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Gestational Diabetes is one among the common feminine diseases that crops up during pregnancy. In order to keep away from gestational diabetes, make sure to concentrate on your diet in order to keep your blood glucose stable and low down throughout the day. Try your best to avoid anything white like sugar, sweet potatoes, rice, noodles, white bread flour, and pasta etc as much as you can. Reduce the intake of sugary food items like desserts, sauces, candy, sodas, and sweet teas etc during the nine months of pregnancy. Light and proper exercise plan during pregnancy plays vital role in avoiding gestational diabetes.
If you feel over-weighted during pregnancy, then it is better to consider it in order to cut down on calories.  Check out How to Lose Weight During Pregnancy. It is better to eat small but frequent meals in order to provide your digestive system with some time to digest the consumed food.
People who have diabetes, heart problems, kidney or liver disease, and pregnant women are more prone to this problem.As the swelling increases, it can cause general discomfort and people may find it difficult to walk or stand. If you have been diagnosed with fatty liver disease, you might be feeling afraid and somewhat bewildered and would appreciate more information about all aspects of this condition. Fortunately, there are treatments, both medical (lots of drugs) and homeopathic (natural diet), where you can reverse and eliminate fatty liver disease. 90-100% of the estimated 15 million people in the United States alone develop this health condition that begins with an enlarged liver. This type can lead to serious problems as it may cause scar tissue in the liver, called cirrhosis. If you have this condition, also called steatosis, you might develop diabetes which, over a period of time, can cause cardiovascular complications.
Since there aren’t normally any symptoms for this health problem, you should simply go to the doctor if you are experiencing unexplained weight loss, unusual fatigue or pain in your upper right quadrant. Fortunately, there are several treatments, both conventional and homeopathic, for this disease. In recent years, there has been much progress in a holistic approach to treating fatty liver disease with such things as a cleansing diet, liver detox diet and flush, as well as a diet of cleansing foods. While diet and lifestyle changes is currently the best way to reverse NALFD (see below), your liver can also benefit from homeopathic treatments, such as this detox spray. Milk thistle extract (silybin) and chelidonium majus are some traditional herbs used to help the liver.
This is an attractive prospect to a lot of people who don’t like the modern tendency of the medical profession to try and treat everything with often toxic drugs that often do more harm than good. If you stop and really pay attention to the long list of potential side effects for many prescriptions medicines, it’s a classic case of throwing out the baby with the bath water. If you choose homeopathic supplements, note that this will help your liver, but not reverse fatty liver disease.
Making simple diet and lifestyle changes can help to halt the effects of this condition, and in most cases can turn it around completely. There is a guide written by an RN with years of experience seeing patients who have this condition—both the alcoholic type and the nonalcoholic type. Finally, if you have fatty liver and have problems meeting your health goals, this online health tracker designed for fatty liver sufferers can definitely help you.
If you have this condition, it can cause damage to other organs and contribute to serious health problems. The ebook guide I mention above has a detailed plan on diet and lifestyle changes you can implement immediately. I have a fatty lever, I always fast on monday.I eat only 1 time on monday, please advice should I continue or stop ? If your condition worsens (if you don’t lose weight, change your diet or exercise), you will continue to feel more and more tired and nauseous. The discomfort is likely the enlargement of your liver pressing into nearby tissue, though it can be other things like biliary pain from your gall bladder. Fatty liver can cause an enlarged liver, but an enlarged liver could also be caused by other problems such as hepatitis. I’m sorry to have to say this, Sameer, but you have to completely cut out all alcohol.
I would like to know Whether Fatty Liver Type 1 is an advanced stage or Fatty Liver Type 2 ?
Neeraj, it sounds like you have a more advanced form of fatty liver – one of the symptoms is swelling due to retained fluid. There really isn’t any medicine to treat fatty liver, though there are some drugs in research trials.

