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Today we are going to speak about your little girls hairstyles that are so beautiful and practical at the same time.
If you teach the upper grades, you likely know how maddening it is to try to teach your students the difference between a multiplication word problem and a division word problem when it comes to fractions. Once we had the skills down, we moved on to word problems, which some of my students really struggled with.
I had the students copy the word problems on a foldable so that they could put them into their math journals and reference them later.
They all agreed that this helped them to better tell the difference between the two types of problems.

I am also having my students work through the word problems in my Multiplying Fractions Task Cards and Dividing Fractions Task Cards. If you are looking for even more resources for teaching operations with fractions, stop by my store to see the Ultimate Fraction Operations Resource Bundle!
Roberta HarenFebruary 3, 2014 at 6:37 PMTimely blog- we just started this very topic today, after 3 days off last week down here in the ATL. So, if your girl has long hair, then you can try braid headband, that's a perfect style which can be used for different type occasions, like school, formal events and weekend style. Now, let's see how it's done: grab a 1x1 hair strand on one side of the head, braid it and wrap it over the top of the head, securing it with a bobby pin.

As you can see it's another great choice if you are looking for easy and chic updo for your girl for school.

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