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Binge eating disorder (BED) is characterized by eating large quantities of food and feel powerless to stop. Binge eating disorder occurs more frequently in those who have a history of dieting, especially if diets have failed in the past. Some of the physical repercussions of binge eating include frequent bowel movements, involuntary vomiting (not for purging), abdominal bloating and heartburn.
While anorexia and bulimia are most often associated with dental problems because they are associated with a lack of nutrients, binge eating can also cause dental problems. Because of these issues, you have to make sure your medical records are always updated and current. A list of your prescription medication and any other medication you are taking, even if it is over the counter. When diabetes is not controlled effectively, the high glucose levels in your saliva encourages bacteria to flourish. If plaque is allowed to develop, it hardens and becomes tartar and tartar above the gum line can be very hard to remove by just brushing. Gum disease usually develops when diabetes is not controlled and can occur often, each time a little more severe, resulting in loss of teeth. Also, reduced saliva production and the rise in salivary glucose becomes an environment for fungus growth causing thrush. Be alert to any signs or symptoms of problems and if you notice something, tell your doctor.
Disclaimer"Be Healthy, Be Happy", this blog, does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. As per American Association of Orthodontist, dental occlusion is how the upper and lower section of your jaw come in contact with one another. Checking for occlusion is important during the jaws at rest and even while chewing as it can lead to serious medical and dental complications.
There are number if type of occlusion and it varies from person to person but all can be treated, the types are static occlusion, centric occlusion and malocclusion. A healthy habitual bite means there should be no crossbite, underbite or overbite of teeth.
Malocclusion is a serious issue and can be treated well in time, else it can damage your gums and teeth.
Sore teeth, receding gums, temporormandibular joint problems(TMJ) that might result in grinding, clicking or can cause pain in the jaws. An occlusion is normal when lower and upper teeth fit well and there are no possible signs of destruction. This is at times considered an ideal occlusion and the least destructive one, but there is a little problem with the alignment.
This type of a malocclusion is called as overbite because there is a significant distance between the lower anterior incisors and the upper anterior incisors.
This type of malocclusion is called crossbite where the lower anterior incisors are either placed right in front of or edge to edge with the upper anterior incisors. There are times when the teeth seem to fall in proper occlusion and look normal with no visible sign for the patient. The movement of the mouth is controlled by five main muscles in the mouth, a force is created in them which allows you to grind, chew, clench or bite anything. If it is determined by the dentist that occlusion is causing dental issues and the pain or broken teeth, failing restorations are a sign of bad bite then a treatment plan is designed to adjust the occlusion.
With the result of the diagnosis, the dentist determines the best suited way to improve occlusion. Any dentist before performing a cosmetic dentistry will have a look at the overall occlusion. For a comprehensive dental treatment it is a must to have better oral health for maximum functionality and durability of dental crowns and veneers.
Remember that you can download your licenses whenever you want in the Downloads section of your profile. The supernumerary teeth occur a lot more among the permanent teeth compared to the deciduous teeth. The supernumerary teeth are classified into several groups based on their morphology and location. Although these teeth can cause the several problems mentioned, it does not mean that they must always be extracted when spotted.

Both extra teeth and supernumerary teeth refer to the same medical condition called hyperdontia. This is an interesting hyperdontia patient – he has all his wisdom teeth out and 7 supernumerary teeth. As an instance, one may enjoy good digestive and liver health with the help of Divya Tribhuvan Kirti Ras. The condition can cause eye damage, kidney damage, nerve damage or neuropathy, heart health issues – in fact, every part of the body is at risk for diabetes complications.
This can be minimized by brushing twice a day with fluoride toothpaste and flossing once a day to ensure there is no buildup between the teeth. It is the relation between maxillary(upper) and mandibular(lower)teeth during the functional contact when you close your jaws, bite or chew. Static is the one when the teeth come in contact when the jaws are at rest while dynamic one happens during chewing and it is also called as mastication. Other kind of movement is anterior guidance where the lower jaw when pushed forward come in front of the upper jaw and the teeth behind do not touch each other and even this is an ideal bite. Besides that it can affect the crown, filling and temporary restoration to wear our and break them before time. Any issues with the bite can cause strain on the jaw muscles and it is not only restricted to jaw but can change to muscles fatigue, neck pain, shoulder pain, sinus problem and headache. In this case the lower anterior incisors are slightly behind the upper anterior incisors while biting down. But it can cause dental problems and give pain which should be taken to the dentist well in time. In case of a misalignment, the force can be wrongly distributed and create a destructive force on the ligaments, teeth bone, muscles connecting the jaw, neck and the head. The preparation is done through intraoral radiographs(oral X-rays), teeth impressions, photograph to make a note of how the teeth fall on each other.
It might involve restoring with the help of dental veneers, dental crowning, composite bonding, reshaping or repositioning that involves an orthodontics. This is known as occlusal equilibration and an ideal procedure for minor cases where only few teeth cause minor problems.
When visiting a dentist for single crown or filling you might not need any adjustment with the occlusion if you never faced any major issue with your oral health. For amazing cosmetic results you need to have a stable occlusion else there are chances of early failure. Additionally, if you are subscribed to our Premium account, when using this vector, you can avoid crediting the image to Freepik. The case of a single supernumerary tooth presence is more common but the occurrence of multiple supernumerary teeth is also. The name has a Latin origin although it is widely known in the everyday life as having supernumeraries.
Each of these viruses causes different problems, but in this post we are focussing on the Type 1 Herpes Simplex Virus (or Human Herpesvirus 1, HHV-1) which is primarily responsible for oral infections. Many people with BED are overweight, however it is possible to have a normal weight and still have BED. This often becomes a cycle - guilt and remorse can lead to more binge eating, which results in more guilt and then more eating. You might find empty containers and boxes of food hidden under beds, in closets or stuffed in the trash can. Because it weakens the immune system, it reduces resistance to infection while slowing down the healing and recovery. Diabetes is a condition that results in slow healing, besides reducing the body’s ability to fight infections and this places the gums tissue at risk.
In normal blood sugar people, the body defends against these, together with regular oral hygiene, keeping them from causing problems. Sometimes it affects the tongue, resulting in pain and burning sensation, making it tough to swallow and interfering with taste identification. When the teeth come in complete interaction with upper teeth it is known as maximum intercuspation.
Malocclusion is the term when lower and upper teeth are not aligned properly and can cause crossbites, overbites, or underbites and should be treated well in time. On shifting of jaws towards one side, the lower canine should easily slide over upper canine and the back of the jaw and the teeth no longer come in each other’s contact.

