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When have had to cancel sessions last minute, he always try’s to accommodate and get me in for make-up session or do a virtual skype session to keep on track.
Training can be expensive but you get what you pay for and this is way beyond just working out and getting fit. -Sarah The very first thing i liked about Dustin, is the fact that he can actually back up everything he says with scientific evidents based on reaseach studies or biomechanics of the body.
I found this to be very impressive because whatever he wanted me to do had reasoning behind it. Also, since every session is completely different from the other, I always feel challenged and never bored. He’s accomodating and flexible with his schedule, which is very helpful for me with my busy schedule.
Dustin also offers skype training sessions which I really like because I travel a lot and it keeps me progressing. I am very happy to be able to train with Dustin and look forward to myself looking even better! Like for example going from an arm front raise reverse lunge into an arm side raise knee up and back and forth. If that makes sense to you then you kind of have a picture. Almost feels like you are dancing instead of working out and sometimes the workouts are synchronized with music so that you can work on timing etc. The program also comes with a pretty comprehensive, but not super strict custom nutrition plan. I lost 9 lbs in my first Month! I worked out with him 3x a week and probably did 2 of the 4 weekly video homework assignments.
He thoroughly explains every exercise step by step and it helped me understand why I was doing what I was doing. Dustin has made working out into the highlight of my day and has inspired me to reach my fitness goals like I never have before. His approach to fitness is way different that anything I’ve experienced before in the past and each session is different, dynamic and most importantly, fun.

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