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In this article I’ll document the key facts you need to know about cannabis oil, and how to create the oil to cure your own cancer.
There are many ways to decarboxylate cannabis, but when fighting a disease as deadly as cancer we must choose the optimal method to create the strongest, most pure extract. Unfortunately many dispensaries sell oils at a much lower percentage, sometimes as low as 50%, which will work for lesser conditions, but with cancer we can’t take the chance of working with second rate oils.
Many criticise Rick Simpson for using potentially dangerous solvents, but the bottom line is this: his method produces the highest concentration of THC.
2) Great care must be taken not to cause an explosion or breathe in toxic fumes during the process. This is why I generally recommend that people use a device called a Magical Butter machine. The main advantage of Magical Butter is increasing the safety and simplicity of the process. Rick Simpson, i appreciate all you did for me and my wife with your Hemp oil medical service. My wife had breast cancer which was already in the stage IV and the doctor said we needed a miracle for my wife to be cured of her cancer. God in his infinite mercy will continue to be gracious and Guide you Rick Simpson, we appreciate all what you did for me and the family. These kind of comments are all over Facebook and you’ll also see them posted under cannabis oil articles. Here’s a good Facebook page with up-to-date information on the latest cannabis oil scams. This entry was posted in CBD Blog and tagged cannabis oil cancer, cannabis oil cancer guide.
I would definitely advise applying Rick Simpson Oil topically in the case of breast cancer. You should be able to buy real cannabis oil in BC – there are lots of dispensaries in Vancouver. If this plant were discovered in the Amazon today, scientists would be falling all over each other to be the first to bring it to market. Pulmonary fibrosis is an autoimmune disease, in which your immune system attacks the lungs, causing excessive scarring and inflammation.
Avoid foods that are unhealthy, and might result in other diseases, such as monosodium glutamate, refined salt, hydrogenated fats, high cholesterol foods, artificial sweeteners like aspartame, refined oils, junk foods, alcohol, smoked or fried foods, etc.
Body cleansing can be partially implemented by the dietary changes you incorporate in your life, but over the years, due to an imbalanced diet, your body holds a lot of toxins, and it is next to impossible to eliminate them solely by changes in your diet. Many scientific studies have concluded that certain toxins are eliminated from the body only by sweating. These provide you with the essential fatty acids which are the indispensable part of every restoration regime.
Here are some images and graphic designs I created for Rick Simpson to help promote HEMP OIL as Nature's Cure for Cancer and much more.
Hemp Oil Cures Cancer T-shirt design - Save the larger image and feel free to print your own.
Please visit Rick Simpson's official website and learn more about the Medicinal Properties of HEMP OIL and how you can cure yourself of Cancer and many other illnesses.
THCA does not bind with the cannabinoid receptors and will therefore not be useful for fighting cancer. It needs to be at least 90% cannabinoids – Rick Simpson himself states that his oils are usually 95% cannabinoids.

