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Fungal diseases are caused by fungi, which are found in the environment, such as on plants, and in water, air, and soil.
Either topical or systemic antifungals may be prescribed depending on the type and location of fungal infection. Since sometimes fungal infections can lead to complications that are life-threatening, it is always advisable to consult a doctor for your fungal infection, especially if it is systemic and severe. Depending on the infection, you may need to apply 105-100% solution to the skin twice daily for one to few months.
The extract of the bark of Cinnamomum cassia contains cinnamaldehyde, which has antibacterial and antifungal properties.
There are many over-the-counter products including creams and band-aids available for healing the corns. No one knows how this treatment works but using VapoRub has proven to be an effective way of treating foot corns. Barley grass juice is a discovery of the famous Japanese doctor Yoshihide Hagiwara who is a doctor of Medicine at the Kumamoto University. This discovery – effectiveness of the juice from  wheatgrassin the treatment of a disease and maintenance of health – is the result of thirteen years of researching on human nutrition plan, to find remedies which participate in the process of rehabilitation of the organism and stop the degradation of cells and cell aging. Biochemical composition of young barley provides therapeutic properties especially for reducing the aging of cells. SOD is an active enzyme protein with a remarkable effect in the treatment of diseases, revitalization of the body and slowing the aging process.
Put one tablespoon young barley powder in a 150-200ml water or fruit juice (one tablespoon of powder equals 2g). If it is taken twice a day, in the morning and evening, (05g-2g) for a healthy man is a source of energy and freshness.

We use cookies to personalise content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic. Some also live on skin, mucous membranes, and our intestinal tract.You are at greater risk for a fungal infection if you are taking antibiotics or your immune system is weak. Others susceptible to these infections are the very young and the very old people and those with diabetes.Symptoms depend on the type and location of fungal infection.
It might be better to use the following herbal remedies as adjunctive therapy to any antifungal medications that you may be taking. It is best avoided by people with heart disease, hypertension, liver or kidney disease, and pregnant and breastfeeding women. It is effective against thrush, candidiasis, and skin and nail fungal infections because it contains the antifungal chemical called juglone. The extracts of flowers and seeds of Echinacea angustifolia contain several chemicals that help in fighting fungal infection by boosting the immune system. However, these products are not always helpful and can be quite expensive to use in the long run. When the young plant will reach a height of 20-30 cm then the barley contains the most nutrients necessary to the cells. Due to the presence of protein, vitamins, minerals and enzymes in the barley juice makes his daily use very efficient for the functioning of human organism, better energy and vitality. This enzyme prevents the action of free radicals, which are to blame for the onset of diseases and cellular aging.
The powder is produced by dehydration of the juice from young barley at low temperatures, so that the enzymes remain active. When strong antibiotics are taken for a long time, they can disturb the delicate balance of the microorganisms within the body, resulting in fungal overgrowth.

It can be used to treat candidiasis, thrush, ringworm, athlete’s foot, fungal nail infections, and jock itch.
In this article we will discuss effective and easy treatments for taking care of foot corn.
Secure the vinegar soaked cotton over the corn with the help of a duct tape or medicated gauze. Others may be severe, such as bloodstream infection or fungal pneumonia, leading to complications like meningitis and even death.
Regular application of glycerin over the corn followed by pumice stone scrub will help get rid of the corn in a couple of weeks. Using VapoRub will also reduce the pain in the corn making it possible for you to walk without hurting yourself too much.
Baking soda is a natural and harmless exfoliator and will remove the dead skin from over the corn. However, once the corm falls off continue using the glycerin-pumice stone treatment for another week.
If you have sensitive skin or if the pumice stone hurts your skin then use loofah for scrubbing.
However, scrubbing should not be skipped under any circumstances as it is important to exfoliate the skin formation over the corn. The antifungal and acidic properties of garlic and white vinegar respectively, will help treat the corn effectively.

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