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You won't want to miss my FREE Trim Healthy Mama low carb-style recipes, tutorials, giveaways, and deals - get them delivered fresh to your inbox! Children have a great health risk primarily because they consume excessive amounts of sugar and carbohydrates. Children’s immune systems are compromised, creating (currently) unhealthy kids and (future) unhealthy adults. Wait a few years until immune system is compromised from a sugar and carbohydrate rich diet. Administer antibiotics that will also kill good bacteria in the gut, ensuring that fungus and harmful bacteria take control of that child’s intestinal tract and create constant energy drains. This will ensure that the child (like a drug addict) will crave the sugar and carbohydrate rich food that is the standard in America.
Once the recipe for an unhealthy child is followed, the intestinal tract becomes controlled by harmful bacteria, yeast and parasites that proliferate in the absence of protective bacteria (that have been killed by antibiotics).
Obesity (with up to 50% higher statistics for disease and mortality) is another of the outcomes of the Standard American Diet. If you love your children, ensure that they don’t follow the above recipe for guaranteed poor health in the future.

Teach your children to love and eat nutritious food and to snack on healthy vegetables and oils (celery with almond butter, for instance). Ensure that anytime children take a course of antibiotics they must follow it with a course of probiotics (protective bacteria).
Today’s generation of children may be the first generation of children in history whose actual longevity may be less than their parents.
It’s a matter of statistical fact that North Americans are now spending over 13% of their lives with a quality of life that is VERY LOW due to poor health. This percentage of years spent in poor health is going to increase for today’s children.
Diabetes with its associated problems is rampant (1 out of 3 people born after 2000 will develop diabetes). Cancer and disabling strokes and heart disease are now so prevalent that 95% of current adults will experience them. CardsTrim Healthy Mama Visual Shopping ListPlanning a Frugal Family Trip to Washington, D.C.
No children in history have been so overfed on calories and underfed on nutrients as today’s children. Given more time, down the road — adulthood diabetes, arthritis, cancer and heart disease are the virtually guaranteed outcomes. Unless they change their diets, they are being set up for very serious future health problems. The Standard American Diet of calories, highly processed and cooked foods, with very little raw produce is the root of the danger to children’s future health. Look at this chart showing the absolute correlation between obesity beginning in childhood and it continuing into adulthood.

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