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Total Foot Recovery Cream with Tea Tree Oil—Tea tree oil has natural antibacterial activity, which may help prevent infections, one of the goals of diabetic foot care. 6.  Trim your toenails carefully and cut them straight across the top, to avoid an ingrown nail.
There are a number of different orthopedic shoe styles to choose from, as well as seamless socks designed specifically for diabetic feet.  They will not restrict circulation, but resist sagging and bunching. Another good alternative for diabetic neuropathy and diabetic foot care, in general, is the Arch Craft customized insole, which can be worn with your own shoes.  They cradle your feet in comfort, eliminating pressure points and pain, without restricting circulation. If you are concerned about diabetic feet and related skin issues like me and so many of my family members are, you should check out the new skin purifying cleanser and treatment “Sacred Divinity”. Infections of the skin commonly cause foot and leg discoloration, and one of the most common is cellulitis. Patients with Schamberg's Disease have a chronic condition in which blood-vessel walls leak red blood cells into the skin.The cells' presence causes the development of orange and brown irregular splotches that frequently expand over time. With the exception of Schamberg's Disease, these conditions can be fatal if left untreated. These are wounds that occur in your legs and are the major reason that chronic wounds, which is a wound that will not heal in a set of stages in an orderly manner and an amount of time that is predictable the way most normal wounds do, happen in seventy to ninety percent of venous stasis ulcers.
Venous stasis ulcer is usually found in the lower leg on the inner part that is just above your ankle but can occur anywhere on the leg below the knee and can affect one or both legs.
Normally a venous stasis ulcer will present itself as an open sore, which will usually be in an area on the leg that is already a red to brown discoloration which may have been there for a long time.
Before the formation of the venous stasis ulcer the skin may have been itchy and flaky, which is known as stasis dermatitis.
The skin around the venous stasis ulcer may appear swollen, shiny, and tight with a tinge of reddish-brown and the skin may appear thin.
The pain associated with a venous stasis ulcer will vary and can be a burning or aching sensation along with a fullness or heaviness in the leg. The cause of venous stasis ulcer is a poor function of your venous system which simply means that your legs are not pumping blood back to your heart properly.
Having a history of trauma to your lower leg which some physicians consider the number one source of these type of ulcers.
Having an inflammatory disease like lupus, sclerodema, or vasculitis or other rheumatological disease. If a person cannot stand compression over the venous stasis ulcer because of the pain physicians have used in recent years a medication called Pentoxifylline (Trental). They will usually remove the dead tissue in order to better treat the venous stasis ulcer because the dead tissue can harbor bacteria and when the dead tissue is removed it will help to clear up the infection. The word “Stasis” means reduced blood flow whereas dermatitis signifies inflammation of the skin. This medical syndrome affects the legs and causes skin inflammation, itching and irritation.
The cracked skin in the affected leg region can make bacterial infection easier and lead to other complicated skin conditions like Statis Ulcer. Stasis Dermatitis is also caused due to other leg conditions resulting from low blood circulation. Poor blood flow in the legs also leads to the formation of blood clots in the veins of pelvis or lower legs.
This poor heart condition leads to impaired blood flow throughout the body and affects the legs. If the affected skin area causes pain, appears red and oozes pus, it is time to consult a doctor.
Professional medical treatment for this disease mainly consists of medications and therapies. If Stasis Dermatitis is found to be caused due to Congestive Heart Failure, Kidney Failure or other complicated conditions, the doctor concentrates first on treating that disorder.
Sequential Gradient Pump Therapy is a well known therapeutic method used for Stasis Dermatitis treatment.
If there is acute Stasis Dermatitis, clean the affected area with clean water at regular intervals. Wearing compression stockings and boots during your waking hours can help circulation in the weak region. If you are suffering from Stasis Dermatitis or know someone who has this disease, get expert medical help immediately. I am looking for a doctor who treats stasis dermatitis in the Longview, Texas, or Tyler, Texas, areas.
This year starting on the 11th of September the heart foundation is challenging women to take part in the 10 week challenge and make a few small lifestyle changes to improve their heart health and reduce their risk of developing heart disease.
Women over the age of 45 or after menopause are at greatest risk of developing heart disease and you don’t have to be overweight or unfit to be at risk. Therefore it’s important to examine your current lifestyle and begin making a fresh, healthy start today. For further information on any of these topics contact a healthy beings dietitian today who will help you get started with your new healthy lifestyle plan.
