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During an ongoing infection, however, your immune system is unable to conquer the bacteria on its own and the pain and redness continue to worsen.
When your infection has a burst of activity, or when there are signs that this is about to occur, your general dentist may recommend you see a periodontist. If you notice any of the above warning signs of periodontal infection, please contact your general dentist and ask for a periodontal evaluation.
A periodontist is a dentist who specializes in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of periodontal disease.
Gum disease is one of the most common dental problems adults face, but gum disease can begin at just about any age. The good news is gum disease can almost always be prevented; if it starts, it can be treated and it can even be turned around in its early stages by the dentists at Northland TLC Dental Care. If gum disease is not treated, you can have gums that are always sore, red and puffy, get a painful infection (called an abscess) in the area between your teeth and gums or lose your teeth. A la conjuncion de varias enfermedades o factores de riesgo en un mismo individuo que aumentan su probabilidad de padecer una enfermedad cardiovascular o una diabetes mellitus se le ha dado recientemente el nombre tecnico de sindrome metabolico. Segun los criterios fijados por la Organizacion Mundial de la Salud (OMS), se considera que una persona padece sindrome metabolico cuando presenta al menos tres de los cinco criterios siguientes: glucemia elevada, presion arterial sistolica o diastolica elevada, HDL colesterol disminuido (el conocido como colesterol “bueno”), trigliceridos elevados y medidas de perimetro abdominal por encima de los 102 centimetros en hombres y de los 88 en las mujeres (obesidad abdominal). La resistencia a la insulina, la obesidad, la hipertension y la dislipemia2 suelen coexistir en el mismo grupo de individuos y se describen como parte de las condiciones del sindrome metabolico, que se asocia con un significativo incremento en el riesgo de sufrir problemas cardiovasculares y diabetes. Al mismo tiempo, en las ultimas dos decadas se ha documentado cientificamente que la periodontitis esta asociada con enfermedades sistemicas3 tan importantes como la diabetes o la enfermedad cardiovascular. Existen unos estados de inflamacion cronica o de bajo nivel que se producen como resultado de una infeccion o irritacion continua, la presencia de algun agente infeccioso durante tiempo prolongado o debido a errores del sistema inmune. En pacientes con periodontitis y sindrome metabolico se ha demostrado que el tratamiento periodontal produce una reduccion de los niveles sistemicos de proteina C-reactiva5, trigliceridos y leucocitos. Entre los aspectos mas importantes del sindrome metabolico asociado con la enfermedad periodontal destaca la obesidad, por el hecho de que el tejido adiposo produce citocinas6 inflamatorias, lo que hace que estos individuos sean mas propensos a experimentar condiciones inflamatorias. La diabetes ha sido ampliamente estudiada como factor de riesgo para la periodontitis y cumple los requisitos para ser considerada como tal, habiendose demostrado tambien que el tratamiento periodontal facilita el control metabolico de los individuos diabeticos. El aumento del sedentarismo, los desequilibrios en la alimentacion, el aumento del estres emocional y el consumo de toxicos han determinado un incremento en la incidencia del sindrome metabolico.
Si los tratamientos farmacologicos han demostrado modificar satisfactoriamente el riesgo en pacientes con sindrome metabolico, los cambios en el estilo de vida pueden aportar beneficios que van mas alla del restablecimiento de parametros sanguineos, como el HDL-colesterol, los trigliceridos o la hiperinsulinemia, y de variables funcionales tan importantes como la presion arterial, a traves de mecanismos integrados globalmente que afectan a los sistemas cardiovascular, neurohormonal y metabolico. Periodontitis occurs when gum disease gets out of control and your body attempts to fight the infection that occurs. July 31, 2016 by Nicholas Calcaterra DDS 2 Comments This is one dental myth that I personally don’t see too often. When a root canal is performed, the nerve tissue that lies deep inside the tooth is removed, and then that space is filled with a special filling material. Once complete, because the nerve is now gone, the tooth will no longer be able to feel hot or cold. When a tooth is extracted, local anesthesia is given to numb the nerves associated with the tooth.
When that tooth is extracted, great forces are exerted on not just the tooth, but the surrounding tissue.
Even though the tip of your fingernail can’t feel much, try pulling out the nail itself! November 6, 2015 by Nicholas Calcaterra DDS 5 Comments This is one dental myth that every dentist has to deal with at some point. And to make matters worse, this myth is then often propagated by the child’s pediatrician.