In case of an ideal bite the centric relation of the jaw joints is also good which means that the ball of jaw joint is properly placed in the sockets. If not treated timely, it can cause excessive wearing, discomfort and even damage jaw bones. If not treated properly, it can lead to chronic headache, TMJ, tooth loss, lack of tooth movement, muscle pain, injury and increased tooth sensitivity. Else different measures are made use of an it entirely depends on the severity of the case.
But if your dentist comes across problem like tooth mobility, wearing, muscle pain and any other signs then it has to be adjusted. But there is no need to worry as you can get rid of fevers of varying nature as well as the associated symptoms by using Divya Tribhuvan Kirti Ras. Problems relevant to the throat such as tonsillitis and laryngitis may also be treated and prevented. When the gums and bone that hold the teeth in place are infected from gum disease, you must seek treatment immediately. Sometimes, they can grow and multiply, resisting the body’s defense and causing fungal infections. You may need to take prescription medication to treat this and it is important to remember that good oral hygiene is a must-do. But in case the teeth ate in perfect condition but bite structure is poor, orthodontic help is provided and could be a long-term procedure that usually makes use of braces and teeth is moved back to correct position. But when it comes to the permanent teeth the incidences of the extra teeth is twice as much in males compared to females. The Odontoma type is further classified into complex composite Odontoma and compound composite Odontoma. These extra teeth can also cause a hindrance to the normal teeth that should erupt from the gum. The additional tooth may develop from a separate tooth bud or from splitting the permanent tooth bud. Apart from fevers, it is also efficient in management of various other diseases and disorders.
Classification according to location gives only two types, that is, those found among the front teeth (also known as mesiodens) and those found at the back of the mouth.
If you smoke, suffer high blood sugar or need treatment involving antibiotics often, fungal infections in the mouth are likely. As the name suggests the conical type are peg shaped and are normally present among the front teeth. Some pathological conditions like cyst formation are also more likely to occur when one has the extra teeth. During reactivation, herpes labialis, the virus migrates from the ganglion back down to the peripheral nerves and then is actively shed via cold sores. The presence of these extra teeth can also results in the resorption of the adjacent teeth’s roots depending on the location. Reactivation can occur repeatedly.In up to 90% of patients, the primary infection of HHV-1 is asymptomatic and usually occurs in childhood.
However, they can then still go and develop secondary reactivation in the future.Herpetic GingivostomatitisThe primary infection is quite common and as mentioned, often is asymptomatic.
Symptoms include headaches, pyrexia and behavioural changes over several days.SummaryHuman Herpesvirus 1, HHV-1, is responsible for primary and secondary oral infectionsHerpetic gingivostomatitis is the primary infection. QuestionPrimary infection of HHV-1 is called… Herpes Labialis HSV Encephalitis Herpetic Gingivostomatitis Herpetic Whitlow Herpectic Lesions of the eye Correct Incorrect Question 3 of 5 3.
QuestionThe incubation period for primary infection is around… 1-3 days 3-5 days 5-7 days 7-10 days 10-14 days Correct Incorrect Question 4 of 5 4. QuestionTreatment for primary infection is usually… Rest, antipyrexics, analgesics, acyclovir Acyclovir Rest, antipyrexics, analgesics, soft diet and cross-infection control Rest and acyclovir Cross-infection control Correct Incorrect Question 5 of 5 5.

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