Diabetes mellitus is a chronic disease which affects 16 million people in the United States alone. Ulcers occur most often on the ball of the foot or bottom of the big toe, usually where an area of skin has been damaged. Generally the skin will heal quickly if it has been cut, but in patients who suffer from diabetes the skin on the feet does not heal normally. Depending on the patient, it may take weeks or even several months for foot ulcers to heal. Diabetic foot ulcers are responsible for more hospitalizations than any other complication related to diabetes. It is also the leading cause of non-traumatic lower extremity amputations in the United States. The treatment of infections, amputations, and hospitalizations due to foot ulcers cost billions of dollars annually. They may also form as a result of poorly fitted shoes, especially on the sides of the foot.

Chronic high blood sugar levels are also associated with serious complications in diabetes sufferers.
Although not all ulcers are infected, neglecting them will most definitely result in infections. Limb-threatening diabetic foot infections are usually polymicrobial, which means that it is caused by several different types of micro-organisms. For more information on Healing foot ulcers,please read Heal Diabetic Foot Ulcers Naturally.
The development of foot ulcers in patients with diabetes mellitus have several components; neuropathy, biomechanical pressure, and vascular supply are but a few.
Research has proven that people with diabetes who take good care of their feet and protect them from injury are much less likely to develop foot ulcers. With a proper diet, exercise and correct care, there is hope for those suffering with foot ulcers. For more treatment information on this condition please look at, Secret Diabetic Foot Ulcer Cure Finally Revealed.
The Diabetes & You Series will show you proven and effective methods you can use to identify and manage the symptoms of diabetes. Delivered via email, each issue contains easy to understand information you can use to help you identify and manage the signs and symptoms of diabetes. You will have access to simple facts, tips and information that can help you learn how to effectively manage your diabetes.
May be related to processes that affect bones, joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments, blood vessels, nerves, and skin. The major joints include the hip, knee, and ankle, and smaller joints in the feet and toes. The joints are stabilized by ligaments and the ends of a bone that are part of a joint are covered with cartilage.
Muscles attach to bone and have tendons that stretch across a joint allowing joint movement.
Major muscle groups that affect leg movement include the buttocks, the quadriceps, the hamstrings, and the gastrocnemius, and other smaller muscles, including those in the foot.
Trauma is the most aparent cause of leg pain with falls, near falls, and twisting injuries resulting in damage to bones, muscles,ligamnets and joints.
Overuse injuries may cause pain of the lower extremity, and shin splints are such an injury if the tibia. Sprains, ligament injuries which are stretched or torn can result in inflammation and pain of the loer extremity. Compartment syndromes with swelling within the leg compartments containing muscles can cause increased pressure to impair blood supply to surrounding tissues resulting in pain, numbness and impaired function of the lower extremity. Numerous causes of nontraumatic leg pain exist and include systemic processes such as gout, pseudogout, hepatitis, systemic lupus erythematosus, peripheral vascular disease, diabetes, alcoholism, inflammatory bowel disease, Lyme disease, cancer, and vitamin deficiencies. Thromboembolic disease of the arterial and venous systems may be associated with lower extremity pains. Peripheral neuropathies, particularly from diabetes mellitus may cause lower extremity pain. Synovitis, or inflammation of the synovium the inner lining of a joint may be due to a systemic viral infection.
Myalgias of the lower extremity are commonly associated with a systemic infecion, particularly viral. Leg pains in children may be caused by a joint infection, trauma to growth plates, and pain due to systemic illnesses like Henoch-Schonlein purpura, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, or rheumatic fever. Pain from muscles and joints may be precipitated by palpating the sites, while other pains may radiate from another location. Our body is a factory that works non-stop, without a break and glucose is the main source of fuel to our body. When food is consumed it gets broken up into fats, proteins and carbohydrates.
But for the cells to convert the glucose in the blood to energy it needs the hormone – Insulin.
Diabetic Neuropathy – Diabetic neuropathy occurs when there is damage to the nerves due to high blood sugar levels. Peripheral Vascular Disease – Peripheral vascular disease is a condition when blood vessels narrow down and restrict the flow of blood. Athlete’s foot is a type of Tinea Fungal infection, the fungus start thriving on the skin of your feet. Fungal nail infection occurs when fungus attacks a toe nail, fingernail or the skin under the nail. Calluses occur due to the accumulation of dead skin cells that hardens and thickens in a particular area. When a toe gets bent because of weakened muscles, the weakened muscles tend to make the tendons shorter. Diabetes results in insufficient supply of blood to the feet, when the supply is minimal wounds or cuts require more time to heal.
Good diabetes management and regular foot care help prevent such foot diseases that are difficult to treat and may require amputation. In addition the following foot care tips will help you prevent most of the diseases. Inspect Your Feed Frequently: Inspect your feet for blisters, cuts, sores, cracks, colour change in toe nails. Wash Your Feet Regularly: Washing your foot once a day in warm water helps you keep your foot clean.
