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Diabetes is a disease that affects the pancreas’ ability to secrete the proper amount of insulin necessary to control blood sugar. Some symptoms to look out for in your pet are severe weight loss or gain, changes in appetite, excessive drinking, frequent urination, dehydration, lethargy, cataracts in dogs and muscle weakness in cats. A proper diagnosis by a veterinarian and a course of treatment are necessary to manage the disease.
Some herbs have been found to be very effective in treating or supplementing therapy for diabetes; notably, fenugreek, bittermelon, turmeric, and gymnema. Fenugreek has been used for thousands of years in many cultures, ranging from Greek to Chinese, for its medicinal properties.
Best known for use in curries and yellow mustard, turmeric has anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, and anti-diabetic characteristics. Gymnema is known in ayurvedic medicine as the ”sugar killer” because it dulls the taste of sugar. With a proper course of action including a proper diagnosis, diet, and herbal supplements that include fenugreek, bittermelon, turmeric, and gymnema, your dog or cat’s diabetes can be managed. Appropriate insulin function will cause the muscles and liver to take up glucose from the blood cells and convert it to energy. The United Kingdom’s Royal Veterinary College has identified two forms of canine diabetes: insulin-resistance diabetes (IRD) and insulin-deficiency diabetes (IDD).
Insulin-resistance diabetes is caused by diestrus, the period of sexual quiescence between two estrus (heat) periods. About 20 percent of dogs develop insulin resistance from acromegaly, Cushing’s disease and other conditions. The primary clinical sign of canine diabetes is excessive water consumption (polydipsia) and excessive urination (polyuria).
It is important to contact the vet if your dog has cloudy eyes, urinates more frequently, and drinks more water than usual. If your pet suffers from diabetes, the vet will recommend oral hypoglycemics, insulin products, and special diets.
It is important to always give your pet insulin at the same time every day and create a feeding schedule around his medication time.
You may also use a natural cure like Blood Sugar Gold, which helps maintain liver health and regulates blood glucose levels.
Return to top of pageCopyright 2011 Dog Diabetes Treatment • Read all about dog diabetes here. Canine kidney failure natural remedies - holistic dog care, Homeopathic remedies for canine kidney failure. Canine bladder stones natural remedies - holistic dog care, Natural herbal products for dogs with bladder stones. Wolf creek ranch - organic, natural, & holistic pet health, Wolf creek ranch natural holistic people, pet, and plant health care products.
Paxxin (aka parvaid) is a natural parvo treatment remedy, Paxxin aka parvaid is a natural parvo remedy that helps puppies overcome parvovirus.. Kidney rejuvenator - natural pet kidney cleanse detox remedy, Kidney rejuvenator helps cleanse and detox your pet's kidneys and urinary tract system with natural organic herbs.. When your dogs pancreas fails to produce enough insulin, sugars build up in the bloodstream. General Information about dog diabetesGeneral Information About Dog DiabetesMost people are confused about what dog diabetes really is. All natural dog diabetes remedyAll Natural Herbal Dog Diabetes Treatments And RemedyFind out more about all natural Blood Sugar Gold today! Canine diabetes is a life-threatening disease that occurs when the body is unable to produce enough insulin to metabolize food for energy.
Canine diabetes is a lifelong condition caused by an absolute or relative deficiency of insulin.
If left untreated, this condition can lead to dehydration, blindness, malnutrition, neuropathy, and death.
Good and bad foods and treats to give your diabetic dog videosHealthy Foods And Treats For Diabetic Dogs Youtube VideosIf your dog does have diabetes, it's important to put him on a new diet that will help control his blood sugar level.
Below are two great Youtube videos that show what types of food are good and bad for canines with diabetes. Dog Hypothyroidism is a classic example of a malady that is perfect for treating with all natural herbal dog remedies. To understand more about dog hypothyroidism, you first need to have some basic general knowledge about the thyroid gland. Dog hypothyroidism is more common in some breeds than in others, but any dog might develop the condition.
Symptoms of hypothyroidism in dogs are sometimes vague, so they might go unnoticed at first.