Parent immediately calls the pediatrician for an emergency appointment and is seen that day. Parent gets on Google, becomes almost immediately convinced of an incredibly dire situation, and then does either #1 or #2. So, what does it mean when the lip swells up after a dental appointment when local anesthetic was used?
Appearance. In general, allergic reactions do not produce a localized ulcerated area away from the injection of the alleged allergen.
Lack of Systemic Symptoms. Even less severe allergic reactions will produce other symptoms such as dry mouth, hives, and other findings.
So, if you or your child’s lip is swollen after receiving local anesthetic, what should you do? But to stress this point, it is a myth that a swollen lip (in the absence of other findings) after a dental visit means you are allergic to lidocaine (mistakenly called novocaine). May 12, 2015 by Nicholas Calcaterra DDS 3 Comments Fortunately, this dental myth does not come up very often.
Most patients understand that dental fillings are usually not lifelong permanent solutions.

In this photo, a large portion of both tooth and filling broke. In this particular case, the filling had been there for over 20 years, but the remaining tooth structure was so weak it finally gave out.
On occasion, I will come across a patient who is particularly disturbed that one of their fillings done during the Clinton presidency needs to be replaced. For a “glass eye” (more formally known as an ocular prosthesis), did you know the average lifespan is five years, according to data from the American Society of Ocularists Data on Ocular Prostheses? When I mention these examples, most patients begin to understand fillings typically have a finite lifespan. January 18, 2015 by Nicholas Calcaterra DDS 7 Comments This Dental MythBuster is slightly unfair, as it relies upon the slang term cavity that has been used for decades. Part of the reason why this dental myth exists is because there is some confusion and misuse of various dental terms. Dental Caries – also known as dental decay, this is an infectious disease leading to the progressive destruction of tooth structure. Nicholas Calcaterra DDS is a full time General Dentist in Orange, CT and a part time Dental Blogger. Enter your email address to subscribe to Directions in Dentistry and receive notifications of new posts by email. The information on this site is for informational and entertainment purposes only and does not constitute dental or medical advice. Should you elect to post comments on this site with your and or anyone else's protected health information, be advised that this system is not encrypted and does not meet the security requirements as defined by the various HIPAA regulations.
All articles on this site are original works of Nicholas Calcaterra DDS of Orange, CT unless otherwise noted. Nearly 50 percent of all adults in the United States suffer from the gum disease, periodontitis. In a new report published in the Journal of Immunology, University of Pennsylvania researchers report on a promising new target for periodontitis: a subset of the immune system called complement. Earlier work by the researchers revealed that the periodontal bacterium Porphyromonas gingivalis hampers the ability of immune cells to clear infection, allowing P. The researchers wanted to find out which component of the complement system might be involved in contributing to and maintaining inflammation in the disease.
The team found that mice bred to lack C3 had much less bone loss and inflammation in their gums several weeks after being infected with P.
Building on this finding, the researchers tested a human drug that blocks C3 to see if they could reduce the signs of periodontal disease in monkeys, which, unlike mice, are responsive to the human drug. According to the researchers, this study represents the first time, to their knowledge, that anyone has demonstrated the involvement of complement in inflammatory bone loss in non-human primates, setting the stage for translation to human treatments. This infection leads to an inflammation under the gums, and if not treated, this inflammation can destroy the bone around your teeth. As ongoing research continues to define how periodontal disease is associated with these and other health problems, oral health maintenance is essential.
To be certain about any periodontal disease, ask your dentist or periodontist to examine your gums for signs of infection.
Periodontal disease (gum disease) has been linked with other health problems, including heart disease, stroke, and bacterial pneumonia. El sindrome metabolico alude a una asociacion de factores de riesgo cardiovascular relacionados por un nexo fisiopatologico comun: la resistencia a la insulina. Se estima que entre un 17-32% (dependiendo de los estudios y zonas geograficas) de la poblacion general tiene un sindrome metabolico, una tasa que se eleva hasta el 60% en los diabeticos, lo que representa un verdadero problema de salud publica.
