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The battle between Russia and the European Union is being fought with pitched battles on the streets of Kiev the capital of the Ukraine. Should the situation escalate, we could see open fighting akin to civil war in this clash of civilizations.
Bilderberg fascist Zbigniew Brzezinski told the CFR that a global political awakening was a threat to world government. Patrick Clawson of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy suggested starting a war with Iran in 2012. However, a stage is being set on another front Asia.The Asian theater has seen China commencing a massive drill along the border with North Korea involving 100,000 troops from the 16th and 39th Army Groups.
It is a winter training scenario which closed the Bohai Strait and the northern part of the Yellow Sea to civilian vessels.
It seems to be sending a message to North Korea if it is timed to the execution Jang Sung-taek who was responsible for economic affairs and cooperation with China. A related report by Leonid Petrov of Australian National Studies University's College of Asia and the Pacific reported North Korea is situated upon trillions of dollars of rare earth elements more than twice the known world supply. China is the other large resource holder of these elements used in weaponry and high tech manufacture. This capital flight is most likely the real reason the Chinese economy has been sluggish of late.

The end of January is the deadline for a Chinese fund holding $492 million to face a default. The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China has relented and will help repay losses in a recent development. Without this backing of the fund we could have anticipated cascading default across the board.
Its Vice Chairman, Wang Pin Yan, was arrested in May 2012 for accepting deposits without a banking licence. He ought to know.Another tall tale making the rounds is the Chinese are slowly buying up the Federal Reserve.
The Treasury will control the domestic dollar while China and the IMF control the international reserve dollar.
There is a body of opinion the US defaulted in October of last year and we're in a negotiation phase with creditors. China has purchased the JP Morgan building in Manhattan and is acquiring other western bank assets that own the Federal Reserve. It would be a party.Moscow based Expert magazine has reported that in their opinion the People's Liberation Army could be defeated in one hour in potential nuclear confrontation.
China's strategic missile force is based on old technologies from the collapse of the Soviet Union.

They do not have a three pronged nuclear capability which includes strategic bombers, ICBM's and submarine launched ballistic missiles. The million dollar question will be is there an American President tough enough to say, "Go ahead. Michael Dillon of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory has created a new model on surviving. They enter the word 'terror' to imply an extraordinary crisis like the one the NWO needs to survive from the mass awakening. These survival techniques hardly make the news compared to our addictions to pop culture and the profane. Imagine a world without jobs where robots do all the work and the useless eaters become more useless.
Japanese Prime Minister Abe says Sino Nippon relations are at the British German level of 1939.

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