If your dog is diagnosed with hypothyroidism, the veterinarian will probably recommend that your pet follow a special diet, usually one that’s low in fat.
The vet will periodically re-test your dog’s thyroid function, and depending on the results of the tests, he might adjust the amount of synthetic thyroid hormone your dog receives. Natural supplements, especially herbal dog remedies, can also be very beneficial for dogs with hypothyroidism.
Pet Wellbeing is the leader in herbal pet remedies, with all natural products available for types of pet diseases and conditions.
This herbal dog remedy helps encourage thyroid hormone production and supports healthy thyroid function. Thyroid Support Silver comes in liquid form, and the drops are easy to administer with the included dropper.
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BM Tone-Up Gold for dog diarrhea treatment is one of the most popular dog treatment products available at Pet Wellbeing.
Pet Wellbeing is a company that sells holistic and all natural supplements and treatments for dogs and cats.
Products for felines address allergies, constipation, arthritis and joint pain, ear infections, kidney disease, pink eye, diabetes, constipation, bad breath, skin irritation, worms, stress, hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, and more. Products for dogs address and treat conditions such as bug bites, constipation, arthritis, ear mites, fleas, kennel cough, dull coat, worms, liver disease, diabetes, allergies, skin disease and irritation, stress, anxiety, paw injuries, and more. One of the most popular products offered by Pet Wellbeing is BM Tone-Up Gold for dog diarrhea treatment.
This herbal remedy will stop diarrhea in its tracks, so to speak, and it will support your dog’s overall health. BM Tone-Up Gold, along with other products from Pet Wellbeing, has received rave reviews from satisfied pet owners from all across the United States. So if you want a great product on hand to help your pooch with dog diarrhea, check out BM Tone-Up Gold for dog diarrhea treatment today and make your dog feel better fast! Return to top of pageCopyright 2011 Orlando Pet Services • Orlando Pet Services has everything your looking for about pet products, pet services and more in the Orlando area. If managed properly, these animals can continue to live happy lives despite having diabetes. In addition to insulin therapy and change in diet, many pet owners are turning to natural approaches to supplement their pet’s health since insulin can have negative side effects.
While none of these are stand-alone treatments, in combination with each other and with a healthy diet and doctor’s diagnosis, these alternative remedies can help alleviate many of the negative effects of diabetes.
Research shows that fenugreek has anti-diabetic properties, namely amino acids that produce an effect similar to insulin. Because of characteristics that can improve insulin production it has also been used as herbal medicine in many cultures. A study done at Columbia University found that turmeric might reverse the metabolic and inflammatory problems linked with obesity and increase control of blood sugar levels. The acids in this herb appear to lower the amount of sugar taken in from food so that glucose levels do not spike after eating. Here is detailed information about this disease, including what causes it, symptoms, how a dog gets it and the cure or treatment of canine diabetes. Miniature Schnauzers, Golden Retrievers, Poodles, and German Shepard dogs have the highest incidence. This lifelong condition occurs when the dog’s body doesn’t process insulin properly, or makes too little insulin.
Dogs may also develop diabetes insipidus, a less common form of diabetes caused by insufficient arginine vasopressin (antidiuretic hormone) or resistance to it. Dogs with diabetes tend to lose weight because they breakdown stores of protein and fat to make ketones and glucose in the liver. The veterinarian will ask about these symptoms and perform several tests to rule out the possibility of other conditions.
This herbal formula supports healthy cholesterol levels and alleviates diabetic symptoms in dogs. Excess sugar in a dog's bloodstream can then cause many other diseases, up to and including death. All natural Blood Sugar Gold is a great herbal remedy that helps stabilize blood sugar levels, maintains a healthy liver and good eye health. Although this condition can not be cured, it can be successfully managed with proper medication and changes in diet and lifestyle.
Most people don't really understand what it is, how a dog gets it, how it's treated and so on.
With a healthy diet and Blood Sugar Gold supplement you can manage the insulin levels in his body.

You don't want to give your best friend food or snacks that will upset the insulin levels in his body greatly. So check out the first one below and see what foods are healthy for a diabetic dog and what ones are bad.
Dog breeds most prone to hypothyroidism include great Danes, poodles, golden retrievers, Doberman pinschers, and boxers. Some of the more obvious symptoms include decreased activity, hair loss, dull coat, skin problems, and weakness. Many dog owners also notice that dogs affected by hypothyroidism excrete a sticky, malodorous substance from their skin.
The vet will conduct a physical exam and ask you questions about the dog’s symptoms and about its history.
One great product that’s available is marketed by PetWellbeing, and it’s called Thyroid Support Silver. They back up all their products with a 90 day money back guarantee, free overnight shipping and instant veterinarian chat line on their site.
It’s a great long lasting product you can give your dog for long periods without any side effects.
With this product, your canine might not need as much synthetic thyroid hormone, and the vet might have to adjust your pet’s dosage. Here you can find the best holistic canine treatments for common dog diseases and conditions.
If you’ve ever owned a dog that suffered from a bout of diarrhea, you know how miserable it was – for both you and the dog. BM Tone-Up Gold for dog diarrhea treatment contains all-natural ingredients, with no chemical additives. BM Tone-Up Gold for dog diarrhea treatment will also boost your dog’s immune system and help with healing.
Check out the Orlando pet events page, pet rescue groups, pet sitting and dog walking services, pet groomers, Central Florida veterinarians, doggy day care and pet boarding places. If so, additional symptoms include breath that smells like acetone or nail polish remover, vomiting, weakness, rapid breathing, and eventually a diabetic coma.
A recent trial found fenugreek to improve control of glucose levels and lower resistance to insulin.
It can help regulate blood sugar levels and some studies show very strong hypoglycemic effects.
Moreover, it may even encourage insulin production and increase responsiveness to the insulin that is available. The body cells extract glucose from the blood with the help of insulin, a hormone produced by the pancreas.
When the pancreas fails to produce insulin or can not utilize it properly, blood sugar levels increase. Recent studies show that these disorders may be triggered by over-stimulation of the immune system from processed foods, multiple vaccinations, and certain drugs. It helps to maintain an even level of sugar in the blood, reduces strain on the liver and promotes good eye health. All natural Blood Sugar Gold is one of the best ways to help your dog keep a stable blood sugar level and insulin levels. Read all the great information inside here about what causes dog diabetes, the symptoms of it, what it does and how to cure or treat it the all natural, herbal way for quality of life for your best friend!
Insulin deficiency results in glycosuria (high urine sugar) and hyperglycemia (high blood sugar). The two main hormones produced by the gland are T3 and T4, which have a major effect on the body’s metabolism and how the body synthesizes proteins and how it uses energy. Herbal dog remedies for cancer, Hypothyroidism, pink eye, canine heart disease, dog arthritis, liver disease, kidney disease and more. This disease occurs when the body cells fail to utilize insulin properly, or when the body is unable to produce enough insulin to metabolize food for energy. Overweight dogs face a higher risk of diabetes and pancreatitis – a condition that may contribute to diabetes in 30 percent of cases. The ingredients help your pet deal better with its impaired thyroid hormone production by making the best use of the hormones that are available.

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