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Diabetes is a group of metabolic diseases in which a person has a too high blood sugar, the body does not produce enough insulin or cells do not respond to insulin. People with diabetes do not have enough insulin, are not able to use insulin properly and as a result the blood sugar increases while the cells starve of energy. There is a high number of other types of diabetes which are less common and where naming is not standardized. Diabetes is treatable and to some extend diabetes type 2 is curable, especially in early stages. In this state also called pre-diabetes the blood glucose levels are higher but not yet high enough to confirm diabetes. Diabetes type 2 is the most common type of diabetes, over 90 % of people with diabetes have type 2 diabetes. Over time the high blood sugar levels in a diabetes patient damages nerves and blood vessels. Undiagnosed diabetes can have major medical implications up to the amputation of a leg or a stroke. Taking medications is not a substitute for eating right, exercising, and maintaining a healthy weight. Limiting carbohydrates will help keep your blood sugar levels in check but it’s also important to be sure that your total calorie intake is appropriate.
One study reports that today there are an estimated close to 10 million cases of diabetes in Russia today.
According to the Russian Diabetes Federation by 2025 as many as 10 million people will be diagnosed with diabetes which means practically a doubling of the diabetes rate. The cost of diabetes are direct costs for the treatment as well as all the indirect cost such as the reduced ability to work etc. It is estimated that the healthy cost of an individual with diabetes are three times higher than without diabetes. According to one estimate the cost of diabetes in Russia are between 3,6 billion and 6,6 billion international dollars per year. There is also a state program in Russia to fight diabetes between 2007 to 2011 of 6 billion rubles.
There are a high number of statistics which document that weight loss and the right diet, healthy nutrition and physical activity can reduce the risk of diabetes type 2. Up to 80% of the diabetes type 2 occurrence can be avoided in Russia though healthy nutrition, the right diet and the right food and also an increase amount of physical activity.
When you change to the right diet though key is to work with an experienced dietitian who can also adjust your daily nutrition right and support you in monitoring your blood sugar.
If you luckily do not yet have diabetes but due to family history, or obesity you are in a high risk group you should immediately act to reduce your likely hood to become diabetic.
When your are diagnosed as diabetic your endocrinologist will prescribe you the relevant medicine and advise you to lose weight though a regime of healthy nutrition.
In the experienced shared by our clients endocrinologist do not have the necessary time and provide rather general advice like not to eat bread, potatoes or pasta.
Most frequently given advice on nutrition rather generally, for example, are advised not to eat bread, potatoes, pasta. In special classes about diabetes you will be taught about important grains are for you but you will most likely not be taught which grains to select, how much grain to eat and how to cook grains. For all the questions around your new diet endocrinologist usually do not have enough time or enough in detail experience to tailor it to your individual needs. Only a healthy lifestyle including the right nutrition helps you to live a decent life with diabetes, medicine alone does not help. Taking the time and to work with a dietitian will allow you to reduce severe complications that might arise such as vascular lesions, hypertension, gangrene, ulcers, reduced vision and amputations. Only an experienced dietitian has the time and the know how to analysis on a weekly basis your dietary habits.