Remember you are not a Doctor: In order to prevent injury to your feet do not try to remove calluses, warts or corns, you would be doing more bad than good.
Quit Smoking: Smoking reduces blood circulation, which in turn will lead to more complications. Diabetes is certainly a disease not to be ignored and the Foot not be forgotten as it takes the most in daily physical stress.
These include skin infections, peripheral vascular disease, Schamberg's Disease and diabetes. Staph and strep strains of bacteria cause cellulitis when bacteria enter broken skin through cuts, scrapes, bites or other similar injury. The exact cause of Schamberg's Disease is unknown, and there is no cure, but any secondary itching can be treated with cortisone cream.

These discolorations are symptoms of greater problems and indicate impeded blood flow or insulin rejection. These types of ulcers are also known as ulcus crusis, stasis ulcers, leg ulcers, or varicose ulcers. This is eczema of your skin because of blood that is perfusing through and settling into layers of your skin. This is known as fibrous tissue which is basically scar tissue that did not promote healing. The medication can help to improve the circulation down to your feet and can help improve the wound environment so that it will heal faster. If the wound is not infected, removing the dead tissue will help reduce the chances of it becoming infected.
You may be having Stasis Dermatitis, a medical condition caused by poor blood flow in the legs. Simply put, it is the condition where there is an inflammation or swelling of the skin because of low blood flow. The body wastes cannot be removed and there is an accumulation of waste fluids in the veins. Stasis Dermatitis can be termed chronic only if lasts for about 6 months or comes and goes for a long period of time. Generally, steroid based creams are applied on the affected skin region to improve circulation. Curing that complication effectively can make the Stasis Dermatitis symptoms disappear automatically.
If you have doubts regarding this disease, go through these Stasis Dermatitis images and get a clearer picture about the condition.
Even though this is not a very serious ailment, it may be a symptom of some other severe health condition. When we think of women’s health issues breast cancer is often the first thing that pops to mind but alarmingly heart disease claims four times as many lives as breast cancer. Look at the checklist below and see if there are any changes you can make to your lifestyle to reduce your risk of developing heart disease. Diabetes occurs when the hormone – Insulin is not produced in sufficient quantities or is defective. When people with Diabetes have excess of glucose in their blood for a long duration of time it tends to make them prone to serious complications, including foot problems. Our body hosts a number of bacteria’s and fungi, some of these are good while the the others at times multiply in numbers and start infecting our hair, skin and nail. When you are healthy fungal nail infection won’t affect your nail and when it does attack it is easily visible and painful. When a toe finger is bent for a long duration of time the muscles shorten and inturn makes the toe finger bend forward.
This type of ulcer affects approximately five hundred thousand to six hundred thousand people in the United States each year along with the lost of two million work days.
When this happens it breaks down the skin and deposits melanin and hemosiderin, which is the blood seeping into your skin and staining your skin because the venous system is unable to pump it up to your heart adequately. Usually the standard treatment involves using compression of the leg that is affected to help minimize swelling because if you do not get rid of the constant swelling you are reducing dramatically having the wound close. But it can also affect other body parts like the arms if they suffer from poor blood circulation. The treatment of Chronic Stasis Dermatitis is almost the same as normal Stasis Dermatitis cases. Lack of expert medical care may lead to serious complications in the leg such as chronic leg ulcers, bone infections or bacterial skin infections.
Compression stockings are also used to push the accumulated fluids out of the legs using force. This will raise it above the level of heart and let the blood from the legs flow back to the heart. Scratching can damage the skin even more and make it more vulnerable to germs and infections. If a blood clot forms in the narrowed artery and completely blocks the blood supply to part of your heart, it can cause a heart attack. If these symptoms are severe, worsen or last longer than 10 minutes (even if they’re mild) this is an emergency. Cellulitis is treated with antibiotics, but the discoloration may linger after the treatment.
Gangrene is a more serious discoloration issue common to diabetics, and is caused by the death of tissue. Treatment costs for venous stasis ulcer is approximately three billion dollars each year in the United States. The types of compression that may be used include using ace bandages or other multilayer compression wraps or compression stockings. Diuretics are used to increase the flow of urine that helps to remove fluids built up in leg tissues. Topical antibiotics may also be prescribed to prevent bacterial infection in case ulcers have developed in the affected leg region. Treatment involves identifying any underlying cause and prescribing prescriptions for better blood flow. When the fluids get accumulated over a period of time, they cut down blood supply to the tissues.
Oral antibiotics may be given if there is Cellulitis, or body tissue inflammation, in the legs. Treatment of gangrene depends on the stage it is discovered; amputation is usually only necessary for the final stages.

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