From the research I’ve seen, the oils that are made using the Simpson method produce notably more medicinal, highly potent oil. This step will prove nearly impossible for many, but if you have access to plenty of plants then juicing leaves and trim will prove enormously beneficial.
Sadly some of these steps, especially juicing raw cannabis, are close to impossible for those of us living in prohibition countries. Scammers are all over the internet, and more and more seem to be latching onto cannabis oil, and viewing cancer patients as easy marks.
But for grace over my family a miracle happened when we learnt about Rick Simpson cannabis Oil, My wife has been on the treatment for the past 3 months and the result was tremendous as the Hemp Oil has Kill the Cancer and no more trace of Cancer and other chronic disease in her. If you’re still confused or need further information please either write a comment below or email me. I consider it essential that knowledge of this healing power be made known, and that products which could help millions of sick people be made available.
These foods contain toxins which would aggravate the inflammation of your lungs, and result in increased scarring.
It is a very simple measure, you can jog, dance, exercise, practice yoga or meditation, anything will do.
It is the healthiest way to calm down your immune system and prevent the hyper B cells from further damaging your lungs. It also thins the blood, and therefore improves the circulation, resulting in the rejuvenation of the scarred and inflamed tissue. Vitamin C rich foods would enhance the production of white blood cells which would result in suppressing the inflammation of the lungs. We run network of high quality 50+ high niche websites with millions of regular visitors, Please connect with us. I’ll also explain why you need to make your own oil and why you must never buy cannabis oil online. After a couple of weeks of taking a grain of rice, then two grains of rice, you will notice that the psychoative effects decrease.
Omega 3 and omega 6 are particularly beneficial, and the hemp seed possesses them at a near perfect ratio for the human body. But bear in mind that topical application is not an alternative to eating the oil, as you should also eat the oil daily (or take it as a suppository if you can’t handle the high).
Over five million people in the world suffer from this deadly disease, and the doctors have very little to offer to them except hope. Instead, switch to a balanced, holistic diet, which would help cleansing your body, while also providing nutrition. Other refined forms of physical activity, which would be beneficial if you have proper training are: tai chi, chi gonk, trampoline jumping, golf, Chinese yoga, etc. It is a very simple, friendly, and economical remedy, and plays a very important role in the cleansing and detoxification of your body.
This also makes the cells and tissues soft and capable of absorbing more oxygen and nutrients.
It should be a highly sedating indica – an organically grown kush strain would be optimal.
The Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) is not easy to come by, it might have to be grown by a friend or caregiver, and it needs to be extracted superbly, to 90%+ cannabinoids, but when you have the highest quality oil you have a real chance to beat cancer.
The oil must be made from a high grade indica, and the only way of knowing for sure is buying the seeds online at a reputable seed selling website, then growing the plants yourself. What I can tell you is that, compared with most of the world, Canada has sensible cannabis laws.

Foods you can incorporate in your diet are unrefined salt, foods containing good cholesterol, essential fatty acids, barley, lemonade (every morning), barley, olive oil, maple syrup, trace minerals such as selenium. You have to cleanse your bowels, free them of parasites, cleanse your mouth (dental cleansing), cleanse your kidney and liver.
To increase the amount of sweat, you can take a sauna or steam bath, exercise with many clothes on, eat jalapenos (cayenne peppers), etc. Steroids are biomolecules which help suppress the immune system, restoring its normal activity. Cod liver oil is rich in vitamin D and is recommended if you don’t get your daily dose of sunlight.
It is also a very cheap and economical remedy for cleansing the body of toxins and preparing the body such that proper absorption of nutrients occurs. Some vitamin C rich foods you can consume are lemons, oranges, grapes, berries, and other citrus fruits. Such a strain will also help you sleep much better, which is an underrated part of recovery. Omega oil and cannabinoids also work wonders together – and hemp seed oil is easily obtained on Amazon or most health food stores. Hopefully Trudeau will win the upcoming election and fulfill his promise of legalizing it outright so you’ll be able to walk into a store and buy it yourself! But here are some natural remedies which will help you fight pulmonary fibrosis and reverse its effects.
Many ways of cleansing your body in these respects are available, and you can choose whichever method you are comfortable with. It can be performed while traveling also, and you would not even have to make any special monetary investments. Instead of taking oil, you can take ground flax seed itself if you are more comfortable with it.
It won’t be as effective but if you take mega doses you will still get huge benefits. The impaired breathing and lung function can improve; the scarred and inflamed lung tissue can heal.
It is the most economical natural remedy available and it would do you good in many more ways than imaginable.
Once the immune system has been suppressed, the restoration process of the lungs will speed up. This change can be implemented very easily, and traveling wouldn’t be a problem for your dietary change.
Liquorice is also considered to be a good lung expectorant, and it would thus help expel the toxins from them.
Basically you have to detoxify your body, and in the meantime stop your immune system from attacking your lungs.
Detoxification can be done by improving and readjusting your diet, physical exercise which causes sweating, cleansing your body. Specific foods help you to calm down your immune system, so that the remedies can work, such as liquorice, hemp or flax seed oil. Read further to know more about these simple steps which can restore your life back to normal.

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