Hi… Yesterday, I have a ultrasound, though I only requested for KUB, the technician had a quick scan on my liver and he said I have a fatty liver… Can ultrasound detect or differentiate fatty liver from cirrhosis? Hi Greg, 1 year ago I had surgery, gallbladder removed, after I gained weight, +- 15 kg, now I have terrible pain in my right side, around the liver, which test I need? You sure can begin the process of getting your liver healthier overall, but the pain is concerning, so see your doc anyway, okay?
It sounds like you’re living as healthy a life as you can, so the disease is likely caused by other complications, such as hypothyroidism.
Is your Diabetic Heart Killing you softly?Get to know about Diabetes Heart Failure link to more severe complications. It occurs when the pregnant women’s body doesn’t produce sufficient amounts of insulin to deal with the increased blood sugar. Epsom SaltEpsom salt works fast to reduce swelling and can help alleviate pain and discomfort, too. But, if you have in excess of 5-10% of fat in the entire weight of the organ – you may have liver disease.
There are people who have a fatty liver that will never cause them any problems or lead to something more serious, even though it isn’t normal. An estimated 20% of all adults have some form of this the condition, and approximately 6 million children. Scientific studies of these herbs (see here and here) show promising results in helping the liver. You may get rid of some symptoms of your original complaint, only to get whammied with more that are far worse than what you had to begin with.
I had a fatty liver and believe me green tea was not good for me … There is a substantial amount of caffeine in green tea. I wonder what brand of green tea you had, because I’ve only heard good things about it. Continue with your healthy regimen in the meantime, but there’s a real danger in assuming all pains are related to an already-diagnosed condition. I am also currently writing steps you can take once you receive a prognosis of this disease. Instead, take a good look at what you eat, and substitute for healthier foods and smaller portion sizes. In the end stages, you’ll get jaundice, itchy skin, painful fluid buildup in your legs and arms, skin bruises, and your liver will eventually shut down.
Usually, some fat in your pancreas isn’t any cause for concern, but it could also be caused by drinking too much alcohol or gallstones, so I would get it checked out. I assume you are on medication – one of the side effects of hypothyroidism is muscle pain.
I am not a doctor, but I am handy on Google ;), so I did some research in medical journals. Read my Step 2 on what foods to eat – basically, avoid processed foods, most sugars and fatty, greasy foods.
You can still reverse it – talk to your doctor about your diet, and mention herbs such as milk thistle. Your best bet is to follow a special diet to slowly lose weight, cut out sugar, and exercise. My oncology specialist says that it is a complication of the chemo drugs that I have been given for breast cancer. The diet I recommend on this site is the best … it is high in fiber, vegetables and fruits, and low in fat and grease. I would definitely seek out more medical attention, perhaps even a hepatologist (usually referred by your doctor) who can figure out what can be done.
You may manage high cholesterol levels, because all the glycemic load fruits can help reducing high cholesterol. Alba, What would be the glucose reaction if I eat 2 scrambled eggs with 2 slices of salt-cured bacon and one slice of wholegrain toast? Profuse and frequent urination, fatigue, tiredness, extreme thirst and snoring can be some of the common symptoms of Gestational Diabetes in Pregnancy. Make sure to walk for at least 15 to 20 minutes after meals in order to thoroughly optimize your blood sugar absorption. The magnesium sulfate in Epsom salt is easily absorbed through the skin and helps improve circulation and reduce swelling.
I started by cutting out all dairy from my diet, I reduced meat portions, and added a lot more vegetables to my plate. Also, I haven’t come across any studies about caffeine and fatty liver – some studies say caffeine is actually good for your liver!

If your lifestyle includes being overweight and drinking too much, your body is liking telling you that it’s time to lose weight, eat better and no more alcohol.
My doctor couldn’t see anything abnormal with my blood tests but decided to do an ultrasound which showed a mild NAFLD.
I didn’t find one for fatty liver, but I did find one for fasting if you have diabetes. Replace with lean meats, vegetables, fruits (which have natural sugars), fish oil, nuts and beans.
Do I need to take any Liver tonics (Ayurvedic or Allopathic) side by side alongwith exercise & diet ? I always feel tired and I feel lots of pain (back, arms, legs ) and lately I feel cold on feet and hands at night… Does this indicate a worse case than that of a fatty liver? Diabetes is increasingly being seen as a major factor, so find out about this … especially if your Mom is on a gluten-free diet, as gluten is often replaced with sugar in foods.
This issue looks simple one but can create some serious problems for you and your expected baby. Contrast HydrotherapyThis type of hydrotherapy, which includes both cold and warm water, is highly effective for reducing swelling in your feet. Oh and when it comes to meat, I try to stick with chicken or fish and avoid (not eliminate) red meat as much as possible. Otherwise, definitely avoid fried foods, alcohol, simple carbs (ie white bread and pasta) and fatty foods. You may feel healthy, with no digestion problems (in contrary it will be better), and have an excellent memory.Your insulin resistance risk level will be decreased too.
For example, the gestational diabetes’s patients at severe risk for giving birth to outsized baby with wide shoulder, which can ultimately cause paralysis. Good thing my wife knows how to do the massage for me since she has basic training on massaging.
Avoiding dairy has been difficult (especially cheese), but not having a gut ache, feeling bloated after a meal, and not having to stay close to a bathroom has been well worth the sacrifice.
I was told I shouldn't feel pain if it is NAFLD, especially a mild case but I can also feel when I am ovulating, when I have a cyst in my ovary, etc. The only problem I see is the issue of losing too much weight too fast, as this can actually make things worse.
Pl suggest me treatment & natural herbs, fruits (Walnuts ?) which can be consumed to get rid of Fatty Liver. The best thing you can do is, avoid gestational diabetes as it is one among the preventable diseases. Great post by the way!Sharath September 5, 2015 at 7:56 pm ReplyHi , first of all,thanks for the post,appreciate the knowledge sharing. When breaking your fast, try to avoid greasy food and saturated fats, and go for lots of vegetables and water.
There is an experimental drug, but shedding excess pounds and eating well is still the best remedy. There’s now lots of evidence of a link between diabetes and a fatty liver, so you have to get diabetes under control first. There are several useful methods available in this regard, which are not only simple but very effective. It creates pressure on the affected area that helps relax sore muscles and improve circulation.
My weight loss is very slow and a recent biopsy has shown that my liver is still very fatty. DandelionThe diuretic property of dandelion helps the body metabolize extra fluids, making it a great remedy for swollen feet. Just place ur feet on two to three soft pillows while sleeping,ensure that its not too high and make ur leg and joints strain or uncomfortable,let it be in a comfortable doing this the excess liquid goes out of the body through urine, you can do it at night if you are comfortable waking up to empty your bladder, do it at the time of rest and trust me its the best way to get edema or swelling down. How long will it take for my liver to recover so that I can loose weight as my dr says my slow weight loss is due to my fatty liver? Lemon WaterDrinking lemon water helps flush out excess fluid and toxins from your body, which can reduce swelling in the feet and other areas of the body caused by water retention.

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