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To be able to control wireless drivers from userspace, some IPC communication processes between kernel and userspace are used. So, tools like iw, hostapd or the wpa_supplicant use some netlink libraries (like libnl or libnl-tiny) and the netlink interface public header which is of course nl80211.h. There is not so much documentations, but I advice you to read the libnl documentation and then the iw source code (because iw use libnl). A slightly more detailed picture of how nl80211 and cfg80211 work with other parts of the system (user space, kernel, and hardware). The WiFi drivers and hardware could be Full-MAC or Soft-MAC (see Wireless_network_interface_controller). What legal ramifications can be imposed for making a item appears as though it has been stolen in transit, and then allowing the vendor to replace it?

Is it possible I am damaging my long-term employability by staying at a company with terrible structure? If you got a response, please post it, I'm very interested in and I don't have enough time to do it now! This is a wpa_supplicant driver (not a kernel driver but an abstraction used in wpa_supplicant code) which uses libnl to communicate with the kernel cfg80211 module.

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