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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. The presentation which won the Best Paper award at the Students' Paper Presentation in Rhapsody 2010. Course assessment is valuable to the teaching process because it allows you to identify what is “working” in the classroom, make informed revisions in future courses and record success for funding agencies and other actors.
Effective teaching can be measured through different types of direct and indirect assessment.
Without a doubt, any course that you have ever created includes all of these elements; however, they may not be evident in ways that inform your curriculum or others of your teaching success. The following matrix [Table A: Learning Outcome Assessment Matrix] will guide you in the process of aligning over-arching goals, desired learning outcomes, teaching methods and assessment strategies for your course.

When developing measurable learning outcomes, consider including a combination of lower- and higher-order thinking skills. Table D provides a sample of pre- and post-test assessment content aligned with the overarching goals, desired learning outcomes and teaching methods in a learning outcome assessment matrix. Other types of indirect assessment include informal feedback strategies (incorporating specific questions into a lesson or through the online course forum) focus groups, self-reflection assignments and individual student interviews. CLINICAL CASE PRESENTATION Treatment of pelvic ring disruption Tile C type with Ilizarov frame and minimal invasive internal fixation. Since measuring teaching is clearly not an exact science, the more varied the data sources, the more useful the measurement is likely to be. Table B is an example of a completed, yet simplified matrix [Table B] for a statistics course organized according to these principles.

Student A, while not achieving the same level as Student B, actually showed greater improvement as a result of teaching strategies and course instruction. These types of exercises offer instructors the opportunity to gauge comprehension of material and achievement of specific learning goals. Guidelines for developing and assessing student learning outcomes for undergraduate majors.

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