Working with the doctors at the Personal Dietology Center Palitra Pitania you can reduce your diabetes risk by a big percentage (big is larger then 50% so some studies show) if you are in one of the at risk groups.
If you are in a risk group for diabetes you should be concerned and undertake the right steps to protect your health. One studies showed a reduction of 58% of the risk to incur diabetes in a group of patients with a body mass index of 34. Even only a 5 to 10 kgs reduction of weight are reported to have a very positive impact on the blood sugar levels.
And do try to reduce your weight alone without the supervision of an experience doctors and dietitian.
At the Personal Dietology Center work experience doctors who additionally are trained as dietitians.
Our doctors can read the blood test you have already done or can advise you where to do a qualified blood test for your blood sugar levels.
Las funciones basicas de este personal son las de ofrecer asistencia de calidad e informacion relevante sobre las tecnicas de reproduccion asistida. Estas capacidades ayudan especialmente a que la ansiedad y depresion que presentan los pacientes se reduzca para poder conseguir el exito esperado. Los resultados obtenidos en un estudio(Terzioglu) demuestran esto ultimo, donde la asesoria del personal de enfermeria y la aplicacion de servicios de apoyo (contacto telefonico, informacion detallada, visitas personalizadas, etc.) fueron los mas citados por los pacientes.
Los principales problemas asociados con la reproduccion asistida pueden estar derivados de la estimulacion ovarica o del embarazo.
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El infarto se debe a la lesion del miocardio (musculo del corazon) por falta de aporte sanguineo.
El infarto suele ocurrir cuando un coagulo de sangre bloquea la circulacion de una arteria coronaria.
Con mucha frecuencia, el coagulo causante del problema se ha formado en una arteria coronaria estrechada por la acumulacion de colesterol y otros depositos grasos, formando las llamadas placas ateroescleroticas.
Para que se produzca el infarto de miocardio, esta obstruccion en la circulacion debe ocurrir de manera rapida y repentina. In a normal situation the body breaks down food after a meal to glucose and then transports it by the blood though the body.
It seems that genetics and an environmental trigger have to come together to result in a patient developing diabetes type 1. Looking at the diabetes situation in the US allows to forecast the situation in Russia in the future if no active steps are taken by the relevant bodies and the society. Obesity rates are rising all over the world but especially strong in countries which so far had lower rates. With the increase in the obesity rates over time the diabetes rates will increase rapidly in Russia.

The healthy diabetic nutrition should be discussed with a nutrition specialist and doctor understanding nutrition and diabetes.
It is key if you want to avoid diabetes to eat the right food, eat at right times and also correctly prepared food. But usually the will not tell you which types of bread and pasta you can still eat with diabetes.
But usually did not specify what kind of bread can still be included in the diet or any pasta will not adversely affect the body.
Living with diabetes is only possible with a lifestyle change and not just by taking medicine. Only an experienced dietitian can explain you what to eat, how to eat it, when to eat it and how to cook right.
Early weight loss in our programs is always very fast and in the first two to three weeks up to 2 kgs per week is not unusual. Students will discover and explore the interaction of forces that influence peace and conflict in our world, as well as examine issues of ecological sustainability and social justice.
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Estas arterias forman parte del sistema circulatorio del corazon y son las encargadas de nutrirlo. La cubierta de estas placas puede fisurarse y dejar expuesta la parte mas interna, lo que hace que el organismo responda formando un coagulo de sangre para taponar la lesion.
Por el contrario, si la arteria se bloquea de forma paulatina no se producira un infarto, porque el corazon crea nuevos vasos sanguineos por donde nutrirse, y el problema se manifestaria como una angina de pecho (donde existe dolor toracico tambien, pero no se produce una lesion en el corazon por falta de oxigeno). In a US group of pre-diabetes patients 11% of the group developed full diabetes per year (such a total of 33%) for the following three years. Medical complications which can arise are kidney disease, blindness, nerve problems or amputations. At the Personal Dietology Center Palitra Pitania we ask our clients to do a blood test, especially if they are in a high risk group for diabetes.
Even if you are currently using insulin or anti-diabetic medications to manage your Type 2 diabetes, you may be able to reduce or even eliminate your need for drugs by losing weight, exercising, and sticking to your diet plan.
Fruit contains valuable nutrients and fiber and has a milder effect on blood sugar than other types of sweets. An experience nutritionist can also provide relevant insight how to adopt the diet be healthy.
All these questions around food are a core competency of a dietitian or nutritionist and not of an endocrinologist.
In the United States as stated earlier over 23% of the over 60 year old population has diabetes.
This because you can not know all the metabolism effects of food on your blood sugar level. We had several clients here in high risk groups, and one already with diabetes, who lost after one meeting 5 kgs! Students will broaden their knowledge base and develop cross-cultural understanding and leadership skills needed to mediate conflict in various situations -- at home, in the community, at the national level and abroad. Si este trombo bloquea la circulacion durante mas de veinte minutos se producira el ataque cardiaco.

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