La evidencia reciente tambien sugiere que personas con problemas de salud en sus encias comparados con los sujetos sanos tienen mas riesgo de presentar dislipemias, intolerancia a la glucosa y suelen mostrar un estado inflamatorio sistemico de bajo grado4. Una vez iniciada la inflamacion, viaja a traves de la sangre produciendo efectos daninos en numerosas partes del cuerpo. Segun los expertos, las complicaciones periodontales ya se consideran la sexta complicacion de la diabetes, detras de la retinopatia diabetica, la nefropatia, la enfermedad cardiovascular, la enfermedad vasculocerebral y la neuropatia. Un estilo de vida saludable se basa en tres pilares igualmente importantes: practica regular de ejercicio fisico, alimentacion equilibrada y descanso emocional y fisico reparadores. Sindrome metabolico: Trastorno caracterizado por la presencia conjunta de varias enfermedades o factores de riesgo en un mismo individuo que aumentan su probabilidad de padecer una enfermedad cardiovascular o una diabetes mellitus. Dislipemia o dislipidemia: alude a una alteracion en los niveles de colesterol y trigliceridos. Inflamacion de bajo grado: presencia de una inflamacion de intensidad leve, con niveles relativamente reducidos de marcadores inflamatorios. Citocinas: son proteinas que regulan la funcion de las celulas que las producen u otros tipos celulares. It is often referred to as a silent disease because it can sneak up on you without many symptoms. Periodontitis doesn’t cause pain, so it is easier to ignore, even with other symptoms.

Your dentist will catch any signs of gum disease early on so it will never have to get so bad that you lose your teeth. It can increase your chances of heart disease and cause fertility problems and even premature labor in pregnant women. And that is the myth that if a child’s lip swells up after a dental visit where local anesthetic was used, it always means the child must be allergic to something the dentist injected. And in many of those cases, an incorrect diagnosis is frequently made, which leads to unnecessary finger pointing, as well as wasted time, confusion, and missed school for the child. In both cases, lower teeth were given local anesthesia, and that numbness extended to the lip.
Many times, the child has no recollection of doing it, because the child was numb and felt no pain. How could this produce an “allergic” reaction on the lip only when the injection site is so far away? For a total knee replacement, most will last 15 to 20 years, according to the American Association of Knee and Hip Surgeons FAQ. These are all manmade devices designed to replace or repair damaged or missing human tissue. However, it is still a myth, and like all dental myths, this myth needs to be identified and busted! These are areas of dental decay that have progressed to the point where the tooth surface actually collapsed in, creating a cavity. By using this site you agree to hold me harmless from any ramifications that occur to you as a result of acting on information found on this site. By using this site, you agree to hold me harmless of any release of protected health information that may occur as a result of posting here. Readers may to link to this content, but reproduction on other websites without permission is prohibited. Of these 17 percent suffer from a more severe form of periodontitis that increases their risk of developing heart disease, diabetes, arthritis and complicating pregnancy. Animal tests with a compound that inhibits this component of the immune response have been shown to successfully prevent the inflammation and bone loss associated with periodontitis, raising the prospect of developing a new therapy for treating humans with the disease. Their experiments focused on the third component of complement, C3, which occupies a central position in signaling cascades that trigger inflammation and activation of the innate immune system. They found that the C3 inhibitor, a drug called Cp40 that was development for the treatment of the rare blood disease PNH and ABO-incompatible kidney transplantation, reduced inflammation and significantly protected the monkeys from bone loss. Periodontists receive extensive training in these areas, including 2 to 3 additional years of education beyond dental school.
Sometimes you may not notice any symptoms until the disease is serious and you are in danger of losing teeth. Pregnant women with periodontal disease are more likely to have a premature baby or one that weighs too little at birth. Son condiciones patologicas cuyo elemento comun es una alteracion del metabolismo de los lipidos, con su consecuente alteracion de las concentraciones de lipidos y lipoproteinas en la sangre. It’s important to stay on top of your gum and tooth health with regular visits to your dentist. The top one shows the pre-operative condition of the tooth and the bottom x-ray shows the completion of the procedure with a filling material in the root canal space. This instrument pushes the tooth out but does so by placing reciprocal forces on the structures next to the teeth. C3-deficient mice were also protected from periodontitis in two additional models of disease: one in which a silk thread is tied around a tooth, promoting the build-up of microbes, and one in which the disease occurs naturally in aging mice, mimicking how the disease crops up in aging humans. People with diabetes and periodontal disease have more trouble controlling their blood sugar, which can lead to additional health problems. Unfortunately, most people don’t realize that these are the signs of a serious issue. While you can’t stop getting older, you can quit smoking and you can stay on top of your blood sugar levels if you are diabetic. If anything is going on in your mouth, the dentist should be able to fix it or refer you to an orthodontist if necessary. General dentists and pediatric dentists see lip biting all the time and can guide you on how to handle it. However, to summarize, after being chewed upon several hundred thousand times, it has finally failed. The gum care is an essential part to ensure proper oral […]Who is a good candidate for dental implants?

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