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Well, its close to 10-11 months since i started playing CS GO & now i find it much addictive than any other games around. This Guide will help users to achieve a much smoother gameplay with any Quad Core, decent graphics card & lastly with 120Hz or 144Hz panels.
Since i've used most of the decent mices like Steelseries Sensei Heat Orange [Raw], Steelseries Rival, Steelseries Ikari Laser & Razer Imperator, Razer Deathadder.
Rates are the commands that changes the value of the amount of date you receive and give to the server.
This file needs no modification and can be directly used in the game folder with the above configuration as modified by me. These settings are purely user preferred & will surely help you in increasing FPS along with maximizing your gameplay.
Since i use a 4:3 Format in a 1920 x 1080p Native Resolution Monitor, i will get 2 black bars on each side.

Now hover over to Advance Settings & use the below settings to maximize your gameplay in terms of performance than quality.
I would recommend to watch the below video for more information on different Crosshair Settings. Now almost all the necessary settings are configured & you must be getting more or less a fixed FPS while playing in any server throughout the world. RpK прославил свое имя когда начал играть в Counter Strike Source, за одну из лучшую команду мира - VERYGAMES. You can either Configure it as Global Settings or application specific, in case you don't play any other games.
With Lower Resolution, low CPI Settings make me more accurate & easier to handle weapon recoils of AK-47 or GalilAR. They will register your shots on the rates you?ve given, so if you have the bad rates, your shots wont register properly and the bullet won?t go where you want it to go.

Same with Playing Audio in background, which is quite distracting when playing at Competitive level. SKYTTEN отлично показывает себя в каждой игре, и совсем недавно попал в отличную пятерку Team Kinguin (ранее Александр выступал за команду Team Orbit).
Since i don't like to move my mouse a lot, i use a higher sensitivity with a medium size Mouse Pad. Having a low sensitivity might require lots of hand movements with mouse & might increase fatigue.

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