certain doses necessary to meet the daily needs of your organism. Healthy food pyramid shows that you should eat more food from the bottom of the pyramid (vegetables, whole grains) and less from the top (sweet  drinks, red meat, salt). The base of the pyramid, which also shows the largest amount of food necessary to be consumed during the day is different for all population groups. Food pyramid for kids is different because of the higher amount of fruit and vegetables, vital source of vitamins and minerals for proper growth and development. Oils are essential part of the diet because they improve the taste of food and provide necessary nutrients including vitamins D, E, K, and A. You should consume milk and dairy products bring the required amount of calcium in the body. A pre-existing condition can be as major as heart disease or cancer but also includes diabetes, hay fever … The report alleges that WellPoint used a computer algorithm that automatically targeted women recently diagnosed with breast cancer. During 2011, the Company received FDA clearance and during 2012 the … dosing algorithm of Insulin Algorithms, the company utilized the publicly available algorithm of the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists (AACE).
Cost effectiveness of saxagliptin and metformin versus sulfonylurea and metformin in the treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus in Germany: a Cardiff diabetes model analysis.
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The American Academy of Pediatrics partnered with the Pediatric Endocrine Society, American Academy of Family Physicians, American Diabetes Association, and Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics to release guidelines on management of type 2 diabetes in children and adolescents. An accompanying report included screening and treatment recommendations for selected comorbid conditions. Children and adolescents with type 2 diabetes may also have obesity-related medical conditions. This slide discusses three of these conditions: nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, obstructive sleep apnea, and orthopedic problems. Background: A low-glycemic index diet is effective in blood glucose control of diabetic subjects, reduces insulin requirement in women with gestation diabetes mellitus (GDM) and improves pregnancy outcomes when used from beginning of the second trimester. Cristina Moreno-Castilla,Didac Mauricio,Marta Hernandez Current Diabetes Reports. Jinhua Wei,Weijun Heng,Jianbo Gao Medicine.
Due to loss of skin elasticity and constant danger of dehydration, people older than 65 years should drink water with every meal. Children need to import a large quantity of calcium (1300 mg per day, compared to 1000 mg daily required dose for adults) for proper development of bones. Vegetables helps in  reducing the risk of heart attack or stroke, protect against some cancers, lower blood pressure etc. You should consume fruits every day, especially citrus.You should avoid juices with artificial flavors.

My partner and i have continually observed that the majority of people are eager to lose weight simply because they wish to appear slim and attractive. It’s true that people who are overweight suffering from different diseases, but people who care what to eat and who eat healthy foods, they get sick very rarely and they have healthy and happy lives. So i want To say Somethin , Kids grow quickly, their body needs high proportions of proteins, to make sure proper development. However there are limited reports to examine the effect of low glycemic load (LGL) diet and fiber on blood glucose control and insulin requirement of women with GDM.
Effect of low glycemic load diet with and without wheat bran on glucose control in gestational diabetes mellitus: A randomized trial.
Improved plasma glucose control, whole-body glucose utilization, and lipid profile on a low-glycemic index diet in type 2 diabetic men. Effect of wheat bran on postprandial glucose response in subjects with impaired fasting glucose.
Dietary fiber intake, dietary glycemic load, and the risk for gestational diabetes mellitus. Effect of low glycemic load diet on glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c) in poorly-controlled diabetes patients. Low glycaemic index diet and disposition index in type 2 diabetes (the Canadian trial of Carbohydrates in Diabetes): A randomisedcontrolled trial.
Can a low-glycemic index diet reduce the need for insulin in gestational diabetes Mellitus? Gestational diabetes mellitus management guidelines: The Australasian Diabetes in Pregnancy Society. A randomized controlled trial investigating the effects of a low-glycemic index diet on pregnancy outcomes in gestational diabetes mellitus. In the base of the pyramid you can see weight control and daily body workout because these two elements have strong influence on your health. Nonetheless, they do not continually realize that there are more benefits for losing weight in addition. Protein helps maintain tissues in your body, and it also helps build, repair and replace tissues too. Therefore, the aim of this study was to examine the effect of low glycemic load diet with and without fiber on reducing the number of women with GDM requiring insulin.
The overall incidence of 3-6% has steady increased over time, ranging from 2.2% in South America to 15% in the India. Doctors declare that over weight people are afflicted with a variety of ailments that can be perfectely attributed to the excess weight.
Materials and Methods: All GDM women (n = 31) were randomly allocated to consume either a LGL diet with Fiber or LGL diet. Whole grains include oats and rice.  Our body needs to import about 180 gr whole grains per day.

The great news is that people who’re overweight as well as suffering from numerous diseases are able to reduce the severity of the illnesses through losing weight. It is easy to see a constant but marked improvement with health as soon as even a minor amount of weight-loss is achieved. We hypothesized that low GI-low GL diet ingested with wheat bran compared with low GI-low GL diet would improve postprandial blood glucose of GDM subjects and reduces the number of women with GDM requiring insulin, because of lowering GI value. The diagnostic criteria for GDM was based on the 'standards of medical care in diabetes' and HAPO study.
IFG patients randomly allocated to "Fiber group" and "Without Fiber" group, also IGT patients were randomized the same manner in two diet groups. There were similar number of IFG patients in each group of "Fiber" and "Without Fiber" group.
In fact we eliminated the confounding factors by allocating similar blood glucose level in each group and the difference in FBS in two groups at the beginning was not significant [Table 2].Dietary planeThe LGIs-LGLs ascribed to the foods used have been taken from international and local published data. This was accomplished by providing a list to each individual of the recommended daily intake of commonly used foods and a substitution list allowing exchanges within food groups.
We certify that all applicable institutional regulations concerning the ethical use of human volunteers were followed during this research.
We continue the study with 18 subjects in "Fiber" group and 13 subjects in "Without Fiber" group. In our previous study, the LGL diet significantly effect on FBS and HbA1c of diabetic patients [13] and administration of 25 gr wheat bran to normal diet of IFG subjects resulted in 11% reduction in blood glucose response in compare to control group.
We found that 7 (38%) of 18 women in Fiber group and 10 (76%) in "Without Fiber" group needed insulin treatment. 65% in second group required insulin treatment.The mechanism behind the fact that the LGL diet plus fiber intake was more effective in blood glucose of GDM subjects is that fiber slows carbohydrate absorption and reducing GI of meal. It is worthy to notice that the most of the GDM women in our study who were candidate for insulin treatment were unwilling to commence insulin treatment and 6 of them in "Without Fiber" group switched to "Fiber" group.
Similarly, 47% of the women in the Wollongong study, [18] in high-GI group who met the criteria for insulin commencement avoided insulin by switching to an LGI diet.Our current study has strength and limitation.
The strengths are that the LGL with fiber diet is not harsh treatment and is acceptable by patients. The limitation of study is that the LGL diet which contains low carbohydrate percentage is not food habits of patients and food choice limitation may not result in sufficient weight gain that is goal of pregnant women.
Low glycemic index diet containing extra added fiber for women with GDM is appropriate, safe and well tolerated and a low GL diet with fiber significantly reduces the need for the use of insulin.

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